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Found 9 results

  1. Long story short... My son has set up and abandoned xbox accounts more times than I've had hot dinners. Trouble is he has set up monthly game passes on at least two of those. He has removed details of most accounts from his xbox, so I cant trace which account has the monthly subscriptions on. I have been debited for one subscription on my own debit card, which was for a trial my son started in December. I opened a teenage bank account in February this year with his own debit card. He used this for another subscription. My son cannot remember which accounts he has used. I've been on phone to bank but they advise contacting xbox. I try xbox live chat, they give me a phone number to ring. I ring that, spend half hour on phone on hold and am then cut off. I cannot find a direct email address to raise an issue with them. Seems I am stuck unless there is someone with the expert knowhow to resolve this. It seems it is easy to cancel stuff when you know account details. However, son is High Functioning Autism and suffers from extreme anxiety when asked about this. He is unable to take responsibility for this so I could really do with some help to sort this out. Many thanks.
  2. hopefully someone can advice....I have an xbox oone console with a just expired warranty. A forced system update has failed and I've been left with a bricked console thst is stuck in a continuous update failed loop....I have spoken for hours with microsoft xbox support and followed all their troubleshooting guides but to no effect They have informed me that they can repair it but I am responsible for the cost of repair but surely as it's a fault caused by their firmway update, they are responsible?....any advice will be greatly appreciated
  3. Hi all, Over the past 6 weeks or so, ive been having intermittant crashing of the xbox which has started getting more and more (so far today in 1.5 hours 4 crashes). Ive been on live chat who got me to do various trouble shooting. It happened with 1 game more than others so ive even replaced the game but it still happens (maybe the game is more processor hungry) I purchased the console approx 29th Nov / 1st Dec 2015. Can store exchange it (GAME) or does it have to be MS? Thanks
  4. My DS would like an Xbox One for Christmas. He currently has a 360 but all his mates have the new one so naturally he doesn't want to be left out. My question is, are they really worth it, they are so expensive. He is paying towards it with his birthday money so that's OK but is it really worth the extra money. He keeps telling me that the graphics are brilliant but he doesn't have a flash telly so no sure if he'll see the benefit of better graphics. Also, do you really need the Kinect with it, seems that's only needed for voice activation. Anyone's views would be very welcome. I'm happy for him to have one, I just don't want him to waste any money. Thank you.
  5. I'm not sure where I stand legally on this, but here goes: A day or so ago, I logged into my Halifax online bank account. To cut a long story short, we noticed 70 payments over several days to XBox Live. My son had purchased an addon pack for one of his games. However, the pack wouldn't show on his console, so he kept clicking to download it, unaware that each time he did so, he was charged £1.99. We are over £130 down for just 1 item. I contacted XBox Live via telephone and they told me there was nothing they could do and to go to my bank if I wanted a refund. However, the bank told me there was nothing they could do as each payment had a valid transaction number, so I would have to go back and contact XBox Live. By this time I was seeing my money flying away, but I tried again to contact them, and the very nice man on the other end of the phone told me he would escalate the dispute and someone would contact me. I received this email from them: My reply: Their response:
  6. i brought a new game called "dead island:riptide special edition" for my xbox. what makes it a special edition is that you get a code included with game that gives you additional item for use in the game. it cost me £43 for it, where a normal edition game costs £40. I tried the code but it doesnt work but the game works fine. my wife took it back and they told her they could do nothing as the game had been opened.( had to open it to get the code out.). They said contact microsoft about the code as it is nothing to do with them. i phoned them and was told the same stuff. my point is i have paid extra money for a special edition game, which is not special edition as the code does not work. so to me the item is faulty and i should be entitled to a refund. as for contacting microsoft about the code, i dont see why i should waste my time and money running round after them when it was GAME fault. do i have any rights or is there any imformation i could show GAME to help my case?
  7. Hello People I hope I have this in the right section.My friend has just advised me that her son 11 years old I be leave, has used her card information to buy music subscriptions and points etc. He has been told about it kids will be kids, The main reason why I would like to point this out is that apparently, Microsoft hold full card information including the security code on the back of the card this was how her son managed to buy things surly this is not allowed Microsoft Even agreed that its an open card. This should not be allowed please can someone confirm this please also I am posting this as a warning as it may help others I would not like my info on there Thank you for any advice. sg
  8. My sons Xbox 360's disc drive stopped working so I bought a replacement one from ebay. I followed the You Tube tutorials to replace it. Everything seemed ok, but the new drive will only play DVD's and CD's. It won't play any games. Anyone know what I need to do?
  9. I have a laptop which im still learning about and i wanted to now can i connect the laptop to the Xbox 360 and then display it throw my plasma?? i have a HP dv6_3120sa Product number : XE062EA My plasma is : BLAUPUNKT TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION : RESOLUTION : 1920 X 1080 PC RGB : YES RF : : 75 ohm aerial/PAL- SECAM VIDEO INPUT : 3 x HDMI, 1 x VGV/PC, 1 x SCART, 1 x USB, 1 x Compositie/video, 1 x Component (YPbPr)
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