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Found 25 results

  1. Well it seems it is going to be one of those days.Already i have put two threads out and it is only 8am. This one has caused by blood to boil.But everyone has a view,what is yours. Here is my answer to the news that - Fracking gets go-ahead in UK for first time since 2011 as North Yorkshire council approves plans. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/23/north-yorkshire-council-approves-fracking-plans/ Well everyone will know what i feel about Fracking just in case it is Lancashire next by fair means or foul. Our council and people have said No quite clearly.I am now catching up with local views just in case. My video of how i feel.When i went on a protest to learn more.These people are protectors not protesters. Could be on your doorstep next.
  2. Greater protection for renters thanks to plans to tighten tenant safety READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/greater-protection-for-renters-thanks-to-plans-to-tighten-tenant-safety
  3. Longer tenancy plans to give renters more security READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/longer-tenancy-plans-to-give-renters-more-security
  4. New plans for military flexible working become law READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-plans-for-military-flexible-working-become-law
  5. New plans for Armed Forces flexible working reach the Commons READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-plans-for-armed-forces-flexible-working-reach-the-commons
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2017/apr/16/scrap-diesel-cars-for-cash-says-influential-committee-chairman This looks interesting. It looks like it might be means tested, but Theresa May has taken into consideration that Tony Blair's government pushed diesel vehicles -
  7. Hi there, hope this is in the right place. Background - we reserved a home with Taylor Wimpey in January 2015. On 14th Feb 2015, we completed a reservation checklist (of which we have a copy) where we went through the plans for the estate, this detailed drains, trees, sub stations, etc etc... We completed and moved in on 3rd July 2015. Very happy in our home, until 7th Jan this year, when the local bus company erected a temporary stop outside our kitchen window. This stop is less than 3 metres from the front of my house and right in front of my gate. We knew the road was to be a bus route, but at no point were we informed that there would be a stop directly outside our house. We have contacted Taylor Wimpey to express our concerns on the 10th January (along with letters to the bus company, the local council and our MP). The bus company say the locations were decided by Taylor Wimpey (TW), the council have not adopted the roads yet so have given us the brush off and our MP is sympathetic but cannot really help either. I have been through our purchase paperwork and at no point was the location of the stop disclosed to us prior to sale, even though I have since discovered plans dated 15th August 2014 which show not only the stop located outside our home, but also that a shelter will be built with real time bus information. The path outside our house will therefore be blocked by this shelter, the view outside our window also obstructed. At the moment the path and our very small front garden are littered in gum and cigarette butts. Our reservation checklist dated after the plans for the bus stop (14/2/15) specifically says regarding Bus Stops "N/A not currently on development", and on our neighbour's, it states "N/A No plans to view". Other people on the estate claim that they were informed about the site of the stops. Do we have a case that TW purposely withheld information and mis-sold us our home? We would not have purchased this home if we were aware that a bus stop would be located directly outside.
  8. I'm writing on behalf of a good friend. She was looking for a residential property to rent in Chelmsford UK and found somewhere she liked. She immediately placed a £90 holding deposit on the property. At this point there was no written contract or receipt given but she does have proof she paid the money. This was approximately 15th October 2016. She was due to move in on 29th or 30th October and paid her £750 deposit and £750 first month's rent on 27th October. 2 hours after paying the £1500 she received news that changed her mind about renting this property and immediately phoned the landlord to explain she no longer wanted to rent the flat. He agreed on the phone to pay back the full £1500 but when checking her bank only £750 had been returned. The landlord now says he is keeping the other £750 as compensation for my friend wasting his time. Legally where does my friend stand? She has never signed any contract or paperwork with the landlord.
  9. Plans to change the way fare dodging rail passengers are punished have been outlined by the Department for Transport (DfT). Ministers want to make the process simpler following accusations that it is unfair and lacks consistency. The proposals are in response to reports into the issue by independent watchdog Transport Focus (TF) which explained that, under current arrangements, train operators are "the victim, the investigators, the decision makers and the prosecutor". It described this as a "powerful position" and declared that "the whole system requires an overhaul". TF said the outlook for passengers mistakenly accused of fare dodging is "bleak", and warned that some passengers are being threatened with criminal sanctions despite no evidence they were attempting to commit fraud. The proposals announced by the DfT include: :: Clearer rules on deadlines for payments and appeals :: Making appeals bodies independent of train operators and their owners :: The creation of a third-stage independent appeals panel :: Stronger DfT oversight of the appeals process through an annual audit of penalty fares data https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/revamp-plans-punishments-dished-rail-161443357.html
  10. The taxman has been accused of using small businesses and the self-employed as a “cash cow” after unveiling plans for a “draconian” new penalty regime. HMRC has announced that millions of companies and individuals with an income of more than £10,000 will have to file quarterly tax returns online. Those that are late in supplying information about their tax affairs will face a new “penalty point system”, similar to that used for motorists. Four offences will result in an automatic fine, which could be as much as £100. Every additional point will result in a further fine. Under the plans the points will only be “reset to zero” after two years in which all information has been submitted on time. The scheme will see those who repeatedly fail to file their tax returns on time face hundreds of pounds worth of fines. At present those who miss their annual deadline face a single automatic penalty of £100. HMRC is also proposing to treble fines for the late payment of tax. At present people are charged three fines worth 5 per cent of any outstanding income tax after 30 days, six months and a year. A consultation document published by HMRC proposes that the penalties should be 4 per cent after 30 days, 10 per cent after six month and 15 per cent after a year. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/08/15/taxman-accused-of-using-small-businesses-as-a-cash-cow-after-unv/
  11. The war on mobile ads is heating up in the European Union as several mobile carriers are preparing to block these ads on their network. The latest carrier to be considering such a move is O2 UK. O2 & EE customers could soon be browsing the web free of adverts, as the company has admitted that it is in the “well advanced” stages of testing the technology that would see ads automatically blocked network wide. http://news.sky.com/story/1594267/mobile-network-plans-to-block-adverts-on-devices
  12. Over the weekend all newspapers carried reports that the Ministry of Justice would be seeking to change the law about 'internet trolls' and increasing the prison sentence from 6 months to 2 years. Below I have provided links to three documents from the Ministry of Justice. One is a news item that was released today together with a Fact Sheet and the second link is to the updated Impact Assessment (from July 2014) that was also released today. One change is to amend Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 so as to extend the time for prosecutions of offences. But the main change is to : Section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988. This section covers the sending.....delivering....or transmitting of any letters, or electronic communications (on forums, blogs or any social media etc) or any other article which could include, for example,photographs and recordings that are indecent, grossly offensive or which convey a threat or: information which the sender knows or believes to be false. It also covers the sending of such articles which are, in whole or part, of an indecent or grossly offensive nature. Crucially, in each case there must be an intention on the part of the sender (or person writing the article to “cause distress or anxiety” to the person who receives the communication. At present, an offence under section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 of sending certain articles with intent to cause "distress or anxiety" is a summary-only offence with a maximum penalty of just six months imprisonment, a fine of £5,000, or both. Most importantly, at present, prosecutions must commence within a very strict time period of just six months from the date of the offence being committed. This short period of time is to increase and the Ministry of Justice stated yesterday that this will allow for police investigating internet offences such as 'trolling' to obtain "evidence from internet service providers based abroad"* The changes to section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act have been brought by amending the Criminal Justice Bill to make the offence in section 1 of the Malicious Communications Act 1988 an 'either way offence' and increasing the maximum penalty to 2 years imrisonment or an unlimited fine, or both. In 2012, there were approx 750 proceedings under Section 1 of the 1988 Malicious Communications Act and of those proceeded against nearly 10% were given immediate custodial sentences. https://www.gov.uk/government/news/internet-trolls-to-face-2-years-in-prison https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/321285/malicious-communicationss-impact-assessment.pdf https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/322204/fact-sheet-malicious-communications.pdf
  13. A US firm is to extend its free mobile data, voice and text offering to the UK from July this year. FreedomPop will offer Sim cards that offer 200MB of data, 200 texts and 200 minutes of voice calls per month using the cellular network at no cost. The company already offers a similar free mobile data plan in the US to more than half a million users. The firm, which is backed by Skype founder Niklas Zennstom, says it will make money by selling extra services. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-32704051 US mobile phone provider FreedomPop is launching its Sim-only service in the UK - which offers free calls, texts and data. The service is launching as a virtual network operator using Three’s mobile network to provide users with 200 minutes, 200 texts and 200MB of data for free. FreedomPop has not said whether there will be an upfront cost for the Sim. Users can buy more allowance or additional services such as a second phone number tied to one mobile phone and will have to pay to go over the free calls, texts or data allowance. http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/may/13/freedompop-bringing-free-mobile-calls-texts-data-service-to-uk
  14. If a company gets planning permission to alter premises for retail and then starts a retail business on that land without carrying out the permission conditions for some years, and then goes on to rent the lease to someone as a going concern, knowing the work has been not been done, are they breaking the law, renting fraudulently, and who is ultimately responsible if the council are now demanding the work done by the new tenants? Is it the landlord or the tenant and could the tenant now get compensation for all the money paid out for the business and in rents from the landlord?
  15. House of Lords votes against Grayling’s plans to restrict judicial review access The justice secretary, Chris Grayling, has suffered a defeat in a key House of Lords vote on his plans to curtail access to judicial review, which would have made it harder to challenge government decisions in court. More Here: http://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/oct/27/house-of-lords-defeat-chris-grayling-judicial-review-plan?CMP=twt_gu
  16. Has anyone considered a debt management plan to sort out payday loans? I'm seriously thinking of contacting one to help me consolidate my debts as i owe; Paydayuk £652.00 Wonga£350.00 WDA£659.00 Payday express: £552.00 Sunny £249.00 Money shop £249.00 Nationawide £1270.00 overdraft Halifax £1277.00 alot of money. I get paid £1658.00 and feel lost and in a rut im so stupid im in such a mess with money need some serious help!!! dont think payday loans will accept my £10.00-20.00 offer such a fool for going back to them what a mess
  17. Hi, I recently contacted CFO Lending with regard to a total outstanding debt of £800 that i am struggling to repay. They have offered to let me pay the debt off over a period of four months which initailly i was pleased with. However these payments are still too high for me to afford and I think there may be a way for me to dispute these high payments? Does anyone have any experience of dealing with CFO Lending or any other options available to me? I am prepared to pay off the debt but only at comfortable payments that i can afford. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!
  18. I just wanted to know if its true what they say and isnt there a way around it so i can just pay the £60 a month until the balance is gone ? Hello! Thank you for choosing QuickQuid, where if approved, get cash sent to your bank account within 10 minutes after approval, 24/7. A representative will respond to you shortly. You are now chatting with Antoinette. Antoinette: Thank you for contacting QuickQuid. I'd be happy to assist you with any questions you have. Before we start, can you please verify your full forename, surname and full date of birth? Me: Hi there i contacted your company by email a couple of days ago but i have had no reply. I have had a drastic change is working hours and im income has dropped significantly so i can no longer afford to pay the partial or full amount, i have worked out my income and i can afford to pay £60 per month only. if my situation changes i would be happy to pay more but until then this is all i can offer. my phone is also gone so i can only be contacted by email or live chat Me: My Name 17th XXX XXXX Antoinette: Thank you for providing that information. To fully access your account, can you please confirm your post code and one of the following on file: your email address, phone or customer ID number? Me: ABC DEF Me: XXXXXX Me: im not sure how to find my customer number Antoinette: Thank you XXXX and I am sorry to hear of your change in income Antoinette: I do apologize however we do not offer payment plans on flex credit loans which is why you are given the 10 month option at the time of application Me: Oh im sorry to hear that, well unfortunately i cannot come up with the £277.29 its asking for so im not sure what to do Antoinette: How much are you able to pay towards the loan today? Me: nothing unfortunately, my card has been flagged for fraud and i have just phoned them but they have to send me a new debit card and pin out Me: he says 5-7 days
  19. Have just seen this on Local BBC. http://www.thisishullandeastriding.co.uk/Tesco-Beverley-backs-plans-change-free-parking/story-19683071-detail/story.html#axzz2cX5aOjMv
  20. Follows the Southern Cross closures and others. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-20564151
  21. http://news.sky.com/story/1010626/workers-to-be-able-to-ask-for-flexible-hours
  22. hi i stupidly took out a loan with quick quid im due them 325 im just wondering what length of time do they do repayment plans over ive read they dont do long term plans anybody had any experience with this? thanks
  23. Hi everyone, I am defaulting tomorrow on my toothfairy loan. I have read a lot in this forum about them and am aware of the charges and issues with them. The current situation with them (from email communication I had with them) seems to be that they do not accept any repayment plans at all (previously I have heard they accept 6-weeks-plans). My questions to any of you who had experience with them: - Has anyone managed to set up a repayment plan with them directly (not with NDR, etc) and if yes, how many months and at what point in the negotiations? - Has anyone ever been taken to court, and if yes what was the outcome? - If at some point the debt (currently in my case 472 GBP) spirals to e.g. 1212 GBP, and someone paid a percentage in full and final settlement, what percentage/amount was to pay? - Has anyone ever tried within the 14 days to withdraw from the contract (but not paying immediately) just to avoid the charges (not the interest)? Would that work legally? Any advice from your experience is much appreciated! Thank you
  24. What are peoples experience of getting a repayment plan with Wonga? What are they likely to accept on a £581 loan?
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