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  1. The end of an era: RAF Tornado returns from operations for the last time READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-end-of-an-era-raf-tornado-returns-from-operations-for-the-last-time
  2. Hi all i apologise in advance if this is long, I bought a Mattress off amazon costing almost £500. It was sold by a company and delivery was fulfilled by amazon via prime. I was working at the time of delivery but my 70 year old dad agreed to pop in and wait for it for me. When it was delivered they knocked on the door and the driver told my dad he had to get the matress off the van himself...which he did. (i really wish i was there grr) i get home from work and find a really cheap rubbish mattress that is not even rolled and is taking up alot of space in my front room. I
  3. Retailers have rights too! New small traders' returns guide 22nd February 2018 Retailers have rights too! ParcelHero introduces new small traders' returns guide. At least 200 specialist online stores don't expect to survive the massive growth in returns this year. As UK consumers learn to make the most of new return regulations, ParcelHero has introduced a new guide for sellers, spelling out what their own rights are. A recent survey by leading courier price comparison site ParcelHero revealed at least 200 e-commerce businesses don't expect to survive the massive growth
  4. Hi I recently returned an item to a small online retailer due to the item being faulty/ incompatible with another item it was designed for. I made it clear in their support ticket that I wished to return the item for a full refund. Their support rep responded with "If the item is faulty we will replace it for you from our stock." The attitude of the customer service rep and part of their Terms of Service has me concerned: "Where items are returned as faulty and no fault is found by [RETAILER] a charge of £19.99 plus return postage is payable to cover the engineer's time."
  5. Hi guys, Just trying to get a quick heads up as to where I stand legally on this situation with online retailer Very. at the beginning of June I purchased a HP Omen desktop pc for £1200 along with a 32 inch HP Omen monitor. The computer was a reasonable specification, not the top end, but the advert implied that the computer could be easily upgrade, the exact wording was as follows; 'This gaming PC can evolve with you too – with tool-less access to the hardware, you can crank up your gaming power by customising the specification when the time comes.' I understood this to
  6. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jun/17/uk-debt-bubble-queens-speech-consumer-credit-loans-spending I noticed quite a few advertisements for 'no interest' loans taken over 4 years with companies such as PC World/Currys - B&Q and a Carpet store. So, it looks like for companies to stay in business they need to sell - people cant afford to buy - so lets tie them up with MORE credit for 4 years !
  7. Hello, I rented a studio over 4 years ago through a London Agent; standard AST. The Agent secured my deposit (over £1000) with TDS. After one year my LL decided she did not need the agent anymore and offered to rent the flat directly to me. This, according to her, saved her some money to proceed with the needed repairs. I have been renewing contract (no changes in there) for the consecutive 3 years since then. Due to her numerous failures to carry out repairs (leaks, mold, poor insulation, lack of heating - literally she removed electric heaters from the walls to make the fl
  8. Hi everyone, Can someone advise me please? In November 2016, I had the rust on my car sorted by a local recommended garage. It was a cash job as it saved me £100 on the quoted £600. Now, only five months later, the rust is back and it looks as bad as it did before the "repair". I have just rang the garage, only to be hurryingly told that they don't give any guarantees over their rust repairs. I didn't even get to the point where I was going to tell him that I don't have a receipt - it was obvious that he wasn't interested. So then, I know that I have potentially lost out h
  9. Bit of an issue i really need some help with. . Will list information in date order. 2003 - 2008 Ran a small company (pet shop) with my wife as a partnership. Mid 2008 closed company down as it was no longer viable. Offered job in Portugal in late 2008. Moved in November 2008. Myself declared bankruptcy in November 2008 before we left, my wife did not because she was ill and was unlikely to work again, handed keys back to mortgage company for our house. October 2009 company took myself and my wife to court for £13K debt. Did not fight as we were out
  10. This company has some very poor reviews - my friend only discovered after purchasing a CV joint , which was badly made and would not fit. They refused a refund and would only offer a exchange. I believe my friend returned after the 30 days period ("No quibble returns policy"??) Looking at the T/Cs -there is nothing to me that says they are complying with any aspect of "No quibble returns policy" What do other's think-are they within their rights -or taking the pxxx ?
  11. Hi folks I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible. I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell around 6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund. Dell finally arrange collection last month, 5months after I first contacted them, from their side and the desktop
  12. The taxman has been accused of using small businesses and the self-employed as a “cash cow” after unveiling plans for a “draconian” new penalty regime. HMRC has announced that millions of companies and individuals with an income of more than £10,000 will have to file quarterly tax returns online. Those that are late in supplying information about their tax affairs will face a new “penalty point system”, similar to that used for motorists. Four offences will result in an automatic fine, which could be as much as £100. Every additional point will result in a further fine.
  13. Waitrose Online Shopping:- Do they give a stuff about your refund for an unsuitable returned item? I think not and you won't get a refund easily if my experience is anything to go by. Is this Company Policy or is it the Store Manager who can't or won't manage? I made an online order which arrived in early February, an item was substituted I was offered 2 salmon fillets instead of the 4 that I had ordered. I refused the substitution as we are a multi person family, the driver told me I would get the substituted item credited back within 7 days, (£5.99). This did n
  14. Hi guys, is it possible for a company to charge you fees for doing a late return under the new Consumer Contracts Regs? Ive ordered a bunch of clothes and they got back to the company (Jacamo) late. I know that Im in the clear with regards to timing because the first parcel arrived on the 19th of Jan and I used their own collections service (effectively giving them notice of return) on the 3rd of Feb, which is within the 14 day period (if I am counting it correctly). Even without that, Ive got multiple parcels, one of which Im still waiting for, so I would be able to s
  15. Hi All, I recently bought some jeans on eBay, they are not the size the label claims them to be and having explained this to the seller he is adamant that he is right and won't do a return and refund. I tried to use the return option through eBay but he declined my request, should I escalate the issue through eBay or would it be better to do a charge back through my bank.
  16. Hi friends, I tried to search but most of the template letters are designed towards claiming single payment PPI, especially, for fresh cases. Mine on the other hand were monthly payments and they were stopped by Barclays in 2005. Why? Because, I claimed back some of the money Barclays had been charging me in the name of their Additions fee that I had never opted for. This probably prompted them to also stop my PPI immediately. And yes, I did not know what PPI was all about at that time. Now, I wish to take up claiming back the PPI Bacrlays charged me over a p
  17. Hundreds of thousands of people will no longer be hit with £100 fines for failing to complete their income tax returns on time, under radical government plans. HM Revenue & Customs has admitted that its penalties regime may be too rigid, and is drawing up proposals to end fines for taxpayers who miss the deadline “by a day or two”. New rules outlined for public consultation could see people who owe the government tax charged higher interest rates on their debts to encourage them to pay sooner, instead of being hit with automatic fines. A system
  18. Morning, Long story short (sort of), I bought my wedding suit from Reiss (£500) on the 23rd August. It's the most expensive item I have ever bought by far. The trousers needed altering but I chose to wait for a week or so as I hadn't bought my shoes yet. After doing so, I went into a different Reiss as it was closer to work. I paid £35 to get the trousers altered but at the time was certain the store manager who performed the pinning wasn't listening. Each time I asked a question about how he was pinning them, he sighed or pulled a face. I was stood there sweating in the end.
  19. Sir Bruce Forsyth is to take part in a special routine on Sunday's Strictly Come Dancing to mark his departure as one of the show's main hosts. Yuk! Can't stand the patronising old git.
  20. I recently bought a pair of earrings from Hsamuel online. And I picked it up from HSamuel in Westfield, Sheperd Bush. First of all, the order came with an unsealed package. I did not think much about it until I went and check online and realised it should have come sealed properly. On hindsight, I should have read the terms and condition properly though I didn't. And I figured since it was not sealed, I should return the earrings! I went back to the store to complain. The sales assistant name Carol said that it only comes sealed if you requested it to be sealed. I am quite sure this
  21. Is there any way i can get them to start going this automatic ? for the past 8 year i have had to chase them by going to my local hmrc office and handing in my p60's but yet all my friends seem to get theres sent automatic without having to do any chasing
  22. research shows that it is likely to be a "harvest mite" that is causing this illness.
  23. Hello, I bought a "custom made" item of clothing online in July and received it in September.. I specifically asked the retailer if they would be able to match my specs (after sending them several emails and pictures of what I wanted to be done) and they said they could. On receiving the item, it was 3 sizes too big and completely different from what I asked of them, when it was meant to be custom made and made to measure. I tried to do a claim through PayPal but they do not cover personalised items and was advised by a PayPal agent to contact my bank, which I then did. I received
  24. This company has a very strange interpretation of Sale of Goods Act. If the item is 6 months old it only gives partial refunds. So if your item failed after 7 months you only get a 90% refund. Thats not the half of it. They originally tell you to contact the OEM for returns, again shirking responsibility! Its only when I insisted under the SoGA, that they had to take the RMA, that they arranged a courier collection. What happened to me was that I asked for a replacement item as I knew if I would only get 90% back if I put refund on the RMA. But someone at ebuyer changed the status of the
  25. My wife bought a camera for £600 with 12 months warranty via amazon 8 months ago. The camera is now faulty and amazon will honor the warranty. HOWEVER....the camera is now not available and ceased production and has been been superceded by the next model which is £100 dearer. Amazon will refund us the original purchase price but not upgrade us to the new camaera so we are now with out a camera. I would have thought they have a duty to replace the camera to the next best available, is this right?
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