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  1. Some positive news! The dealer in Wolverhampton (not a major brand) is traveling to Leicester tomorrow, with a mechanic, to take a look at the car. Like I say, he's been very good about it all. I'll keep you posted.
  2. Well, it's isn't a premium car, it's a Golf TDI in pretty good condition with 100k on the clock. I just thought I'd ask the question, but I accept that there's probably nothing that can be done in this case.
  3. Hi everyone, My brother has recently bought a 10 year old car from a dealer which soon after purchase, developed a few issues. These were dutifully repaired by the Dealer. There was no aftermarket warranty included, but the dealer stepped up above-and-beyond. However, it's now been approx 7 weeks since purchase and the turbo has failed. Would this still be considered a "reasonable" amount of time to consider the dealer liable for the repairs?
  4. Already have . If I could afford more, I would have donated more - worth every penny.
  5. Guess what???? I WON! I arrived at the courts nice and early at 09:15, only to find lots of TV cameras outside. I know that I'm great, but I wasn't expecting that . It turns out that the three people that were convicted for the explosion in Leicester were being sentenced that day. When I'd booked in, CEL's solicitor came over and introduced himself; he was very friendly and asked if I had any questions before we went in (which I didn't). I also found out that it's normal to wait...and wait...and wait... We were eventually called about 2 hours after our stated tim
  6. Hi everyone, sorry for the silence. I've had a mad few days travelling to places with work where their was either no receiption, or mobile devices aren't allowed. I have submitted my Witness Statement to the court as recommended and I have also sent a copy to the CEL. I have taken on board the advice given. I am self employed and so it would have been MUCH cheaper for me to just pay the ticket and move on instead of having to take time away from work to attend a hearing. However, it's the priciple of being charged when I shouldn't be is what it keeping me going. I would like
  7. @dx100uk I'm afraid so. @ericsbrother Having not been through anything like this before; I admit that I have been a little ignorant to what is required. I have had parking tickets before that I have contested successfully, but they have never got this far and I was expecting this to be the same. My bad. They've sent a massive pack of info. I'll scan it all and get it up on here ASAP. Is it acceptable to copies of their defence as my defence? Attached is the CEL pack of information. I have broken it up in to 5 sections because it was over 22mb. I
  8. After what must be over 100 attempts, spread over several days, I have finally got through - CEL DID pay the fees, so the case is on. Being that I'm not the most organised person in the world, I did not submit my witness statement prior to the required 14 days (the case is to be heard on the 18th Jan). This was because the deadline for paying the court fees was just a few days before Christmas, so I had other things on my mind. So, What can I do? On 4th Jan, I received the CEL's pack with all of their evidence, but haven't put together a pack of my open because I complet
  9. I have finally had a response from CEL. They have provided the information that I was recommended to request (photos/all correspondance etc) in April/May. As well as this, I haven't received any more concerning the court action and the deadline of 21 Dec has passed. How do I find out if they paid the fees?
  10. Thanks again. I have my photos prepared, ready and waiting. Fingers crossed that they do the right thing and back-down.
  11. ...another update. Yes, you were right again. They did badger me to settle this at a reduced cost, which I have ignored and they haven't replied to my previous correspondence (template by dx100uk, above). I have now received a Small Claims Hearing. I would appreciate some advice on preparing for this as I've never been in to a Small Claims Court before (I'm a good boy).
  12. Hi everyone, I have done as recommended and things are progressing. I have received a letter from he County Court requesting that I complete a N180 form. It looks simple enough, but is there anything specfic that I should or shouldn't be saying on the form? ...further update, I haven't received anything back from CEL in respect to the requests made in the above template.
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