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Found 11 results

  1. The end of an era: RAF Tornado returns from operations for the last time READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-end-of-an-era-raf-tornado-returns-from-operations-for-the-last-time
  2. MOD launches biggest ever mental health awareness week with new confidential support for personnel on operations READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-launches-biggest-ever-mental-health-awareness-week-with-new-confidential-support-for-personnel-on-operations
  3. Hi all. I have today received a letter from Canada Square operations re 'You can make a new type of complaint about your PPI'. It goes on to say that 'You complained to us previously about our sale of your Payment Protection Insurance policy. We rejecetd your complaint because your policy was not mis-sold'. I have no recollection of making this complaint. Just double checking this is legit? Has anyone else received similar? Thanks all.
  4. Canada Square Operations are citing the Financial Conduct Authority's regulatory review in light of the Supreme Court’s decision in Plevin as a justification for being unable to consider my claim for mis-sold PPI on an Egg credit card until such time as the FCA publishes its guidance. Let me be clear, it's not that Canada Square Operations have rejected my claim but have said they will revisit it in light of any additional rules / guidance deemed necessary by the FCA. Rather, they have said they won't even consider it until the FCA publishes its conclusions. Now, it seems to me this is a nonsense for the following reasons: [1] I've completed and returned a FOS questionnaire which makes clear the basis on which I think the PPI was mis-sold – essentially, I applied for the credit card online and was unable to proceed with my application if I unticked a pre-ticked box requesting PPI. This being the case, it seems clear to me that the PPI was mis-sold and whatever the FCA guidance might / might not turn out to be apropos Plevin and the role of undisclosed commissions is irrelevant. [2] Notwithstanding [1], I applied for this credit card in October 1999, ie long before Section 140A of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 kicked in, and the account was settled in full long before April 2008 when the legislation began to apply regardless of when an agreement was entered into. In these circumstances, it seems to me nonsensical for Canada Square Operations to refuse to consider my claim and instead invite me to go straight to the FOS, whereby they would, I believe, incur a fee in excess of £500 to investigate a complaint which I am confident would be upheld. Aside from the annoyance / inconvenience it would cause me [waiting for the Ombudsman's ruling], I can't see what possible motivation Canada Square Operations could have for taking this course of action. With this in mind, I'm minded to write back making the very same points I've made above but, before doing so, would welcome the thoughts and opinions of my fellow CAGgers. Thanks in anticipation Fred_Funk
  5. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/defence-secretary-announces-40m-cyber-security-operations-centre
  6. Here on the discussion section of the forum there have been various threads that have touched upon the matter of 'in house' bailiff enforcement. For those unfamiliar with this term....this is where local authorities are setting up their own 'in house' bailiff operations. The decision to do so is mainly a financial one spurred on by the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014 which provides that enforcement companies may charge a 'Compliance fee' of £75 when sending a statutory Notice of Enforcement to the debtor. If payment (or a payment proposal) is not made within the 'compliance stage, an enforcement agent may make a personal visit. An enforcement fee of £235 is chargeable. To assist with discussions on this subject, it may help to read the view of 'in house' bailiff enforcement from the perspective of the enforcement industry (who are naturally opposed to local authorities taking bailiff enforcement 'in house'). The following is a word copy of an article that featured in a trade magazine a few months ago.
  7. Hi all. I'm having problems with Canada square operations about a SAR request for an egg card (which will turn into a PPI claim). The only problem is they keep requesting more information about my previous address (which I have given them time and time again but they're still saying its not enough). It sounds to me like they're just using delaying/stalling tactics in the hope that I will just give up. Is there any way I can 'persuade' them more? I've already tried the ICO who were about as much help as a chocolate teapot...
  8. Slightly complex claim here. I topped up an Egg loan at the beginning of 2007. The total cash amount of the loan was £9331 and the payment protection premium lent was £1730.85 with the total amounts payable at £10668.00 and £1979.04 respectively. I subsequently defaulted on the loan and it was sold to various debt collection companies, ending up most recently with Arrow Global. They stated that the purchase balance of the account was £8193.79, down from the £11061.85 advanced by Egg. Added to the complications, I now live in the USA. Restons for Arrow Global obtained a CCJ by default judgment against me and I applied to have it set aside once I found out about it. I ended up deciding to settle with them and we eventually agreed on £3000.00 in full and final settlement of the account. So I have effectively repaid £5868.06 of the debt, plus whatever interest that I'm unable to calculate. In the meantime, over a year ago I was sent a letter by Canada Square Operations asking me to complete a complaint questionnaire, as I belong to group of customers who MAY have been affected by a PPI policy being mis-sold. I never sent it as at the time I still owed the debt. The letter they sent noted that the debt had be sold on to another company and asked permission to contact them to find out the status of the debt. Since I have now settled the debt I filled out the questionnaire and sent it off. I'm wondering what I can expect given the circumstances surrounding my case. I'm also wondering if they will respond to me at my US address?
  9. Hi I had an Egg Loan and an Egg credit card, I contacted them re claiming for PPI and was referred to Canada Sq. I sent a request and twice they wrote back asking for proof of address as the address they held was not the one I was writing from. I duly sent back the proof and they returned and then nothing. So I sent a SAR and enclosed a £10 cheque, they cash my cheque and wrote again asking for proof of address!! I sent this along with a strongly worded letter and thus far NOTHING! The 40 days have long gone and I'm at a loss of what to do. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. A friend of mine has just been dismissed from his job due to breaching the attendance policy. The trigger for the first stage is 3 times in a roling 12 months. With that there is a 6 month period with no periods of sickness allowed. If breached you move onto second stage with the same 6 month period. Third stage is the same. Then dismissal. He says the first stage was fair, in that the reasons for sickness were flu, back injury and toothache. But the second which was within the 6 month review period was for an operation on his leg, which was planned with the full knowledge of his supervisor and operations manager 2 months ahead of time. They arranged alterations to the amount of work for his section and did not inform him that if he had his operation he would then be in breach of the policy and would then be issued with the second stage disciplinary. The next absence also included an operation on his shoulder. The fourth a tooth abcess. My question is, should the operations, which were obviously fully known to management and therefore authorised have been taken into account. Or is it just that this is a particularly nasty company to work for if you need to have any sugery. I understand someone who needed to have a biopsy done was also given a warning.
  11. Hello, I booked 2 return tickets on JetLink Express 2 weeks ago with Lastminute.com. A few days ago they suspended operations and cancelled all flights. LastMinute rang me and said that they have to cancel the flight and APPLY for a refund however there is no guarantee that they will get my money back. The advised that I contact my travel insurance I paid with my Amex, am I right to think that I am covered for this flight cancellation? Please advise Akhil
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