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  1. i bought my graphics card (PC part) in October and the Part isn't usable because it is broken. I sent it to Ebuyer for an RMA on the 29th January I've had to chase it up 3 times since then since their turn around is supposed to be 3-5 days 10 days later I still hadn't heard anything back. The 3 times I've called (after the 5 day period) I was told the card was given to another member of staff "with experience with such things" then today after being on hold for 50 minutes I was told my card is being sent to Hong Kong and to expect a 28 day wait AFTER they receive it. tha
  2. VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES . WHITE AUDI A4 I have a contract hire vehicle with Volkswagen financial services (VWFS) the car was due to go back at the end of April 18. In early march 18 I attempted to get in touch with VWFS to remove my private plate from the vehicle before I handed it back. in previous run ins with VWFS, its been an absolute nightmare to get back your private plate if you do not do it whilst you have the vehicle. Anyway, I was told to pay an admin fee to remove the plate. This was charged to me and I was sent a form to fill out. I was emailed by VWFS wh
  3. Hello all, I'm in the process of renting a flat through an established letting agent and they are taking a long time to send the tenancy agreement. I have signed a contact with the agency and made the initial payment for the first months rent 15 days ago, and should be moving in soon. Whats the course of action to take to ensure i get something in writing asap, as txt messages and phone calls do not work, it's always "will be with you soon".
  4. I have a flat that I rent out through a letting agent,several weeks ago the letting agent sent me a message saying the tenant was wanting to change the hall flooring as it was carpet tiles,i agreed that someone could go round there and do a quote for laminated flooring. Fast track to yesterday when I noticed my usual monthly rent payment from the letting agent was £230 lighter,I sent them an email straight away and he tells me the woman living in the flat had her bedroom carpeted and had the hall done as well and this was what it had cost me in carpeting and planing underside of doors etc.
  5. Hi all I booked my car in a good few weeks ago for a new clutch (powershift), had been putting it off for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet. Got the quote which was just over 1k which I was happy with. the day came and Ford (evans halshaw) collected the car, and told me it would be a couple of days, so far so good. I get a call a few days later from the service manager who told me they'd replaced the clutch, and it turned out the new clutch was faulty...and it was the last one available in the UK atm and it could be another 3-4 weeks as it's on backorder. I
  6. Hi All, I had a trade insurance with Onesure last year, and despite the cost and the business closing, I kept the policy for the year. It has now come round to renewal, and due to working in an employed position, I couldn't call during their working hours, so have gone to cancel today. The policy is £1100, but they are looking to charge me over £450 for cancelling 3 days in (2 being weekend). I can understand some cancellation fee, but it's within 14 days cooling off period and this amount! They are currently speaking to the underwriter to check costs, but I fear this is part o
  7. Hi folks, looking for any advice/info. Apologies in advance - this is all a bit long winded !! We switched suppliers from BG last year. Supplied meter readings when we did etc. We were paying BG by monthly direct debit. We switched November last year and the supplies were swooped around the 18th and 20 th Dec last year. (we were getting gas and electricity from them). Earlier this year I got a mail from BG saying we owed them £430. Next day another email saying we owe £260. Later that day another saying £589. I contacted them via email/message and asked what was goin
  8. Hi, I obtained a bicycle through my company's Cycle to work scheme,however after about six months the rear right side seat stay snapped. The cycle provider replaced the frame. Then last week I noticed a crack in the new frame,in the exact same spot. I'm not sure I want yet another new frame, I've paid this bike off in full Do you think I'd be best asking for a refund,or a suitable new replacement,but different model? Thanks
  9. Hi folks I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible. I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell around 6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund. Dell finally arrange collection last month, 5months after I first contacted them, from their side and the desktop
  10. Hey. My girlfriend is currently working a zero hour contract at a big chain, which she started 6 weeks ago. They use a clock in/out fingerprint system for start/end of day and breaks. She will be receiving her first paycheck in a few days, but she is worried that the company is handling some aspects of pay in a questionable/immoral way. Workers are entitled to a 10 minute break per shift under 6 hours; they must scan in/out for this break and if they do not take the break they need to write it down in a book. The first kicker here is that if employees do not scan out for their break nor
  11. Hi all Hopefully in the correct area I bought a Dell venue pro 11 tablet PC back in Jan 2014. It had a 3 year next day business warranty on it. Where from? Beats me! I have several Dell devices and I know that one was not from Dell direct but I have no idea at all. Fast forward late 2015 and it stopped working - I repair phones/laptops so I know in theory the fault but being under warranty, it was not my place to investigate. Dell after numerous questions finally booked an engineer for the next business day warranty which is an on-site repair. They m
  12. Hello all In a past life, I fell into the PayDay loan trap and when push came to shove couldn't afford to repay them. I was brave and went onto my credit report today and found that I have three PayDay loan related defaults, as follows: Motormile Finance Uk Limited £160 Account start date **/10/2010 Opening balance £ 205 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default **/12/2010 Default balance £ 205 Motormile Finance Uk Limited £ 545 Account start date **/10/2010 Opening balance £ 884 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default **/11/2010 Default
  13. Need some advice so any input appreciated. Moved to Plusnet - both phone line and broadband on the understanding the transfer from my previous ISP would be simultaneous. Didn't happen that way. A router was meant to be despatched but never arrived. I made a phone call to discover it hadn't been despatched - so that eventually arrived late. Received an e-mail from Plusnet advising that the phone was active on the 3rd July and ADSL would follow later in the day. They were apologetic in their mail and advised a small credit (for the phone) would be applied. Not much use to me as I
  14. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I've lurked here in the past for help with parking tickets (in the same car-park) so apoloigies in advance if this isn't in the right place! In short, my vehicle has suffered damage after hitting an overhead concrete beam in an underground private car park despite being below the car park's "maximum height". The long version: My work car-park (a university car-park, enforced by a private parking company) is an underground affair, with numerous overhead concrete cross-beams. at the entrance is a sign which states, "MAXIMUM
  15. In December I took delivery of a new Vauxhall costing about £28k. Upon collecting the car it had 2 paint chips and was missing the second key. I needed the car so took it. I had to take the car back so they could inspect the chips again, then take back a second time for repair which was done perfectly. The second key was found 2 weeks or so later. After that it came up with a sensor failure so it went in for third time. They saw the fault but couldn't fix it then. It went back for fifth time to be fixed, but they couldn't, only finally doing so on its sixth return.
  16. Hi, I've just moved house and wanted to cancel BT, the first CS agent hung up (or the line dropped) during the canx questions, the 2nd agent was rude unhelpful, asking umpteen "is there a reason ..." questions even after I'd answered several times and said i refuse to discuss it further. it took a request to speak to his manager before he accepted I could cancel my account and actually did it!! The information I received was also very inconsistent, on the call I was told I'd have to pay 30 days notice + £30 cancellation fee - which is outrageous (I'm just past the 12 months min ter
  17. I have a 11 year old cayenne which had an engine oil leak from the timing chain gasket this was diagnosed by my local Porsche specialist in Birmingham who has over 20 years experience, to have this repaired this would involve taking out the engine which under the policy this should be covered. Photos were sent from the garage which showed the leak from that area. Warranty Direct sent the garage an email saying that the supervisor was not certain that the leak was coming from there and wanted me to stump up the cash to strip the engine out even though the Porsche specialist
  18. hello, In a few weeks I will have to travel constantly for about 7 - 8 days. This is 3 days by train 4 days by bus. Everything is usually fine whilst I travel through Russia by train and the Baltics, Poland and Germany by bus. I usually experience problems within Netherlands / France / UK - when air conditioning does not work in the bus. In 2010, I was unconscious because the air conditioning didn't work on a bus and my body could not cope with the heat. I don't want heat stroke again and certainly don't want to be unconscious again since it took me ages to recover as I felt i
  19. I’ve just had a claim with Churchill home insurance in relation to a damaged kitchen floor and am wondering if anyone can help with two questions I have: Is there a minimum standard an insurance company’s claims service must meet? My experience to date with Churchill has been that it takes a minimum of thirty minutes waiting before a call is answered on the claims line. Churchill did not answer letters or faxes in weeks. When I finally got through to speak to someone I was told that some customers have been waiting up to eighty (80) minutes to speak to the claims department this winte
  20. Hi all Got a bit of a problem landlord, he's about 10 years younger than me and a bit of a wide boy- we moved last May and it's been pretty hellish. He paid one mortgage payment in this time which nearly cost us our home - that has been resolved for now. 1)Since Christmas, he's been promising a Gas Safe engineer for the yearly CP12, so far nothing. We had one guy turn up, NO ID and strangely, was the same guy who came out a few months ago to fix a door. We were fobbed of with "he left his card at home". He also refutes he needs to give us a certificate as "that's his", and the c
  21. Hi all, new to this forum, have previously managed to just mention the word Sale of Goods Act in previous stores and successfully had my issues resolved. However, the manager of my local SCS store seemed completely oblivious to the SOGA and as such is adamant that the issue with my carpet remains the responsibility of the manufacturer. In brief, we had a new carpet & underlay fitted by SCS back in January. In August we noticed the carpet was starting to fold over on itself, ie crease. After phoning the store and a message being passed to the manager the fit
  22. in May 2010 I had a CCJ appear on my credit file, not that I knew about it until around 2011 as I wasn't checking my credit file at the time. the long and short of it was that I sold an item to a guy on a forum, it arrived "damaged" so I claimed compensation through the insurance of the courier, and asked that the item be sent back to me. The guy never sent the item back and I never had contact with him again, I assumed that he was a [problem]mer as I wasn't going to pay him his money until I had the item, otherwise he may have been quids in. Well I moved
  23. I took a contract on 24m with Virgin around the 15th August. I rang on the 17th to give my notification to cancel the contract. The reason being are: the reception is poor in certain parts of the house and besides the phone seems to be a refurbished one. The reason I suspect the phone has been refurbished are that I opened up the google navigation for the first time and I was only greeted by previous searches that were done on the navigation system. I had never used it before and it had place search history such as Milton Keynes, Essex, Ayelesbury etc. I have never searched
  24. Hi, I'm hoping Lee picks this up. Got some issues with my account. I've spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone in three separate phone calls. Basically I setup an account and had no signal so in the first 7 days the only way vodafone secured my business was by providing me with a Sure Signal 2. I was happy with this till recently when i'm planning to move to London. Basically its the same old issues with signal. I sent it to my friend who lives next door to the property im planning on moving into. I had to deregister it from my account so he can trial it and send me it
  25. Dear friends, not been around for a while - but i need your advice! I took out a GE Money mortgage back in 2001 - was previously with Lloyds but they would not give me a re-mortgage because i was self employed at the time - my wife however was full PAYE. 2 years ago we got a call from a claims company saying that the 'agent' who arranged our mortgage had gone bust and that we could claim back our PPI we paid on the mortgage - we duly did this and got approx 5K back - alls well so far! However.. .it did not take long after starting the mortgage for us to fall into arrea
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