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  1. i bought my graphics card (PC part) in October and the Part isn't usable because it is broken. I sent it to Ebuyer for an RMA on the 29th January I've had to chase it up 3 times since then since their turn around is supposed to be 3-5 days 10 days later I still hadn't heard anything back. The 3 times I've called (after the 5 day period) I was told the card was given to another member of staff "with experience with such things" then today after being on hold for 50 minutes I was told my card is being sent to Hong Kong and to expect a 28 day wait AFTER they receive it. that will be a 2 and a half month turn around for an RMA when they state on their site, you can choose direct replacement and it'll take between 3-5 days. I sent an email with the information below: I bought the card using finance from Close Brothers Personal Finance and I'm still paying for something I have no access to. I read the Consumer Rights Act 2015, part 1, chapter 2, section 23 - right to repair or replacement and in that it states; in response to (3): In no way did i say to them i wanted the graphics card repaired. In 95% of cases they can't be repaired due to the nature of their manufacturing process. I clicked the option that states on their site "Direct replacement" In response to (3,b): How exactly is a direct replacement disproportionate since the retailer would get either a replacement item or a refund for the item? How is it disproportionate to expect a direct replacement when on your site it asks what you want as an outcome and i selected direct replacement? In response to (5): i bought the graphics card for heavy 3D rendering work which I do as a side job in my spare time and haven't been able to make money since this. I was expecting a replacement in 7 days not 2 and a half months. And this is the reply I got to the email i sent: Palit (the card maker) states on their website that if the card wasn't bought from them the retailer is responsible for RMA requests. how does a retailer as big as Ebuyer think this is acceptable behaviour. Surely under UK law Since it's under 6 months old and it was bought on finance and it's an electronic good surely there are protections in place for this sort of thing past what I've already posted because apparently they can just shoo that away? What am i supposed to do here? I feel like this is an utter joke. I had no communication, no warning, they changed their own terms to suit themselves and I'm without my £1300 purchase (that i'm still paying for without access to) due to what can only be described as a manufacturing problem with the card and their absolute lack of customer service? I honestly feel stuck and like I'm being played for a fool. Someone please help.
  2. VOLKSWAGEN FINANCIAL SERVICES . WHITE AUDI A4 I have a contract hire vehicle with Volkswagen financial services (VWFS) the car was due to go back at the end of April 18. In early march 18 I attempted to get in touch with VWFS to remove my private plate from the vehicle before I handed it back. in previous run ins with VWFS, its been an absolute nightmare to get back your private plate if you do not do it whilst you have the vehicle. Anyway, I was told to pay an admin fee to remove the plate. This was charged to me and I was sent a form to fill out. I was emailed by VWFS who asked me to fill out a form for the plate and send it to a third party company. I was not willing to do this as it would include sensitive personal information. I instead filled out the form and replied back to my email from vwfs. I had no reply from this email. This came at a time where I was suffering from a very severe bout of clinical depression and whilst I was coming through it, it was still an incredible and stressful time in my life. I have had previous terrible conduct of administrative conduct from VWFS in the past and knew this could take a while. In the mean time I never instructed the bank to stop any payments to VWFS, and whilst I was unhappy about the prospect of having to pay for the use of the car for longer than I imagines, I nevertheless never stopped any payments. The car has been very unreliable in the course of our contract hire period and its worth mentioning between the end of the contract and VWFS contacting me about the car, the car was in with an audi dealer for major repairs due to an electrical fault that took far to long to diagnose and fix. Fast forwards to August 2018, not one piece of communication was received . Its worth mentioning at this point, I have another car with VWFS, same person, same address and contact details and I did carry on receiving letters about this second vehicle from VWFS. Annual Account statements and the like. Not one letter was/has been sent to me about this car in question Now, British Car Auctions (BCA) got in touch with me in August with regards to collecting the car. Thank God I thought, finally they've realised to come and get the car thats sitting there not being used. It was only until BCA Called to confirm their inspection and collection I realised the number plate was still on the car. After speaking to BCA they said it wasn't a problem to cancel the inspection and speak to VWFS to finally remove the plate. In fact they encouraged it as I might not get the plate back if the car goes to auction with it on. Around this period I was being pursed by a debt collection agent to forcefully take back the vehicle. This was strange to me as I was in contact with BCA about the collection. 17th September 2018 So BCA cancelled the appointment and I attempted to call VWFS. After phoning the correct number for VWFS I was given the run around by them and put through to 3 different numbers. Then the call was hung up not by myself. I thought Id try again later on when I had finished my days work. I called around 5.15pm as they advertise their opening hours are 8am-8pm. I was told that the department I needed to speak to was closed. They work 9-5 18th September 2018 Called again to try and sort this mess out, have my number plate removed and arrange collection of the vehicle. I spoke to an Ollie at 10:24 who hung up on me. I called again and spoke to an Olivia at 10:28. She told me I had come through to the wrong department, wrong, I did, she just didnt want to deal with this. I eventually got through to a Georgina at 10:30. In informed the woman I was recording the call and I explained my position to georgina who didnt want to work with me about a resolution, just argue the facts of what has gone on. I explained I had tried to remove the plate in march and I wasn’t willing to submit sensitive information to a third party company. I informed Georgina that I was suffering from severe mental health issues and I would appreciate their clear operation but I did not get this. She asked me If it was ok for her to record my communication of my mental health issues in her notes and I agreed. This call was recorded and she ended by saying she cannot deal with it and somebody more senior will be in touch within 48 hours. I confirmed what number for someone to try and get hold of me on as calls to this number are also logged and recorded, this goes for every call, not especially for VWFS. 26th sept Tried to call again, guess what “wrong department” and then a hang up. 28th Sept. I get a call from a collection agent who informs me that VWFS has instructed him to forcibly take the car from my possession. I had to say Carl who has been back and forth with me about this whilst I try and get some sense out of VWFS, has been incredibly good. I explained my mental health issues and he was very understanding and knows VWFS are not acting as they should. So much so his purpose of the call today was to give me a heads up to hide the car so it cannot be taken. I do not want to withhold the car, but I just want this sorting out. I have lost all confidence in VWFS, my ability to communicate with them has broken down entirely and I do not want this to continue. Its having a severe impact on my mental state and thus impacting hugely in my work life. What should I do guys?! Im really appalled at how Im being treated
  3. Hello all, I'm in the process of renting a flat through an established letting agent and they are taking a long time to send the tenancy agreement. I have signed a contact with the agency and made the initial payment for the first months rent 15 days ago, and should be moving in soon. Whats the course of action to take to ensure i get something in writing asap, as txt messages and phone calls do not work, it's always "will be with you soon".
  4. I have a flat that I rent out through a letting agent,several weeks ago the letting agent sent me a message saying the tenant was wanting to change the hall flooring as it was carpet tiles,i agreed that someone could go round there and do a quote for laminated flooring. Fast track to yesterday when I noticed my usual monthly rent payment from the letting agent was £230 lighter,I sent them an email straight away and he tells me the woman living in the flat had her bedroom carpeted and had the hall done as well and this was what it had cost me in carpeting and planing underside of doors etc. None of this was notified to me at any time,emailed them back asking how was this and the letting agent is saying I was wanting carpets in the hall told him I had never wanted nor spoke to him about carpets and this was the first I heard of it,hes coming out with a load of barefaced lies to me ,i think it was his mate that did the carpets. Ive told him Im not happy and told him to send me a fully itemised receipt,Ive also been in touch with the property ombudsman. Thing that sticks in me the most I had someone arranged to do laminated flooring and its been carpeted now,anything else I can do?
  5. Hi all I booked my car in a good few weeks ago for a new clutch (powershift), had been putting it off for a while and finally decided to bite the bullet. Got the quote which was just over 1k which I was happy with. the day came and Ford (evans halshaw) collected the car, and told me it would be a couple of days, so far so good. I get a call a few days later from the service manager who told me they'd replaced the clutch, and it turned out the new clutch was faulty...and it was the last one available in the UK atm and it could be another 3-4 weeks as it's on backorder. I have another car I can use so I kept my cool, and asked what they can offer to compensate for this, to which I was told there were no loan cars available for a month, and he would speak to Ford about reducing the cost of the work. He came back later and said they would reduce the price by £100! I am without a car until probably the end of June, with only a small discount offered. Additional point - the car is undrivable now as I assume they didn't want to spend 6 hours putting the old clutch back on Does anyone have any advice on what I should be asking for in this kind of situation? I can't help but feel I may have been kind on them when they called!
  6. Hi All, I had a trade insurance with Onesure last year, and despite the cost and the business closing, I kept the policy for the year. It has now come round to renewal, and due to working in an employed position, I couldn't call during their working hours, so have gone to cancel today. The policy is £1100, but they are looking to charge me over £450 for cancelling 3 days in (2 being weekend). I can understand some cancellation fee, but it's within 14 days cooling off period and this amount! They are currently speaking to the underwriter to check costs, but I fear this is part of a play, and preparing myself. Anyone with any advice or experience in how to deal with this, or a successful outcome, as that's a lot of money for 3 days, where it only had my car on the policy, covered by a new one that I could do online at the weekend. thanks in advance David
  7. Hi folks, looking for any advice/info. Apologies in advance - this is all a bit long winded !! We switched suppliers from BG last year. Supplied meter readings when we did etc. We were paying BG by monthly direct debit. We switched November last year and the supplies were swooped around the 18th and 20 th Dec last year. (we were getting gas and electricity from them). Earlier this year I got a mail from BG saying we owed them £430. Next day another email saying we owe £260. Later that day another saying £589. I contacted them via email/message and asked what was going on and asked if they could explain how we could owe so much when we are paying with a monthly direct debit. When I submitted the query I also supplied more meter readings as the website asked. First reply gave me dates they stopped supplying gas/electricity and asked me to confirm meter readings. Same email said that they would re-issue a final bill. Replied to this and explained I gave readings when I made the enquiry as requested. Next email apologised for the delay, said a final bill had been issued but that the meter readings didn't match up correctly They also said something about sending the readings to the new supplier. To be honest it wasnt clear at all what they were saying. I replied and asked for clarification. (Never got a reply to this) The same day I get a mail from my bank saying I was going to go overdrawn. When I checked it turns out BG were trying to take money using the direct debit setup. They had already taken 2 payments (around £60 and around £150) and now they were trying to take a further £330. These were all taken in separate payments. I contacted the bank and stopped the final £330 one and contacted replied to the BG email again. Couple of days went by and still no replies - so I started another complaint explaining the whole chain of events and suggested they were in breach of the DD guarantee because they had not notified me of the change in payment amount. I further complained that I thought it was out of order for them to let the account get so far out of whack re payments and that they should have advised me sooner and adjusted the monthly payments accordingly. They say they did advise me of the DD amount so because they sent me a bill via email. They also sent me a breakdown of units used and payments made. They also said that this left a further outstanding £36 or so but they would waive this and the account was now at 0.00 This of course didn't take into account the fact that I had stopped the £330 payment. (Which was showing in the payment breakdown) I replied to this and said that their suggestion that I was told about the change in DD amount was not valid since I had no less than 3 bills from them before the monies were taken. I then received another 2 after that. How was I ever going to know which was the "real" bill !? I've now had a couple of mails telling me they are looking into it and some follow ups saying the person dealing with the case is out of office currently and other such wibble. Also they have tried to ring me a couple of times but I really don't want to discuss this over the phone with them. At the same time I also have another dept from BG harassing me (via email AND telephone) because I have cancelled the DD and they say that I owe around £330. Both of these seem to ring when im not in and refuse to speak to my partner ! I'm not trying to get out of paying what I owe but at the same time them taking that cash w/o warning has screwed me up a bit. (Though fortunately the bank didn't charge for this). And i'm less than content with phone calls from 2 different depts. and general poor handling of this whole situation. Anyone offer any advice or anything for all of this ? Thanks in advance
  8. Hi, I obtained a bicycle through my company's Cycle to work scheme,however after about six months the rear right side seat stay snapped. The cycle provider replaced the frame. Then last week I noticed a crack in the new frame,in the exact same spot. I'm not sure I want yet another new frame, I've paid this bike off in full Do you think I'd be best asking for a refund,or a suitable new replacement,but different model? Thanks
  9. Hi folks I was wondering if I may get some advise from you guys, if possible. I bought a Dell desktop PC direct from Dell around 6 months back, but it was delivered damaged by Dell's local courier, I called Dell to come and collect the damaged desktop for a replacement. it took them ages, almost a phone call to Dell everyday for more than 2 weeks, to respond and finally I called and told them to collect the units and provide a full refund. Dell finally arrange collection last month, 5months after I first contacted them, from their side and the desktop was collected. almost a month after their collection was completed, Dell contacted me via email and said instead of a desktop that they should receive, they had received a laptop from me instead! Before anyone raised any eyebrows if I am at fault, the desktop weighs around 15kg. The laptop Dell mentioned they received is only 2kg. I can't believe this big discrepancy where Dell is asking me why I send a laptop, of which I never had in the first place. I called the courier who came to pick up the unit and they have registered 10kg on their system, which is another discrepancy. All the math doesn't stack up along the courier transition to end. Therefore from (A - collection from my side of 15kg) thru to courier warehouse (weigh 10kg, have Dell instructed them a unit weight of 10kg to save costs? I don't know) then to Dell depot (B - and after almost 1 month after receipt, they received a 2kg item????) I had called Citizen Advice to seek advice and been told about - Consumer Rights Act 79 - ADR etc From my layman term, I would like some advice from kind folks of what I can do? a.) In the case if Dell still insist they received a laptop, how will I be liable or am I liable ? I am not sure how they are going to explain the weight discrepancy going through the courier transition b.) Citizen Advice says I may need to prove what I send? However, Dell is the one who arrange collection and somehow stupidly I trusted their arrangement. Does the collection proof of receipt suffice much? c.) Is there any place or dept that I can raise this issue against Dell's incompetency on their courier logistics? But trying their luck to possibly seek compensation from customers? Would appreciate any advise from kind souls to help me lessen this grievance I am facing with Dell.
  10. Hey. My girlfriend is currently working a zero hour contract at a big chain, which she started 6 weeks ago. They use a clock in/out fingerprint system for start/end of day and breaks. She will be receiving her first paycheck in a few days, but she is worried that the company is handling some aspects of pay in a questionable/immoral way. Workers are entitled to a 10 minute break per shift under 6 hours; they must scan in/out for this break and if they do not take the break they need to write it down in a book. The first kicker here is that if employees do not scan out for their break nor write in the book, they have an entire hour deducted from their pay. My girlfriend was not told this by anyone until her 4th week on the job and was told she would not be paid for the times she didn't clock out, which is likely to be in the £50-100 range as she was not told she needed to follow this process and only learned by coincidence when hearing colleagues talking about it. It also isn't mentioned anywhere in her contract. Secondarily a girl she works with clocked in but forgot to clock out at the end of the day and the company are refusing to pay her for the entire day. Every shift has a supervisor and multiple people working and the store has many CCTV cameras, so wouldn't the onus be on them to prove she didn't work the shift that she was penned in for and clocked in to? She has also already had issues with being the first person to put her holiday for a specific week in the holiday book 6 weeks in advance (Which is meant to be first come first serve), yet being told a week before her holiday that she can't have it off as 4 people have already been given that time. Not really sure what she can do about the pay situation but I'm pretty sure it's illegal, only problem is it feels like a huge amount of effort to fight great lengths to get what in comparison is a small-ish amount owed, and there's also the fear of having her hours stopped/being discriminated against while this goes on so it's no wonder companies can get away with bullying people into this kind of thing. Now to top all of this off, her contract stipulates that she must pay the company £250 of 'training costs' if she leaves within the first year, even though she received no formal training or any kind of 'training day'; she was simply placed on shifts and learned on the job by watching others. For such a massive worldwide chain and the single most famous in its field, the store is managed so horrifically bad and they seem to be happy to mess people around in many ways.
  11. Hi all Hopefully in the correct area I bought a Dell venue pro 11 tablet PC back in Jan 2014. It had a 3 year next day business warranty on it. Where from? Beats me! I have several Dell devices and I know that one was not from Dell direct but I have no idea at all. Fast forward late 2015 and it stopped working - I repair phones/laptops so I know in theory the fault but being under warranty, it was not my place to investigate. Dell after numerous questions finally booked an engineer for the next business day warranty which is an on-site repair. They missed several dates in confusion with addresses and what not. Eventually after a months silence, I got an engineer out who deemed the motherboard as dead and replaced it along with the charging port. Result? still dead. I got ignored for a month after this and eventually it turned out the initial person handling the case was dismissed apparently. It got taken over by another who too vanished. It was only after a complaint on twitter did the case suddenly get interest. Fast forward to beginning of the month- now 5 months since the tablet last worked - Dell agreed with a replacement tablet + gave me the spec which was slightly higher as goodwill. I accepted this but had a delay of 5 working days trying to arrange collection/delivery. When I did get in-touch with an address, the response was that I took too long and it is no longer available due to my time coming back - this coming from a company that took 2-3 months just to acknowledge the issue. So now Dell are saying that because of this, a refund is the only option as the item was no longer available - but as it was not bought directly from Dell, I had to go to the retailer/reseller. Issue is I have no idea who that was. Heck they may not even exist - it was Jan 2014 after all! In actual fact, I might have even got it from Dell - it's just that they say I did not so I'm going on their word. So where do I stand now? Summary is: They had the chance to fix They failed to fix They offered replacement which was NOT time-dependent yet then got rid of some 5 days later and no longer have it as an option. Now they say only option is a refund from a reseller/retailer I have no knowledge about. We moved house last year and all the bulky items were thrown away - I think the dell box is still around in the shed but it's possibly it was for another tablet I have but that would about it. I also raised the fact that I have since spent almost £200 on spare chargers, keyboard battery pack, stylus, case - all defunct if I went for a refund though this would be fine if Dell gave it. I also have asked whether they can just create a credit voucher for the value I can then spend with Dell but this gets ignored. So is this a lost cause? thanks in advance Actually slight amendment- the most recent "customer relations" person asked if I could provide an update to address for collection/delivery on the 20th April and it was on the 22nd - 2 days later, I provided this not the 5 days I mentioned earlier.
  12. Hello all In a past life, I fell into the PayDay loan trap and when push came to shove couldn't afford to repay them. I was brave and went onto my credit report today and found that I have three PayDay loan related defaults, as follows: Motormile Finance Uk Limited £160 Account start date **/10/2010 Opening balance £ 205 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default **/12/2010 Default balance £ 205 Motormile Finance Uk Limited £ 545 Account start date **/10/2010 Opening balance £ 884 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default **/11/2010 Default balance £ 878 Instant Cash Loans T/A Payday Uk £ 361 Account start date **/10/2010 Opening balance £ 361 Regular payment £ £ 361 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default **/04/2011 Default balance £ 361 I notice the Motormile ones have drastically differing amounts - applied charges I assume? I'd very much like to get stuff back on track in respect of my credit rating, and would appreciate advice on the best way to sort it out with the creditors. Many thanks in advance Mr Fish
  13. Need some advice so any input appreciated. Moved to Plusnet - both phone line and broadband on the understanding the transfer from my previous ISP would be simultaneous. Didn't happen that way. A router was meant to be despatched but never arrived. I made a phone call to discover it hadn't been despatched - so that eventually arrived late. Received an e-mail from Plusnet advising that the phone was active on the 3rd July and ADSL would follow later in the day. They were apologetic in their mail and advised a small credit (for the phone) would be applied. Not much use to me as I only use that line for ADSL. The ADSL was not enabled and for the rest of the day I had to hook up my smartphone to get on-line which is a bit hit and miss where I live. So on a couple of occasions, I had to visit town to get a decent signal to download a couple of important documents. Next day, 4th July still no ADSL. Got hold of someone at Plusnet who stated it was the fault of Openreach. They pushed a button or whatever and hey presto, suddenly ADSL arrives. So was it really the fault of Openreach. Elected to go with Fibre and received confirmation from Plusnet on the 18th July that this would be enabled on the 3rd August (tomorrow). If there were any problems then they would contact me within 7 days. Received a subsequent e-mail on the 30th July that my fibre was now going to be on the 6th, 7th or 10th August and a router would be despatched which I never ordered. I telephoned Plusnet to complain an was told it was the fault of Openreach - they had cancelled the appointment. Posted my displeasure on the Plusnet forum on the 30th July and at long last a representative of Plusnet admitted they had dropped the ball on this and no one had picked up the error. Also confirmed by them I would receive an e-mail and text on the 30th or the 31st July of the exact date. I simply cannot condone deliberate lies especially when a finger is pointed at another organisation who are totally innocent. Whatever my thoughts about Openreach may be they were the innocent party that were being accused. Nothing received so I managed to speak with Plusnet via their live chat this morning to be informed that fibre will now be enabled on the 11th August. No mention about any of the previous dates - these have now been lost. Complained that I had not received any communication to this effect - more apologies as I should have received notification. So where do I stand on this guys/gals. I feel like breaking the contract and walking away. Sure they will charge me for the remainder of the contract but I suppose I could always try and reclaim that in the small claims court. For a telecoms company they certainly fail when it comes to communicating. All of the Plusnet e-mails - all two of them - mention that if I break the date when Openreach are due to call then I will be charged. Apologies for the long post but really my whole experience in the short time I have been with Plusnet has been nothing short of a fiasco. Any input appreciated.
  14. Hi all, I'm not sure if this is in the right place, but I've lurked here in the past for help with parking tickets (in the same car-park) so apoloigies in advance if this isn't in the right place! In short, my vehicle has suffered damage after hitting an overhead concrete beam in an underground private car park despite being below the car park's "maximum height". The long version: My work car-park (a university car-park, enforced by a private parking company) is an underground affair, with numerous overhead concrete cross-beams. at the entrance is a sign which states, "MAXIMUM-HEIGHT 2.1 MTR." My car is a 1996 Land Rover Discovery, which has a height of 1.97m when new. My vehicle will likely be even lower after two tonnes has sat on the same springs for nineteen years. The vehicle is unmodifed, and has no roof-rack, etc. Anyway, I reversed into a bay which had a slight upward slope, causing my vehicle to impact one of the concrete roof-beams: There now damage to my paintwork above my car's back door, where the concrete roof-beam has removed a line of paint. This is now going to rust unless I do something about it ASAP. Being a graduate student, I definitely cannot afford to have this resprayed properly, and I feel a little bitter that I so naively trusted a bloody sign. I've taken a few pictures, and mocked up a diagram, but unfortunately I can't post them here yet. Any thoughts would be much appreciated, I've absolutely no experience of legal-ness. Thanks!
  15. In December I took delivery of a new Vauxhall costing about £28k. Upon collecting the car it had 2 paint chips and was missing the second key. I needed the car so took it. I had to take the car back so they could inspect the chips again, then take back a second time for repair which was done perfectly. The second key was found 2 weeks or so later. After that it came up with a sensor failure so it went in for third time. They saw the fault but couldn't fix it then. It went back for fifth time to be fixed, but they couldn't, only finally doing so on its sixth return. I then discovered there is a problem with the stereo and dash displays. It went in for the seventh time and they witnessed the problem. It's gone in now for eighth time and they have had it for 3 weeks or so and don't know what the problem is! I'm sure sooner or later they will resolve it but really I've had the car three months and in that time it's gone back 8 times and they have had it for nearly a month overall. Also it doesn't even seen as good build quality as the hire car of the same model I'm using, my dash makes more little noises over bumps etc. Also the auto boot can sometimes make a loud embarrassing noise when closing. Now I just feel I want rid of the car, it's clearly plagued with issues and I don't feel I can ever feel happy now. What are my rights regarding giving it back to them please? Many thanks.
  16. Hi, I've just moved house and wanted to cancel BT, the first CS agent hung up (or the line dropped) during the canx questions, the 2nd agent was rude unhelpful, asking umpteen "is there a reason ..." questions even after I'd answered several times and said i refuse to discuss it further. it took a request to speak to his manager before he accepted I could cancel my account and actually did it!! The information I received was also very inconsistent, on the call I was told I'd have to pay 30 days notice + £30 cancellation fee - which is outrageous (I'm just past the 12 months min term I agreed so that's not early-termination) and I've now received an email saying the service will be stopped in 1 weeks time! I will be complaining to BT/ofcom though I don't expect any joy there. but surely this is not legal? the £30 termination fee seems shady to start with and making me pay for 30 days then cutting the service in 7 surely must be illegal?? Spleen vented! I'm sure many other providers are no better but that's the last money BT will ever get out of me. Regards, Mark
  17. I have a 11 year old cayenne which had an engine oil leak from the timing chain gasket this was diagnosed by my local Porsche specialist in Birmingham who has over 20 years experience, to have this repaired this would involve taking out the engine which under the policy this should be covered. Photos were sent from the garage which showed the leak from that area. Warranty Direct sent the garage an email saying that the supervisor was not certain that the leak was coming from there and wanted me to stump up the cash to strip the engine out even though the Porsche specialist had already located the cause of the oil leak. The adverts on the tv seems to make it simple. I am really appalled that they would want me to stump up the cash they really need to inform their customers first of this process when taking a policy out with them instead of hiding behind t&c's. I am surprised this hasn't been on BBC's watchdog as this seems quite a occurring theme with other policy holders. Anyone with any suggestions and help will be pleased to listen. The policy I have is the extra care policy which can be viewed on their website.
  18. hello, In a few weeks I will have to travel constantly for about 7 - 8 days. This is 3 days by train 4 days by bus. Everything is usually fine whilst I travel through Russia by train and the Baltics, Poland and Germany by bus. I usually experience problems within Netherlands / France / UK - when air conditioning does not work in the bus. In 2010, I was unconscious because the air conditioning didn't work on a bus and my body could not cope with the heat. I don't want heat stroke again and certainly don't want to be unconscious again since it took me ages to recover as I felt ill for weeks after this. I shall travel in August. My question is: If I am on a bus and the air conditioning is not working and it is a high temperature, I know I have to leave the bus for the sake of my health. Is the bus company then responsible for my financial losses such as replacement bus ticket for the rest of my journey? The first 2 times without air conditioning on bus, I sent complaint letter to National Express / Eurolines who then gave me % off voucher for my next travel. The third time it happened when I was unconscious, National Express didn't answer my complaint. I then changed companies to Ecolines since I found they run a bus directly to UK over 2 days (constant travel). So, if I find myself in a position on Ecolines direct bus with extreme heat and no air conditioning, can I get off the bus and would Ecolines then be responsible for giving me a free ticket to continue my journey on a bus with air conditioning? I realise this may sound petty but my body can not cope with heat for a long period of time and I'd like to know my rights if this happened again, because really I am not looking forward to this travel and I do not want to experience heat stroke or heat exhaustion / unconscious again. Thanks! ps.... No, I can't fly because of fear
  19. I’ve just had a claim with Churchill home insurance in relation to a damaged kitchen floor and am wondering if anyone can help with two questions I have: Is there a minimum standard an insurance company’s claims service must meet? My experience to date with Churchill has been that it takes a minimum of thirty minutes waiting before a call is answered on the claims line. Churchill did not answer letters or faxes in weeks. When I finally got through to speak to someone I was told that some customers have been waiting up to eighty (80) minutes to speak to the claims department this winter. My letters - including a formal complaint - had been scanned onto their system, but they’d just not had time to deal with them. Churchill’s Facebook page is littered with customers having similar experiences. Am I entitled to see a breakdown of Churchill’s contractor’s costs if they use their own contractor to provide an equivalent replacement? On two occasions Churchill refused to provide a breakdown of those costs and only in the reply to my formal complaint was any sort of breakdown given. However, this provided insufficient detail for me to be happy the replacement would be of the same quality as the original. I became so fed up with the whole process that I eventually took a cash settlement after Churchill improved their offer, but I’m wondering if I should approach the Ombudsman. Any advice gratefully received. For amusement here’s a summary of my claim experience which I forwarded to Churchill’s marketing department for use in their next campaign. It might be funnier if it weren’t true. Why won’t you talk to me, Churchill? On 28th November I made my first home insurance claim in twenty years and I can’t understand why you don't you pick up the phone. I thought you were a trusty dependable Bulldog, but why don't you get back to me when I write you a letter or send you a fax? Only when I called on 7th March about a policy renewal did you actually acknowledge my complaint. My letters had been scanned into your system, but you just hadn’t had time to do anything about them. You told me this winter it had not been unusual for customers to wait thirty-plus minutes to speak to you. It seems that some of your valued customers are waiting up to eighty minutes to get through. I bet that 0845 number at 4p a minute is turning into quite a money-spinner. And when I finally got through to discuss my claim, why do you keep saying "no"? Some years ago John Lewis fitted a new kitchen for us and also fitted a quality vinyl floor .... "oh yes" But, sadly last year a small leak damaged the floor and now the vinyl has to be replaced .... "oh yes" I've shown your loss adjustor the original receipt from John Lewis, so you know what I paid .... "oh yes" John Lewis have quoted like for like to replace the flooring, so please can they do the work? .... "oh no" You're saying you have a contractor who can fit equivalent flooring ... "oh yes" The total amount he is quoting is within a few pounds of the John Lewis quote ... "oh yes" You tell me your contractor gives you a 32% discount and still manages to make a profit ... "oh yes" Can you send me a written breakdown of his costs, so I can compare quotes? ... "oh no" Is it possible to get a cash settlement, so John Lewis can do the work? ... "oh yes" But, you'll only pay their quote less 32%, so it matches your contractor's discount? ... "oh yes" Perhaps your contractor could source exactly the same flooring as John Lewis? ... "oh no" So, can your contractor really provide an equivalent to the original John Lewis flooring? .... "oh yes" But, I know nothing about your contractor and they don't have a retail outlet near me .... "oh yes" How do I know where they source their flooring? I'd be in a right mess if it came from Cheap-as-Chips Flooring Supplies ... "oh yes" I'm worried that your contractor might use Bodge-it & Scarper to fit the new flooring. Do you understand my concern? .... "oh yes" Great, so you will after all pay the full cost for John Lewis to supply and fit the new floor? ... "oh no" So, can I really trust you to fit a new kitchen floor of equivalent quality to the original? ... "oh ....... "
  20. Hi all Got a bit of a problem landlord, he's about 10 years younger than me and a bit of a wide boy- we moved last May and it's been pretty hellish. He paid one mortgage payment in this time which nearly cost us our home - that has been resolved for now. 1)Since Christmas, he's been promising a Gas Safe engineer for the yearly CP12, so far nothing. We had one guy turn up, NO ID and strangely, was the same guy who came out a few months ago to fix a door. We were fobbed of with "he left his card at home". He also refutes he needs to give us a certificate as "that's his", and the company I work for will obviously pass me as "it's mates rates innit" My problem : Ive worked with CORGI/Gas Safe for nearly 10 years, so I've had one of my Engineers give us the all clear/a new CP12. Landlord is refusing to accept this certificate until "his man" does the job. I've asked for an independent engineer to attend at the end of the month at a cost of £75 - would I be entitled to take this out of the rent as LL seems to be flat out refusing to acknowledge his responsibilities. 2)He keeps popping round usually when he's "in the area" with no notice to check if any mail has come for him - we've gotten everything from speeding fines to repossesion hearing dates to personal mail. I know this as he insists on trying to come in and open his mail one by one, very slowly. My problem : I once told him enough and he wasn't coming in, and I'd post his mail to him from now. He flew off the handle ranting about how I'm not allowed to do that/ what a bad tenant I am and stormed off. Later that night, about 10:30pm the door was being hammered- waking our very young daughter. Some little flid was there asking for his brothers mail - as soon as I opened the door he put his foot through the threashold. I slammed it in his face and posted it in reverse through the letter box. He's even turned up at my workplace saying he'd give me a lift back so he can get his post. Is it that unreasonable of me to post his mail to his registered address on a monthly basis? I'm 33, work stupid hours to make sure my family has everything we need - and since 16, used to landlords being very much out of the picture unless there's a problem or inspection. Am I just being an over sensitive ass?
  21. Hi all, new to this forum, have previously managed to just mention the word Sale of Goods Act in previous stores and successfully had my issues resolved. However, the manager of my local SCS store seemed completely oblivious to the SOGA and as such is adamant that the issue with my carpet remains the responsibility of the manufacturer. In brief, we had a new carpet & underlay fitted by SCS back in January. In August we noticed the carpet was starting to fold over on itself, ie crease. After phoning the store and a message being passed to the manager the fitter came out, restretched the carpet fitted a gripper and disappeared. Within a few days the crease was back again, a call to the store produces an appointment with their surveyor, he comes out, eventually, and decides we need more gripper. Fitter returns, disagrees with the surveyor, lifts up the carpet and announces that the carpet is delaminating and is faulty. He tales photos and says he'll report to the store manager. A week has passed since fitter took photos and we've heard nothing, Yesterday we popped in to store and spoke to the manager, on asking him where we're at with our faulty carpet he announces he's still not heard from the manufacturer. When I asked him what it has to do with them he tells me it's company policy, I asked to see this policy and he says that they don't hold one in store and I need to speak to HQ. This brings me on to mention to him the SOGA and the fact that my contract is with him as the retailer not the manufacturer of the carpet, thus he is responsible for fixing & making amends not the manufacturer. He keeps repeating about company policy etc and it's then like I'm banging my head against a brick wall. I leave with the promise he will call me back by 2000hrs Monday PM. What i'm looking for is that, I am correct, the store is responsible NOT the manufacturer and at the end of the day the carpet is faulty and after just 6 months or so the carpet is the way it is, ie not for for purpose and of unsatisfactory quality. All I want is nice carpet, the same again will be fine, nothing outrageous or out of the ordinary but the manager of the store dismissed the SOGA saying company policy is what it is and completely dismissed I have any rights to anything over SOGA. Help please as I feel this is being made far more awkward then it should be. Cheers, Steve
  22. in May 2010 I had a CCJ appear on my credit file, not that I knew about it until around 2011 as I wasn't checking my credit file at the time. the long and short of it was that I sold an item to a guy on a forum, it arrived "damaged" so I claimed compensation through the insurance of the courier, and asked that the item be sent back to me. The guy never sent the item back and I never had contact with him again, I assumed that he was a [problem]mer as I wasn't going to pay him his money until I had the item, otherwise he may have been quids in. Well I moved address, and it seems that he applied for a CCJ against me, which as I moved and no longer resided at my address that he was familiar with, papers must have been served and as no reply was made, the CCJ was granted. It's for the whopping grand total of £130, and if I settle the CCJ, it will still remain on my credit file, so I'd rather get it set aside on the reasons that I didn't receive any paperwork, was no longer living at that address, and the fact that I believe he shouldn't get a penny as he never returned the faulty item. I contacted the courts in Northampton with my set aside application and also an application to wave any fees, as I receive a few benefits and as the fees are also almost the same cost as the CCJ in general, why should I pay for the courts mistakes? as advised by them, I send them all my copies of housing benefit, council tax, tax credits etc... proof and they write back saying they need 6 months bank statements. I then send that in and they write back saying they need me to highlight all of the appropriate benefits on my bank statements (even though it clearly says) and send it back. They then write back saying they need the proofs with the bank statements together. I send this off and they write back asking what the small paypal deposits are for items ive sold on ebay (old stuff that i no longer need). I feel like every time i send off what they ask, they ask for something more and to be honest it's doing my head in. I feel like the time this CCJ is sorted, the 6 years will be up anyway. Is there any way I can get help with this, as it's stressing me out and just want it off of my file as I don't believe it should be on there anyway, and with looking to obtain a mortgage in the next couple of years, I can't afford for it to be on there. Many thanks
  23. I took a contract on 24m with Virgin around the 15th August. I rang on the 17th to give my notification to cancel the contract. The reason being are: the reception is poor in certain parts of the house and besides the phone seems to be a refurbished one. The reason I suspect the phone has been refurbished are that I opened up the google navigation for the first time and I was only greeted by previous searches that were done on the navigation system. I had never used it before and it had place search history such as Milton Keynes, Essex, Ayelesbury etc. I have never searched those places on the navigation ssytem. It immediately filled me with horror as I thought I was sold a new phone. I have asked for a PAC code and I was told I will get that once the phone is back in their possession and is ok. They said if it gets damaged in transit, it is my responsibility. Any thoughts people? Thanks
  24. Hi, I'm hoping Lee picks this up. Got some issues with my account. I've spent nearly an hour and a half on the phone in three separate phone calls. Basically I setup an account and had no signal so in the first 7 days the only way vodafone secured my business was by providing me with a Sure Signal 2. I was happy with this till recently when i'm planning to move to London. Basically its the same old issues with signal. I sent it to my friend who lives next door to the property im planning on moving into. I had to deregister it from my account so he can trial it and send me it back. Now i'm at the stage where he cant use the sure signal saying "The item has been suspended from the network and can't be reinstated". So i'm not in the position that I had a perfectly working Sure Signal that no longer works at all. Technical are refusing to deal with me as they say its out of warranty. But this is not a warranty issue as it was working fine till i hit deregister. In fact EU law gives me 2 years regardless. They are suggesting I buy a new unit. You can imagine the shock to me and I refuse to pay for something that should just work, i've asked my friend to send it back to me and i'm going to have the same issues registering this. My contract ends october - effectively surely you are now in breech of contract as at my home address that I brought the service for you can no longer provide signal. Thanks, Chris
  25. Dear friends, not been around for a while - but i need your advice! I took out a GE Money mortgage back in 2001 - was previously with Lloyds but they would not give me a re-mortgage because i was self employed at the time - my wife however was full PAYE. 2 years ago we got a call from a claims company saying that the 'agent' who arranged our mortgage had gone bust and that we could claim back our PPI we paid on the mortgage - we duly did this and got approx 5K back - alls well so far! However.. .it did not take long after starting the mortgage for us to fall into arrears (about 3 years) due to a combination of a car crash and lack of work. to cut a long story short we received a letter of eviction back in February this year as we owed 22k in arrears - there was also another 9K in charges. My wifes father passed away last year and as a result she inherited a sum of money from the sale of his property - we had to use this to pay off these arrears otherwise my wife and our 2 young children would be out on the streets - i suppose we were lucky that we had this money - but it has left a very bitter taste we had to do this. Today i received a letter from the same company that dealt with our PPI claim saying that having reviewed our previous case it is now VERY likely we were missold our mortgage - and we could claim back in the region of 10K - their fee for doing this is 35%! I need to know the following: 1) can I claim back excessive arrears charges 2) how do i go about proving the mortgage was missold 3) if i do either of the above - how does that leave me with GE? I hurts me so much that my wife had to give her Fathers legacy to these people - i want to get as much back for her as i can. thank you for taking the time to read this OOT
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