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Found 12 results

  1. Hi everyone Just a quick check on something. Does a LBA have to include an offer or show of willingness to attend ADR? I'm owed money from a previous employer, I'm still in time for the CC but not the ET and I just want my money asap so I don't really want to be messing around talking, if the LBA is unsuccessful I want to go immediately to the CC and not to any third party that I have to pay a fee to with the chance I'd still have to go to the CC in the end anyway. It's a small track case, owed under £1000, evidence is in my favour so I don't need to negotiate
  2. Hi folks This will be a long post, so please bear with me. My Vodafone troubles are long and plentiful. I'm hoping some legal minds can help me out. I have endured a long and agonising dispute with Vodafone and I am now at the end of my tether. To be honest, I regretted taking out a contract with them the moment I signed up. Right from the first month, things went horribly wrong. I started out with a SIM-only deal in Dec 2012 because it seemed like a bargain at the time. However, only days after receiving my new SIM, I received a very odd text message telling me to phon
  3. Hi all Just need a clarification around the statutory time limit for responding to a S77/78 CCA Request. Halifax have been chasing for a couple of years on an alleged credit card debt. In the last 2 years this has bounced backwards and forwards between them and Blair Oliver and Scott and is now with our old friends Moorcroft. Moorcroft have sent a fair few of their automated threatograms, from their "Pre-Court Division" and now from their "Home Collections Division". I have responded to that with a "you do not have my permission to send anybody round" plus a S78 CCA
  4. Hi friends, I tried to search but most of the template letters are designed towards claiming single payment PPI, especially, for fresh cases. Mine on the other hand were monthly payments and they were stopped by Barclays in 2005. Why? Because, I claimed back some of the money Barclays had been charging me in the name of their Additions fee that I had never opted for. This probably prompted them to also stop my PPI immediately. And yes, I did not know what PPI was all about at that time. Now, I wish to take up claiming back the PPI Bacrlays charged me over a p
  5. Hi all, I am about to send a letter before action to my previous employer for wages and fuel allowance owed to me. These monies should have been paid to me in my last wage which I received before I left them. I only worked for the company for 5 weeks, I enjoy the work but the workload and pressure they put on their staff was too much for me to handle, when they expected me to work 25 hours over 2 days with no time for breaks or travelling I finally snapped and found another job. The cut off date for the wage I received was Sunday 17th August and I receive my pay on 22nd August. I told
  6. Is there a way to send an LBA to Vodafone and have it read by someone who might actually be able to say "oh dear this fellow actually has good cause for action, perhaps we should stop ignoring him?" Some name or address or department I could send it to? I ask because, after having legal advice that my claim is strong, last week I sent my LBA, to their registered office address, not addressed to anyone in particular. I've just had the reply and my heart sank as I read two pages of the usual rambling, uncomprehending waffle - padded with irrelevant statistics about my account and answers to
  7. Hi all, Long story short as I can: New contract phone 7 months in and bills paid on time but dispute over extra charges for non direct debit, did write to them at least 7 times about these charges but Phone then put onto incoming calls only, on a Saturday morning of all days. Had to make some calls that day so was upset to say the least, especially since the bill had been paid 7 days before. Checked terms and conditions and legally terminated the contract. Recently ordered a new contract HTC One and was network accepted but phone was in high demand I
  8. I have been following the threads relating to PE and have been expecting court papers which arrived today. I have read the draft defence posted by steampowered on 21/5/13 on 'Newbie court paprers received' thread and figure this would be sufficient for my reply at this stage. Any further advice?
  9. Hi All I need some help if anyone out there can assist me. My Children had savings accounts with my mum as trustee, when she died my sister was the executor of her will and assigned her boyfriend to the account as trustee. They then emptied the bank accounts. I have been to CAB and I need to send a LBA before I can issue a claim in court but I am struggling to find a suitable template. Can anyone help??
  10. Hi, Sorry to start a new thread but can't find any of my old ones! So, following on from my previous post which was something along these lines: I sent Egg my FOS Questionnaire and SOC and they responded very quickly with a "NO". I had some fab advice here and DX wrote me a template which I sent telling them to prove the box wasn't pre-ticked and that I could have continued if I'd un-ticked, respectfully refer them to the news article of them being fined blah blah. well the 8 weeks is up and still no reply to my "prove it" letter so shall I send a LBA or go strai
  11. jh35


    Good Morning, is there a LBA template i can use for a claim against GE Money?
  12. Hi, folks. I could do with a little advice / insight if anyone has the time. [NB: Not sure whether this should have been posted here or in the Legal Issues sub-forum, so please move it over if posting there would have been more fruitful.] As per thread subject, I have received a LBA from Fredrickson (acting on behalf of Lowell) regarding an alleged debt to Nationwide. The debt in question does appear on my CRA files, is wholly disputed (by me) and won't be statute barred for approximately one more year. Some background: In 2007 I discovered that my identity had be
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