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Found 25 results

  1. i have received a letter from the DWP and after phoning found out that it was a social fund crisis loan debt from 2008 for around £700. can they still chase this after so long?? i recently moved and are not now eligible for HB because of our lower rent, so i think for some reason it's now flagged on their system. but the debt is so old and now they have sent a letter to my employer for a DEA. any advice would be great.
  2. I have recently signed up to clearscore and viewed my file, I have noticed I have a CCJ dated back to 14/01/2015. I guess I will have had correspondence from the courts way back when but I have no recollection of that. i emailed the courts and they advised it was debt recovery agency Cabot and saying that restons are representing them. The original debt was Lloyds TSB loan, which I do remember and being the overused 'young and daft' ended up defaulting. I have certainly not acknowledged the debt or made any payments in the past 6 years. I have been reading other similar
  3. Hi all i need help please with regard to a CCJ i received a claim form from the court with regard to some debt which was not even mine but it was report as fraud in 2008 for something credit by HFC accord to the lowel profolio. I have no idea what they want from me, even my name last name on that letter is one of my middle names, i have called them and advised them of this matter. i did not send in the claim form back to the court or rather missed that date, so now i filed for the judgment to be set aside in, hearing was today on the 11/08/2017 but the judge was
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2017/jun/17/uk-debt-bubble-queens-speech-consumer-credit-loans-spending I noticed quite a few advertisements for 'no interest' loans taken over 4 years with companies such as PC World/Currys - B&Q and a Carpet store. So, it looks like for companies to stay in business they need to sell - people cant afford to buy - so lets tie them up with MORE credit for 4 years !
  5. Dear all, I am new to the forum and in a bit of a panic. I just don't know what to do. We have been in a debt management plan since 2008 and so since then I of course have not had any credit. I've had a letter from Shoosmiths and now a Court Claim via Northampton County Court Business Centre about an Overdraft I supposedly had with M&S. I thought this strange as I have never had a bank account with M&S. The Particulars of the Claim actually state: The claimant claim is for the sum of £4219.76 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant as a consequence of
  6. I would be grateful to know if anybody who has been successful in a claim against Santander on the 2008 svr/cap margin issue could explain the grounds on which the claim was made; was it on the basis of breach of contract on the bank's part or the longer-term financial implications of Santander's application of the cap margin increase. Cheers
  7. Hi guys, I have purchased a 2008 E92 - 325D sport - from a dealer, the car looks and drove perfectly, one issue that came up while on the motorway, it beeped followed by loss of power the amber gear wheel appeared on the dash and on the communication screen came up with "automatic transmission fault" parked on the site of the road, switched on and switched off still the issues was there, on pulling away the car seems stuck in second gear. I took it back to the dealer where I bought it and its under warranty, I haven't heard anything from the dealer yet. the car has 48k miles
  8. Hiya Ive opened my mail this morning to find a letter from LCS Debt Recovery for Tax Credits Debt of £2655.00 which has just floored me . Ive rang the Tax Credit enquiries line to find out where this has arisen and been informed its from the years 2008/2009. Ive been divorced since 2010 and continued claiming Tax Credits ever since as I was lucky enough to have my children live with me. Apparently the amount claimed ny the recovery team is only half of the amount, Ive informed Tax Credits that I wasnt aware of the overpayment and had never seen the paperwork that they have
  9. Last year I bought a property with a tenant that was entered into an auction. 5 Days prior to me exchanging contracts the vendor had a council letter with a council order to remedy hazard 1 and 2 deficiencies. All 15 of them including damp and re-wiring. He has withheld this from me and as a result 3 weeks after completion council contacted me as a new owner to carry out these repairs. Total cost up to now £8000. I have made a claim against a vendor for the cost of repairs based on the CPR 2008 regulations Misleading Omissions paragraph 6b as I would have never entered into a contract sh
  10. Can anyone help me with this. I've received claim forms today about a debt from 2008. It was an MBNA card that my ex husband run up and I'm going to be honest here, I've buried my head in the sand with a lot of it. It's in my name so that's not really a defence. I know I should've sorted it ages ago as maybe I'd not be sat here now sick with worry. Anyway, it says it's for £10,984 In the particulars of the claim it says the following: The claimant claims the whole of the outstanding balance due and payable under an agreement referenced opened effective from 11/08/
  11. Just under 2 years ago my Barclaycard went to Mercers, and I received a default notice on Mercers headed paper. The account was then transferred back to Barclaycard. I've been trying to keep up with the reduced payments (£50+ per month) they then agreed with no interest, but having been back to CCCS with my current situation they advise a £1 token payment at present. Things are due to improve once priority debts are paid off but this will take about 12 months, and I am now on a payscale ladder so things will improve next year. Barclaycard have refused this offer and their previ
  12. If you had administrative action taken against you as a result of a police caution it may be that you have grounds for a complaint. If you have now left the armed forces and had administrative action taken against you as a result of a police caution between December 2008 and September 2011, it may be that you have grounds for a complaint. The MOD has written to serving and former serving personnel because of changes to the law which took effect in December 2008 that meant such cautions should not have been taken into account after that date. However, whilst action has been taken to c
  13. This may be of some use to consumers when dealing with complaints made to their energy suppliers: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2008/1898/contents/made
  14. Do Renault have responsibility for repairing or replacing this gearbox, due to the limited mileage. This is a two careful owner, wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  15. Ofgem Investigation into npower and its compliance with Standards of Conduct (Standard Licence Condition 25C), Standard Licence Condition 27 (provision of final bills), and the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 Publication Date: 19th June 2014 Company being Investigated: npower Ofgem are investigating whether RWE npower is complying with the Standards of Conduct (SOC) (SLC 25C) of its gas and electricity supply licence and with the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008 (‘Complaints Handling R
  16. Hi I'd love some advice if anyone can help. I gather there's a lot of mis-information floating around various forums and this seems to be the place with people that actually know what they're talking about. On Monday my wife received a letter from Marstons with 7 days to pay a magistrates court fine in excess of £1000 (which we don't have) for an offence dated 2008! She has moved house twice since then, and her surname has also changed since. The letter is addressed to her current name but her name in 2008 when the offence was alleged was different (just due t
  17. I had a CCJ registered against me in June 2008, and was paying an agreed £1 a month between October 2008 and May 2009. Suddenly the creditor stopped accepting my payments. I tried to find out why, but got no response from them. The court told me it was a matter for me and the creditor to deal with, so where unable to assist. Maybe it was connected to the fact that they thought me clearing a £242 balance at £1 a month would result in years before it was cleared. So they "cut their losses"??? Who knows? So in effect from May 2009, I haven't had anyone to pay my payment to, nor any co
  18. I'm hoping contributors might have some advice over this problem. In November 2013 my wife received a letter from HMRC asking for repayment of tax credits from 2008 for a little over £200. The letter was quite amusing in that it says 'We appreciate you may not have heard from us about this debt recently"..... We not heard about the debt at all in all the 5-6 years that have passed. Basically we did not respond, they then sent a second letter two weeks later with bold type stating: 'NOT RESPONDING TO OUR FIRST LETTER MAY HAVE BEEN AN OVERSIGHT. THIS TIME YOU WILL BE MAKING AN ACTIVE CHOIC
  19. Hi Techies, I have a windows 2008 R2 Machine and for the life of me I do not recall what the password is to log on to the machine. I also do not have the installation disks either. How can I gain access to my unit. Trying hard not to go down the rebuild route. What suggestions or options do I have. Help please.
  20. Having booked a holiday for May this year with Thomson we found out (not from the holiday company) that there is substantial building and refurbishment work ongoing at the property. After lengthy arguments Thomson gave us two options, move the date of our holiday or cancel with the stipulation that we had to cancel within 3 days. We moved the date of our holiday and now feel that this was a somewhat knee jerk reaction. Having had time to think we now feel that we should have cancelled as the property will be much different than what we were led to believe. We have actually stayed at the same p
  21. :|Hi Guys! Anyone with one of the above cars experiencing unusual clutch slip (at about 2000 rpm when accelerating, as in overtaking)? If so what has been reaction from dealer both in and out of waranty?
  22. I have a list of transactions which includes all late and over the limit charges from 2002-2008, I also have a copy of the credit card application form. I want to reclaim all these charges back with contractual interest if possible or 8% if I have to The application states that the monthly interest is 2.25% of the account balance but how do I calculate the APR so that I can put this into the spreadsheet. Has anybody had success at reclaiming charges back from MBNA that are older than 6 years???
  23. Hi, I'm trying to get really organised with my debts so have spent all day sorting through them all, making spreadsheets etc and I've just noticed that I have not received a statement for my other half's HSBC loan account for at least 4 years. Our last correspondence was in 2008 where a repayment amount was agreed for a CCJ. I find this strange because on the CCJ the claimant is listed as CL Finance. We have two other debts with CL Finance and they send us statements every 6 months, all of which I have kept (although not very neatly until today but there is nothing for the loan at
  24. I am new to this site so forgive me if I make mistakes.... I have a 2008 vw Fox with only 20,000 on clock now (had approx 10,000 when bought in June 2009). The catalytic converter has broken (been on two diagnostic machines,vw and another reputable company) due to it being out of warranty VW say it is down to me as I did not use their service dept (it is too expensive for me), so I am not a loyal customer, although my last two vehicles have been bought at the VW, so surely I am loyal to the brand? can anyone please advise Thanks delahunty
  25. hi, I have been using moneysupermarket to do a soft credit search on me using callcredit, and it was coming up as LOW. Which i did not expect, as i check my credit report regularly with experian, and there is nothing bad on it. After reading about callcredit , i registered for their free credit reports for life. On there it showed a ccj from 2008 at my old address, which i moved out of in 2005. So i did not receive any court paperwork about this and had no idea that there was a ccj against me. It is with Northampton County Court. Any help on how i get this sorted out???
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