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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Everyone! Am hoping for some help regarding the following issue. My suspicion is that to go further would likely cost me more than I would recover so if that is the case just let me know. But hopefully someone in here will be able to give some advice to help. Back in the summer of 2013 I took out a BT Sport subscription package. A couple of months later I got a job offer in a different town so I cancelled my Sky and BT Sport at my address knowing that I can get a good deal at the next place. In October I moved into the new property, booked Sky and BT Sport and everything was great. However I was an idiot and didn't properly check that BT had cancelled my initial subscription. And hence it was only in February last year when I moved house again and went to cancel my BT Sport that I realised my account had 2 direct debits from BT Sport. This came to about £800. I had noticed that I was being charged by BT Sport when checking my account but because the charges were around 15 days apart I never saw that it was being done twice a month. Also I did receive emails from BT about my account (& adverts for things) but it was only for one of the two accounts. I raised this with BT and asked that the account that I had asked to be cancelled be refunded to me. They refused and offered me 1 month's charges as a good will gesture. Needless to say I was not happy with this. I requested a SAR which they complied with. It showed the information for both accounts. Weirdly the first account was dated to have started on the 26th September (10 days before I was due to move and 10 days after I had put the deposit on the new lease). I explained to them that this could not be right due to the circumstances, but they said that's what their data said so it must be right. There was no information regarding me taking out either account, and the only correspondence in the SAR were the recent calls I'd made after I had found the mistake. To me it felt a lot like anything more than a year old was no longer on their system. As they were not willing to go further I contacted the Ombudsman service about it. I have the full story if anyone is interested but to cut it short they saw 100% in favour with BT. The first response I was really unhappy with because they made a number of factual claims that were completely untrue (like they said I should have noticed because I was getting emails for both subscriptions which I was not and never said I was). But their point was basically that I should have noticed so BT are not doing anything wrong in not paying it back, and because BT have no record of the cancellation then I am not entitled to any refunds. They completely ignored everything about BT saying the account started after I knew I was moving and had cancelled the Sky subscription to which the card was linked. So it feels to me now that I go small claims court. I'm happy to go into mediation as well. The problem is that I am worried that I will either have to hire a solicitor which will cost me more than I am looking to get back, or they will just use their solicitors to tie me in loops and then force me to pay their legal expenses. So, worth pursuing? Or chalk this one up to a learning experience and curse the name of BT forevermore?
  2. Dear Forum, Just looking for some advice in order not to fall into the well-reported problems with cancelling DW Sports contracts. - Me and my wife each have a 6 month contract (which will run for 14 months if not cancelled) - Our contracts started in Feb and March respectively. - DW Sports terms and conditions allow for cancellation if you have a "change of circumstances" (Clause 12, Section 3) - We are moving abroad on the 15 June 2017 So, we did the following. Went to the gym where the manager got us to fill in the online cancellation form - we did this and got a cancellation code which we wrote down. The local manager said she would call me back on Mon 5th (today) as she needed to call the head office. She called back on Monday the 5th and stated that: Head Office had agreed to a cancellation and had actioned cancellation of the contracts for after the next payment on July 1st (this is acceptable to us although I'd prefer immediate cancellation). She could not provide us with a written receipt of cancellation and that if I needed further proof I would have to use the cancellation code and contact the head office. We should not cancel the direct debit as DW Sport would do that. Am I just being paranoid, or overthinking or should I really pursue them for written proof of this cancellation? I don't want to have to deal with any BS from this company in the future. Please advise on the best course of action. Many thanks in advance for your help! DW's Terms and Conditions under clause 13 (I mistakenly referred to clause 12 in my post above) allow for notice of cancellation at any time with a change of circumstances (13) You may cancel your membership: 1. by giving us at least one full calendar month's notice to cancel your membership to take effect at the end of a calendar month. During the first 14 month membership period the cancellation of your membership cannot take effect earlier than the end of the 6th month for a 6 month contract or 12th month for a 12 month contract ; or the 12th month for Home Club Memberships or memberships that are discounted or for contacts specified for a 12 month period. For Membership Renewal Periods (which are not applicable to Home Club Memberships), cancellation can take effect at any time by providing at least one calendar month's notice as stated above, even during the first 6 months of that Membership Renewal Period; 2. by providing notice of cancellation at any time if one or more of the following applies (a "change in circumstance"): 1) - you are unable to use DW Sports Fitness clubs because of a genuine and serious injury or illness which results in you being unable to use DW Sports Fitness clubs for a period of 2 months or more, and this is evidenced by reasonable supporting evidence, such as a Doctor's note; or 2) - you are made redundant or otherwise lose your job and provide us with reasonable supporting evidence, such as a letter from your employer on company headed paper or proof of entitlement to Jobseeker's Allowance; or 3) - you move house or your principal place of employment is changed and your new home and new principal place of employment are located more than 10 miles from a DW Sports Fitness club which you are entitled to use. Proof of relocation must be provided in the form of a utility bill, bank statement or signed tenancy/mortgage agreement . Other forms of documentation may be considered at the discretion of DW Sports. if none of the above circumstances in (2) apply and you are affected by other unforeseen extenuating circumstances, we may at our discretion (and on an individual basis) consider a request by you to cancel your membership. Any such request shall be made to the Membership Services Department on 0344 249 5300; or
  3. Hi guys, I have purchased a 2008 E92 - 325D sport - from a dealer, the car looks and drove perfectly, one issue that came up while on the motorway, it beeped followed by loss of power the amber gear wheel appeared on the dash and on the communication screen came up with "automatic transmission fault" parked on the site of the road, switched on and switched off still the issues was there, on pulling away the car seems stuck in second gear. I took it back to the dealer where I bought it and its under warranty, I haven't heard anything from the dealer yet. the car has 48k miles on the clock, its in really good nick, full service history. as I've just bough the car, less than a week, i'm I in any postion to reject this car if i'm not satisfied/happy with the possible repair? or what should I do if I drive around and say after 2 months or more this issue occurs again, where do I stand legally as a consumer? and what action can I take, the car was 11,000 pounds and bough and I used my savings. look forwar to hear thoughts and views as always cheers
  4. Hi Can anyone help with this. I joined DW sports in October 2014 signing a 6 month contract, by December my work/private commitments changed and could not attend the gym. I asked at reception if I could cancel my membership, I was told that I could not and would have to wait until March when my contract ends, having been a member on and off for a number of years I respected that decision and continued to pay by DD, although I did not use the facility since mid December. In Feburary 2014 I wrote a letter to cancel my membership and that the letter was my months notice for the contract to end at the end of March. I heard nothing from DW until I cancelled my DD when I got a letter saying my account was in default and I owe £56 and if I don't pay my debt would be handed to arc debt collections which they now have. I wrote a 2nd letter to DW this time by recorded delivery (because they say my 1st letter did not arrive) explaining the situation and that the fact is they owe me £28 as they took a extra payment for April as I had not cancelled my DD and I had sent my months notice, this fell on deaf ears and that if I don't pay debt collection agency would take on the case. I have had a number of text, phone calls and letters from arc I have told them that I do not recognise this debt, as my contract with DW was complete and paid in full. They have now passed this on to solicitors major law and the debt as risen to £151 and now being threatened with county court
  5. ... in August 2015 BT hoovered £50 out of my bank account. I had cancelled BT sport in 2014 when my team were relegated and now out of the blue without any authorization from me they take my money. A year after cancellation! Their phone system is a joke. I was on the phone for half an hour (I timed it) just to cancel a contract I had NOT taken out. Later a guy from BT Billing rang me back who refused to listen to anything I was saying. Not least that I had cancelled the service in September 2014, that I had not been having the service since September 2014 nor been paying for the service since then. All he kept saying was that I hadn’t cancelled until today! Whenever I tried to point out the previous points he just talked across me. Why have you not been charging me then? I kept asked him. He refused to give me any address to complain to but did give me an address which will provide a recording of the phone call for £10! As soon as I get it I will stick it on Youtube. Offcom will not involve themselves in matters of billing and BT have no means of discussing the issue. Nice one. They are answerable to no one. My advice to all is to stay away from a bunch of rogues who will flush money out of your account a year after cancellation. Steven
  6. It looks like BT is up to its old trick of sneaking through a charge that could end up costing you a packet if you're not careful. The media giant has written to broadband customers who've received BT Sport for free since it was set up. Not for much longer. The company has snapped up rights to show Champions League football and so will begin charging customers a fiver a month to watch the channels in future. That's a fair price, I reckon, but the way in which it seems to be signing people up to the subscription looks unfair. The email says: "If you do nothing, your BT Sport Pack will cost £5 a month from 1 August". That smacks of "inertia selling" to me – and to several of you who passed the message on to me. http://www.independent.co.uk/money/spend-save/simon-read-bt-sport-wants-us-to-be-couch-potatoes-on-charges-10349379.html
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