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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, Around 18 months ago I brought a used car from 'Bristol Street Motors' on finance. The car is a 62 plate Peugeot 208 currently at 43k miles and is currently financed for a total of 4 years. A few weeks ago I noticed a blowing noise coming from the car - so took it to a local garage to have it checked out they pointed out that the catalytic converter had split and after looking up the part it was around £800+ fitting. After doing a bit of research and found that most sites saying the earliest one of these should need replacing at is 10 years / 50,000 miles. I rang Peugeot customer care and got told to take it to a main dealer garage and get them to inspect the car and tell them exactly what is wrong obviously they agreed with the local dealer about the catalytic converter needing replacing and quoted a similar price of £920~ all in to get the part replaced. T hey rang Peugeot customer care back and they offered a measly 25% 'good will' gesture towards getting the car fixed. Only having the car 18 months I feel pretty annoyed that I'm facing a £700+ bill to get a car fixed that I've done pretty much only 8,000 miles in since purchase. Just wondering if anyone had any advice on how to proceed, many thanks in advance.
  2. I put some £200 Alesis speakers into cash converters in Beeston Leeds last month. The speakers were obviously working perfectly when I put them in, as they get tested every time. When I got home with them I noticed that the volume was half way up, which was far far too high, I didn't think much of it, I turned the speaker down before plugging them in and playing something through them, at which point I noticed the left passive speaker was completely gone. I took the speakers straight back down there expecting the worst and they said they will test them, at this point it was said that they have some guy who comes around to fix things. The next week I get a phone call saying that the speakers have been tested and that they have been blown and because it is not physical damage that they can take no responsibility for the breakage, which I really don't understand. I spoke today to the customer service and on a side note he said they were independently tested, which I'm not sure is the case since they seem to have some guy who working with them all the time. Basically I can get these speakers fixed for £60-£80, but they will not even offer to pay half of that bill. There is actually CCTV off the where items are kept in the back, how could I get access to these recordings edit: I am requesting the CCTV as this is something that you can do, although it is chargeable
  3. Hi, I failed my MOT on emissions. The Catalytic Converter was a bit rattly and both the garage and I thought this was probably the reason, so it was replaced. Sadly this did not fix the issue, so I tried other things... and more things... then the MOT lapsed so I was without a car, meaning on a couple of occasions I had to hire a car. After a couple of months, I ran out of ideas and took the car to a main dealer who poked and prodded, looked at all the work that had been performed and said the replacement Cat wasn't working. I spoke to the Cat manufacturer themselves, explained the full situation and they agreed it was faulty. I have just had a new Cat fitted and the car passes emissions. My question here is... do I have any chance of getting money for the replacement parts and labour for work that was done (unnecessarily) after the new Cat was fitted. Also the new MOT that needs paying for after my old one lapsed. This totals hundreds of pounds that I would not have had to spend if the original part wasn't faulty. Thanks. On a side note the garage were (despite being no good with suggestions as to a fix) were really helpful in letting me bring the car and use the emissions tester many times throughout the few months with no charge.
  4. I am new to this site so forgive me if I make mistakes.... I have a 2008 vw Fox with only 20,000 on clock now (had approx 10,000 when bought in June 2009). The catalytic converter has broken (been on two diagnostic machines,vw and another reputable company) due to it being out of warranty VW say it is down to me as I did not use their service dept (it is too expensive for me), so I am not a loyal customer, although my last two vehicles have been bought at the VW, so surely I am loyal to the brand? can anyone please advise Thanks delahunty
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