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Found 15 results

  1. I recently had issues with my gearbox which i had to take at a garage to get repaired, and the work was completed on the 1st March 2017. Now I will add the work was paid for by RAC Warranty for the amount of £1400. My receipt however doesn't breakdown the work that had taken place however just says gearbox and labor costs (At the time i remember he said it was only a small part that needed replacing). I didn't mind too much as the costs were getting picked up by RAC and trusted the garage. I have now got another issue with the gearbox however the garage don't want to take
  2. I have an A5 with an S-Tronic gearbox fault. The oil cooler has failed allowing engine coolant to flow through the gearbox, which has killed it. Diagnosed at my local Audi center last week, the car is a 12-Plate & Dealer service from New The cost of a replacement box is £12k with the car's value at about £14k The 3-year warranty expired in June 2015, however Audi still treat the car as "young", as it's less than 5 years old. Audi are saying they won't contribute towards the cost of this repair, I've raised it with Audi UK (callback tommorow.) I fully exp
  3. Bought a Mazda 6 diesel estate , 61 plate from V12 Sports & Classics, Leicester. The gear selection became 'notchy' within the 100 mile drive home. within the next 100 miles it got worse and occasionally crunched into 2nd gear. I contacted V12 and the car was returned to their 'preffered' garage and left for repair. I contacted their garage after 1 week and was told the gearbox had been removed and sent away to a specialist, they had reported that gears 1 to 4 needed replacing, the garage were waiting for V12 to authorise repair or replacement. A week
  4. Hi, Please can anyone help me with this: I have just had the 3rd (yes third) gearbox installed in my car, this gearbox has now failed after less than 24 hours and 50 miles! The story: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty Car: Make MG, Model MG6 (petrol) Gearbox number 1: This is the original gearbox: noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to
  5. Hi, Please give me your opinions on this: Purchased from main dealer an 18 month old car in September 2014 with 7500 miles on the clock and balance of 3 year manufacturers warranty. Noticed by end of 2015 (approx 28000 mile total) that gearbox 'crunches' when changed from 3rd to 4th gear quickly (yes this is a standard manual gearbox). Went to dealer in March 2016 to complain about gearbox (and other warranty faults), they drove car and agreed with me about gearbox. Manufacturer agreed to replace gearbox and new gearbox arrived at end of April. I couldn't leave car with t
  6. I've lost fourth gear and had my gearbox bearings replaced a few months ago would that be under warranty just as in having the bearings replaced with Volkswagen caddy aa d now fourth gear is gone is that part and parcel of having the new bearings fitted or is it two separate things
  7. Do Renault have responsibility for repairing or replacing this gearbox, due to the limited mileage. This is a two careful owner, wheelchair accessible vehicle.
  8. Hi all - I'm in a bit of bind with my car so thought I'd ask your advice. Apologies if this isn't the right place to post this I haven't been here for a while! Basically a dealer had an ebay auction for a car and I won it. As the place was a 6 hour round trip I made the mistake of not viewing the car before hand. I also paid for it to be delivered so I didn't have to give up a precious weekend day with the kids to go and pick it up. It was delivered after a week, then the problems started... I noticed a crunch when putting the car into first gear. Being handy with a set of span
  9. I bought a car from CARCRAFT 14 months ago- I have purchased a @DRIVE HAPPY " warranty and paid £1000 for this! Gear box is knackered in my 3 year old car - that I've owned 14 months! And guess what ... They are not paying out... And guess why .... Wear and tear! I was sold this warranty by being took into a back room by a woman - she told me that she had recently had lots of problems with her car and the warranty covered everything!!! She insisted this warranty was amazing best money could buy for " peace of mind!" I am now told that it doesn't cover the
  10. I took the car to the garage because it sounded rough. They kept it and looked at it and said it was the gearbox. Instead of taking 4 days as they said it would I didn't get it back for 4 weeks (I felt they were having problems with it). After driving it for a few of days I can feel the clutch peddle shuddering and making a slight noise and its hopped out of reverse gear twice. I looked at the invoice and it says at the bottom: Advisory: will need a new clutch and flywheel! Note: 1) the clutch was not shuddering or slipping out of gear before they changed the gearbox. There was nothin
  11. Hi, we really need help on what to do! I'll try and keep this story as brief as possible! We bought a second hand car this Monday 2nd June, the next day my husband took it to Kwik fit in goole East Yorkshire for a service to make sure we hadn't bought a wreak! "You've bought a good car there" said the mechanic! When my other half went to drive it away, it wouldn't start. The mechanics came out to see what the problem was! As it was nearly closing time my husband arranged to bring it back the next day for them to have another look at it. In the meantime I bou
  12. Just after some advice, your help would be greatly appreciated. I bought a 2010 Audi A4 at the beginning of September 2013 and have only done 2600 miles in it. The car recently started making a loud noise so I took it to an independent VW/Audi specialist who have diagnosed it to be a gearbox problem. They stated the gearbox would need to be removed and then taken to a gearbox specialist who would strip it to pinpoint the exact fault. I asked them not to do any further work and then collected it. The next day I phoned up the car super market I bought it from, after several calls to th
  13. Hi Everyone, Just looking for a bit advice here. We have a 2008 (58) plate Vauxhall Zafira (purchased September last year from a car supermarket) and on the 13th (definitely unlucky for us!) we broke down 100 miles away from home. Not to worry, we had a warranty (or so we thought!) Our car got recovered to a garage where the problem was diagnosed as gearbox failure and the gearbox repair specialist sent his report to the warranty company (which stated that the 'pinion bearing failed and damaged 6th gear and gearbox housing'). The warranty company (the RAC
  14. Hi all, this is my second thread here and unfortunately things are getting no better with me and my 'new' 09 plate Focus. I reported last week that the car has developed a rattle which sounds like it's coming from the gearbox area. This happens when the car is at idle and outta gear, especially stood outside the car on the passenger side, it sounds like somethings rattling itself to bits! Anyway, long story short i had to visit the garage last night after work to point out the noise to one of their technicians. He came out saying that he couldn't hear anything, which soon changed int
  15. Hi guys, I'm hoping someone on here can help me, I have a nissan primastar van and the gearbox is on its way out. My question is what is a reasonable mileage to expect from a gearbox for a commercial vehicles gearbox. My 2008 van has done 70000 miles and has a full service history. I am aware of the sale of goods act and that it should be fit for reasonable use, however 70000miles for a commercial doesnt seem to be right. Does anybody know of any claims or law suits against any vehicle manufacturer concerning gearbox lifetimes that i can use as evidence to back up my c
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