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Found 13 results

  1. Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. it was thanks to you guys on CAG that turned my life around in 2005/6 and stopped my stupid spending/credit splurge. I sent the prove it letters to my creditors and that was that. they screamed, shouted and yelled. threatened allsorts, but I stood firm and in the end the debts have fallen off my file. so they can 'nanas for it now. (still get the occasional letter asking me to contact them to discuss payment terms - yeah right) but anyways - hi everyone! I posted this on the Facebook group, and after a few replies and digging a bit , it was suggested I post it on the main forum pages for more thorough advice. So here goes. Once the date passed for the debts I talked about above to drop off my file, I got on to Experian and Equifax and got hold of my file. at the time. I thought to myself. heck. that'll be enough. Sure enough. I was debt free (in the eyes of my file anyway) so I left it alone. Few years ago (2012 ish) me and the OH decided we needed a loan to wrap up a few debts that she'd got before we met and to make life a bit easier. I'd been knocked out of the work market by a broken ankle that didn't heal properly and was on DLA at the time. She got refused as we'd had a few problems in the while I was off. So I thought. let's use my nice fresh credit file! result (ok so we embellished the application forms to make it look like I was earning) - refused I put the refusal down to income, but it didn't help our financial problems. So out came the payday loans. Soon we were borrowing from one to pay the other. And then my DLA stopped despite me not being able to work. I wasn't eligible for benefits as the OH was earning too much. so we spiralled. I've ended up with 4 defaults on my file again. and the OH had a handful too. So here comes the kicker. being the 'old hand' at the debt game that I am, the DCA can't frighten me. They keep hitting a dead end with their threato-grams So I decided recently, out of curiosity, to sign up for Noddle, since I could get my credit file for free. Of course, this would be the first time I've ever had my credit file from Callcredit. I get my gile and what do I find? In July 2011, 1st Credit created a link between me and someone else with the same forename, surname and DOB as me, but they are from Romford Essex. I'm from Sheffield - lived here all my life. never lived anywhere else. The difference is, my middle initial is L and this guy's is P on my file now is this other guys: Full name, Address DOB Mortgage and Mortgage account details + history His personal bank account A CCJ he received in January 2011 So no wonder I couldn't get credit. I've asked Callcredit to remove the address, name and accounts but they have so far refused citing that there is a proven link. I've sent a rather strongly worded email suggesting that I could report them to the ICO for a breach, not sure if that is right so what now? any suggestions? (sorry for the long rambling post!)
  2. I have just looked at my latest Noddle report and found that Callcredit have done a search on me.It is shown as Consumer Credit File Request. Previous to this,there have been no searches on my file for over 2 years.Is this normal,if so,will it affect my credit rating. Regards,John.
  3. Hi New poster so be gentle..... I recently signed up for Noddle to keep an eye on my Credit File as I reach the end of my DMP. Subsequently I noticed that there is a Default on my file for a HSBC Credit card that was part of my DMP -- dated 2012. I set up my DMP in 2005 and I am due to finish in December this year having paid in over £50,000!! So, as you can imagine, I am not happy about this default as it won't drop off until 2018 despite being accepted into a DMP 9 years ago! A little bit of history: - DMP set up in Nov 2005, all creditors accepted offers including HSBC for this account. - HSBC transferred this account to Moorcroft in 25/4/2006. - Moorcroft transferrred this back to HSBC 11/1/2013, administered by Metropolitan Collection Services. - The account is showing on my Credit File on Equifax as Satisfied on 31/8/2012 and no other payment info - The account isn't on my Experian file at all!! - The account shows on Callcredit/Noddle with no payment info apart from the account showing as Satisfied and also a Default, both dated 31/8/2012! I have no idea why HSBC decided to resurrect this account on the CRAs and why they decided to register this default. Here comes the Questions: Could this be a mistake? - How do I check? Are HSBC allowed to register a default without informing me - particularly 7 years after it was originally defaulted and included in a DMP. I haven't received/seen any communication relating to this. What are the initial steps to get this removed as I think having worked my @rse off for 9 years to clear my DMP that I would come out the other side with a reasonable credit file! Any advice really appreciated? Thanks MJSWIFT
  4. After 6 years of hell my credit file is now completely clean with equifax and experian but callcredit are still showing a default that should have gone 12 days ago! I've raised a dispute and they said it could take 28 days! Any idea on how I can get this gone ASAP!?
  5. A slightly unusual circumstance but there are a couple of footprints on my credit file that have nothing to do with me and Callcredit refuse to remove. i have spent hours trying to discover what is going on and now it appears that a search was done because a credit agreement was signed by a person whose name was misread by one of these third party middlemen that CRA's allow access to their databases and my information was given out instead of the intended subject. Now, having complained to callcredit I receive a reply that I should take up the matter with the originator but when I do, of course they have no information because they were searching for someone else and cant find out who ordered the search and for what purpose etc. The middlemen company has now located the limited data they have and are sending it to me so I can get a feel for what was provided to them by originator and what was sent to Callcredit so I can beat the right person with the DPA and get the ICO involved. The ICO want me to leave it a month to allow Callcredit and originator to sort themselves out but I feel that this is a little too generous as it has been 3 weeks sonce I raised the matter. Any advice for how to ensure that Callcredit do remove the dodgy footprint and what should I say to the originator as they now have my data and possibly have ostensibly signed me up for credit based upon an incorrect ID sent by Callcredit. middlemen co now being helpful as they are truly in the merde but who is responsible as no checks seen to be carried out by any of the 3 parties. Advice on who to bite and how to force correction would be most welcome.
  6. I tried to get my statutory £2 report from Equifax but it comes up with this each time : Please Note: Unfortunately we have been unable to retrieve the product(s) you have requested based on the information you have supplied. Please verify the information you have entered below and, if appropriate, resubmit your application. If you have tried to request your Statutory Report and the information below is correct, it will be necessary for you to order it by post by completing our printable application form. The information below its referring to is my card details...What does this mean, as I used the same visa debit card for Equifax and Experian but I was wondering, if its because I already have an account with Noddle. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I now know that Equifax and Experian keep their credit searches on file for 12 months....but does anyone know if CallCredit do the same as according to check my file.com, call credit still got searches there from 2011. any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. My credit isn't great, so I looked at my credit reports on Equifax, Experian CreditExpert and CallCredit. I was amazed at how much of the information was completely wrong. I've now written about two dozen letters to financial organisations, including letters to the three agencies themselves, but although I've got some things corrected, there are still dozens of errors. It's pretty serious because anyone searching my file will get a bad report, even though all debt was cleared two years ago. Has anyone else had a similar problem and is there an organisation that will force these financial institutions to make the required changes? Frustrated of Shropshire
  9. hi, I have been using moneysupermarket to do a soft credit search on me using callcredit, and it was coming up as LOW. Which i did not expect, as i check my credit report regularly with experian, and there is nothing bad on it. After reading about callcredit , i registered for their free credit reports for life. On there it showed a ccj from 2008 at my old address, which i moved out of in 2005. So i did not receive any court paperwork about this and had no idea that there was a ccj against me. It is with Northampton County Court. Any help on how i get this sorted out??? Thanks After
  10. Hi, Just obtained all my credit reports as needed to check everything is in order for future house purchase.All is well with Experian and Equifax, however I have found a CCJ in 2008 from Callcredit which has alarmed me. I think I know what it relates to - management fees for a property I own were late a few years ago but I did pay them off in full and still do (the property is now rented out). However I never received any letters regarding the CCJ. Also, interestingly, the CCJ on my Callcredit file has an incorrect postcode, the rest of the address is correct. e.g. the property address I lived at is 42 coronation street, LS3 3WJ, and the CCJ says 42 coronation street, LS3 3NN. This probably explains why I never received any documentation about the CCJ. The CCJ bothers me and I would like to get it removed, but I will be applying for a mortgage soon and wondering will mortgage lenders even check with Callcredit, as I thought they only check Experian and Equifax ? Im wondering if I started disputing this CCJ if it would trigger some sort of alert and maybe end up with the CCJ showing on my Experian and Equifax reports, which I really dont want. Im just wondering if its best to leave chasing the Callcredit CCJ until after I have got my mortgage taken out, as I dont think lenders check Callcredit ?
  11. Hi, I have an issue with T-Mobile I'm trying to sort out and I'd appreciate some advice. First to the background... apologies for the lengthy post and the sizeable images, but I wanted to provide as much info as I can. A few years back I had a contract with T-Mobile with phones for both my wife and I on the contract. I was the sole account holder. During a girls' break abroad in 2006, my wife used her mobile to send texts to myself and our children - unknowingly racking up a hefty bill, as T-Mobile charged connection fees per text. After trying to come to an arrangement to repay with T-Mobile, they eventually defaulted the account and passed it to a DCA and I began to repay them at an agreed rate per month. Everything was fine until October last month when the DCA stopped taking their regular standing order payment. Not wanting to be a non-payer, I tried to send payments manually but after a few days the payment would reappear back in my bank account - clearly the DCA was no longer collecting the account. I contacted T-Mobile support (almost impossible!) via email and Twitter, only to be told that as the account had been passed to a DCA, they weren't able to accept payment on the account and I would have to deal with them. I had lost all record of who the DCA was, and asked them who was administering the account - they couldn't tell me which DCA was assigned my account. So I was stuck in the position of wanting to repay my debt, but having no-one to pay it to. T-Mobile wouldn't take my money, nor would it seem the DCA, whoever they were. After a few months of trying, I gave up, and the DCA hadn't bothered trying to get in touch re: non-payment. I figured that after almost 12 months and no contact that it was a dead account. Last month, I tried again with T-Mobile and the DCA with similar results, so I wrote to T-Mobile's CEO asking if he would expunge the remaining balance and consider removing the default as a gesture of goodwill in light of the hassles I had had. He agreed to the former, but not to the latter. So fast forward to today and I'm checking my monthly credit reports through Equifax and Call Credit (Annualcreditreport) and I notice that T-Mobile have indeed marked the default as settled. HOWEVER, they have also wiped all history of the debt between the original default date (Dec' 06) and the date of settling the default (July '11), alleging the account entered default in Sept '10 after a period of arrears - this is clearly not true! I've screengrabbed my credit report from last month and this month to illustrate. Accout as it was 4/7/11.. Account history, according to Annualcreditreport... Account as it shows today... I've opened a dispute with Equifax stating the above information and that the information recorded is inaccurate .. I wondered if there was anything else I can do? Surely T-Mobile can't doctor previous information in this manner to paint an erroneous picture of the behaviour of my account?
  12. Hi all First time posting here. Thanks for the advice. I recently found that I had a default on my file from Instrum Justitia for a credit card account from 2005. Using a letter found on here, I have managed to persuade them from pursuing this by using the " I would point out that under the limitation act 1980 Section 5 “an action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued.” They have replied today and will not be following it up or contacting me again. Great news! However, I would now like this removed from my credit file, is this possible and how do i go about it? The file was with CallCredit. Thanks J
  13. Hi Everyone, I have recently been going about the motions of getting my credit files up to date with Equifax, Experian and CallCredit. I haven't really had any problems up until I tried to deal with CallCredit. A few years ago, when I turned 18, I went down the bad-credit spiral. I was approved for a loan I shouldn't really of had in the first place, I was given a cheque book with guarantee card, etc etc. I was pretty damn stupid back then. Now though, after some advice from a cag forum member (Whom I know in a personal capacity) I've managed to get most of these debts settled/wiped off. I got in touch with Experian first off. The information they had on there seemed to be mostly accurate, apart from incorrect financial linkings, and the fact that I apparently had a mortgage with my Mother. The joys of having the same name as my dad eh? - This was all rectified pretty quickly. Same deal with experian. This took a little bit more work as their website is absolutely atrocious to navigate, or was back then. So, my Equifax and Experian reports are now squeaky clean, apart from one little red mark due to a default 5 years ago which has since been settled. Now, CallCredit. I checked my file there and they still had my debts that had been settled years ago, being marked as default up until the month I checked the file! There was a load of other incorrect information on there too. In fact, it was the worst of the three. It feels like they are "The land that accuracy forgot". I wrote them a rather stern two page letter, and included copies of my credit files from Equifax and Experian so they could cross reference the entries and see that their information was inaccurate. I posted the letter off, and proceeded to give them their 28 days. Day 29: No response from CC, so called to chase it up. The guy on the phone took my details, confirmed receipt of the letter and said he'd email me back regarding the outcome. Day 32: Nothing received as yet. Called them back again, and the guy couldn't understand why I hadn't gotten a response and said "We do have a 28 day time limit by law to get this sorted out, and we're over that now, i'll escalate this issue" Day 50!!! (Yes, i double checked that was right) Still no response, now they're nearly twice over their 28 day limit and still i've had no response from them. Is there any action I can take against CallCredit? I just want my information fixed. I've got a great job now, I'm planning a finance for a new car, and me and my other half are looking at getting our first house. I've worked hard for years to clear my previous idiocy, and just want to have my record clean again. Thank you in advance, DesignerDave
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