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  1. you say he lived abroad a lot, he may not be "domiciled" in the UK at all and he then has to rely on pension provision from country that is his official place of residence. People born in the UK usually have to nominate somewhere if they wish to have this apply so that is another avenue. As he is abroad then chances are he wont get a payout as things are and will have to return to the UK and suffer the waiting period of non tax paying expats. As he presumably has a passport from another country he may well fail that as well
  2. agree that loose wire will cause massive load on circuit a it is behving like an arc welder. Now how that affects the others will depend on how they are connected together. Terminals that are not dead tight will work loose by the cyclic resonance of the ac anyway so worth checking evry socket, switch etc in the house
  3. need to look at all of the CRA free reports and see what is blotting your copybook. Sometimes a lack of using credit is damaging. My wife has never had credit so wouldnt have a decent credit score as they have no info on her
  4. the bailiffs act when a creditor has secured a court claim, the debtor hasnt paid and the matter has been transferred to the high court for enforcement and the debtor still hasnt paid. the writers of these letters have no LOCUS STANDI, they are meely rentathreats and hope that you misread their taradiddles and jump to the conclusion that you have. By the way you owe me £100 for this advice and I will send you another snotty letter if you dont pay. What can I do after that? NOTHING
  5. you are paid on a zero hours basis so they pay you for the work done. Nothing to force them to provide more work. Why arent you at a job interview today, that is the real question
  6. performance of a contract. he offered to apy but they refused his money so he is entitled to free parking, not a bill for a wedge of money. persuading an old person they shouldnt pay will be the trickier bit
  7. the write DPA/GDPR instead. As they are STILL processing your data it is factual to say GDPR alone
  8. I made the point od saying get in touch with HQ and not the local store. Ok you have the gen on planning so when you get onto their HQ you can terll them this etc.
  9. the answer to your problem is most likely already out there somewhere and if you limit your homework to just thread on this location or UKCPS you will miss vital information. I say it is not about parking but about contracts so read up on consumer law as well
  10. This is the problem with doing a google search for cut and paste examples. I would never use this as it is outdated and no-one ever talks like this, use palin english where possible
  11. Braking for a roundabout isnt parking so tryig to apply a no stopping rule that doesnt take such things into account will make them look stupid if they spurt it out at court. However, they dont want to go to court, they want you to pay up so will say and try anything to get you to. let them wate their money chasing you and come back here when they send out a lba or similar.Keep any paperwork you get in the meanwhile
  12. Look up the ceo email address forWm Morrison and fire off a short but consise letter requesting they instruct PE to cease their actions. The person who get the LBA has to respond to PE so knowing what the original planning consent said about parking will help enormously. You will need to do a lot of reading up on parking and planning law as it is quite difficult to find the right points to argue and PE will tell lies to court when they are caught out on this.
  13. they were way out of time for creating a keepr liability but you appealed so you had better post up ALL of the paperwork including your appeal and their response. No stopping isnt an offer of parking terms so they cant win and they know it. we just want to try and get them to give up sooner rather than later
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