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  1. so parking covered but the only penalty is possible removal No mention of a group of bandits claiming hundreds of quid from you
  2. come on, you have been told to do a bit of background reading and you clearly havent. The only way these bandits get to buy a sandwich each day is because of people's ignorance. My pet hate is people paying up and then moaning about it afterwards, commonly the more elderly do this end there are neurological reasons for this so if the parking co's were bright enough they would change tack on who they ticket and make more money for less effort, just liek the Canadian lottery scammers
  3. Report them to the ICO and also send a complaint to the DVLA about this. copy DVLA complaint to your MP as the Swansea layabouts like to pretend they do everythng properly and no-one has ever complained about this before and that is the lie they peddle to parliament on the frequesnt occasiosn they are pulled up on the same thing I wouldpersonally risk staying quiet and letting them take me to court just so I could bury them in the hole they have just dug for themselves but you might want a quieter life so a short letter saying that isnt my vehicle you muppets buy some new glasses
  4. note the last bit "we will recommend" Well I recommend Sudso laundry because they take you to the cleaners but I cant sue you if you dont use them
  5. you can ask the court for your costs under the unreasonable behaviour protocol. A simple letter to the court asking for 5 hours of litigant in person research costs @£19.50 per hour ad whatever it cost you to copy paperwork etc. Ask for this under CPR 27.14.2(g) The worst that can happen is that your request is ignored so worth the price of a stamp. You also have a case for suing CEL for breach of the GDPR ( several things they got wrong). Write to tham and and ask for £500 damages under Vihal Hall v Google and VCS v Phillip and then you have another 6 years to think
  6. In short the NTK is not POFA compliant for more than 1 reason. No-one owes them any money, let alone the keeper. Read the POFA and you will hopefully work out why I note that the blurb at the botton about Beavis is not what the judges decided but a cobbled togetherversion to scare you into believeing that this piece of bog paper is somehow legit. Signage fails to create a contract unless payment machine has the same blurb and you agreed to be bound by feeding the machine. No signs at entrance you see.
  7. dont bother with the SRA yet, that should be after the case is either dropped or you have won. Your contact OPS directly, they pay the solicitors to do what they want so will be told what to do. if they do try to lodge a claim via your old addy it will be OPS that are in trouble unless they can prove they told DCB legal to only write to new addy. Lawyers are like taxi drivers, they go where their clients want them to go except when it is illegal to do so and the they are liable for their own mistakes we would like to see the piccies of the car park.
  8. to add my view, you get everything you can together now because if their case is seriously flawed the judge may well use their powers to settle the matter there and then. Now OPS might squeal at this and there will have to be another hearing so if they or their solicitors contact you to agree what evidence should be put forward as a single bundle DO NOT AGREE TO IT unless it contains everything you want to raise at any point ( they wont want to include much as that will show the truth) Yes, do make the point about the abuse of process regarding the demand you pay £
  9. their computer thinks it is money laundering. i hve the same problem with one of my accounts becasue someone erroneously paid me over £1000 and I immediately refunded it. What you are supposed to do I dont know, wait until the bank decides to unilaterally take action some weeks down the line? The bad news is that thye cnat tell you what is going on and even when you are cleared of being up to no good you cant get compensation or an apology because it is govt rules
  10. Make sure you write to OPS and inform them of your new address and let them know that you look forward to them continuing their pointless actions at your local county Court, which just happens to be Lewes (even if it isnt) You can tell them that they know how to get there by now. No need to be polite, they have been called out as crooks by a judge so it is OK for you to remind them of this
  11. how long have you worked for the company? if the niotice period isnt in your contract them it is usually determined by a standard method
  12. yes, you will need to know when the holiday year starts and ends, some ar jaqn to dec, others april to march and so on. Many schools and colleges use sept to aug
  13. that doesn't tell us enough about activity on your bank account nor about any other red marks on your credit file. The CIFAS marker isn't about a phone contract so what exactly was the contract for? you say data but that will come under a service contract so would it be possible to use massive amounts of data improperly and then not pay for it? what about your bank account, were you in the red? were you paying funds into the account from recognised sources like salary. Did you have any other DD's on that account.
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