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  1. What is this ill conceived piec of waffle? you say send it to the defendants solicotrs yet you are the defendant and you dont have a solicitor In shiort it is arse about face
  2. ericsbrother


    It sounds as though you want to sue the NHS for not having breast cancer. You had scans for ovarian and fallopian tube cancer and nothing seen so that suggests there was nothing to see and that you have just suffered ill fortune due statistics or due to to inheritance of bad genes, neither of which have anything to do with a lack of pre-emptory surgery. Now there is an increased risk of ovarian cancer among people with BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutant genes so it looks as though you have just got things weighted against you and that doesnt suggest malpractice by the breast specialist so employing an ambulance chaser and wasting energy on this wont be the best thing you can do with your time. Your genetic predisposition will certainly lose your claim for you.
  3. the list of emergencies that could ahve cropped up would be quite long, the GP may have made a house call to a dying person in a care home just as they shuffled off this mortal coil and they are them obliged by law to see out the rest of the necessaries. Now as said, no-one can give you any information that is someone else's personal data so the anodyne response you got would be normal. If the GP had indeed refused to see you that is within their rights, no-one has to suffer abuse of any sort and unfounded allegations may well fall into that area. you are lucky that the practice still has you on their books. Where my wife works a druggie tried to attack her and kick in a door into the office and originally the police said no furhter action and the patient remained on the surgery books. The next time he came in he was ordered to find another GP as his wasnt going to entertain abuse of their staff regardless of the lack of police action. The GP had waited to tell the person face to face so it was clear that this was a final decision.
  4. as you are suing a business it will be heard at your local court, not theirs. If you lose they will claim a fortune in travel costs etc but they will get nothing fortheir rep's time as they ahve to pay people anyway
  5. It is what it says on the box. If the damage stops it from working or significantly redices its working life then you have grounds for complaint. Personally I woudl expect it to be a damed sight cheaper than £60 off the retail, they buy thm for almost nothing. I have a freind who used to buy electrical items from the warehouses that deal with all the returned catalogue items, end of stock runs etc and he wouldnt pay more than 20% of the retail price but risked getting the odd duff unit as part of the risk. Personally I would rely on my rights under the CRA to reject the item and demand a refund. You have bought it as a distance contract so dont have to give a reason for returning but you will ned to hurry and let them know you dont want it.
  6. shame you paid fr the installation later as you would get that money back automatically as well. have you spoken to the installation people and let them kmow that you are minded to do a chargeback under S75 of the CCA and no doubt that costco will be making a play to recover their losses from them? They might well have a spare camera and cable they can test in situ and then report back to Costco Your contract was with costco so make them well aware you are going to recover all of your costs and if that includes paying soemone to take it all down then that will be part fo the bill. I'm sure that someone higher up will make an executive decision to give you a partial refund ( cost of kit) and let you keep it as is. You need to find out who that person is who can make the decision, the CS people cant
  7. I also note that they are using and estimated rading so take readings NOW and again in a week so you have a stick to beat them with when they fail to put the right info into their computer. as an aside when energy companies make consumption forecats their models give a maximum annual fuel usage depending upon the size of the property ( and presumably if you live in a mansion they also make assumptions about the minimum consumption). It may well be that their computer wont cope with reality for setting a monthly DD figure and has gone rogue because they cnat tweak the numbers
  8. you could send Intrum a SAR and see what they are on about. Dont specify what you are asking for and let them provide what they have. If they then fail to provide a copy of the statement/payment record they have said was made in July 2013 you have them over a barrel for breach of statutory duty for thier failure to provide all of your data. donmt provide an email address so they have to send it out in the post
  9. that may well be true, if you know what the material is you can ask SATRA if they have any data on it and use that to try and get at least a partial refund or a decent discount off another bag. The bag will ahve abrand of some sort so a bit of searching before you go back to the shop may well pay dividends
  10. Lowell have screwed up, they have done a trace on a Miss Smith and in that search they have found one who lived in that area who is now Mrs Jones so they have assumed that is the person they are after and sent out a demand. They havent really threatened court action, you need to read the letter properly. They will say that they will consider or recommend or are in some other way mind readers but it wont say pay up or we will sue you immediately. In soe ways that could be the best thing they could do as it would then be too late for them to backpedal when she counterclaims for breach of the GDPR as they have got the wrong person. If she doesnt fancy a day out at thier expense then she shpuld sned a stiff rebuttal of their claims pouinting out never being an EON customer etc but also let them know that she will take the matter further if they dont stop their stupidity
  11. Yep, them wasting a quid a month on sending stupid letters that cant harm you is their loss, not yours
  12. they got away with it because you were daft enough to keep sendng them a fiver a month. If you had stopped( as you were legally entiteld to do) when they failed to respond properly to the CCA request then your debt would have been SB by now
  13. they know that POPLA's remit is so limited they will get a decision in their favour there which they belive will make you say " Oh all right them I will pay up". they knwo it is too late and if the boot was on the other foot they would be qwuick to tell you that you have lost your right to appeal. Basically it is another attempt to pull the wool over your eyes.
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