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  1. first thing, can you post up the statements of account and contract that gives them the right to add these charges? Also do you have the judges order that allows them to add interest to their debt above the actual principal (ie the money you borrowed) You can most likely recover the whole lot plus interest and that will result in them having to pay you a very large sum of money, possibly more than the £17k debt
  2. you only have rights if you enforce them so try speaking to any charity that deals with your son's disability and get their advice and then approach your employer armed with this information. Normally if you want to bag certain dates for your A/L you need to get your holiday form in on the 2nd jan I also note that you are already mitigating your failure before you have even started to do anything- stop it and be positive and assertive so when you ask for the dates you say you NEED them not "please can I have these, I know it may be awkward but be nice to me."
  3. something like Dear Will and John, I am glad that your letter to me dated the xxth inst was addressed correctly as your clients have no idea about geography and that is why they have failed to identify the land they supposedly manage and have failed to produce a contract that allows them to manage parking on a CANAL where my vehicle was supposedly rested at the time their operative swam past it. you know as well as they do that they will lose a court claim over this so I suggest you speak to your clients and get them to call a halt to their stupidity or risk a counterclaim for breach of the GDPR for telling lies when they accessed by keeper details
  4. s dx says, Ihope you have just doen the AOS and not put anything down as a defence because you want to wait for their (non) response to your CPR31.14 request, which you should have sent by post at the same time as doing the online AOS we dotn write suggestions because we want to look good ij front of other caggers, we do so because they have a purpose and try prevent people from shooting themselves in the foot. If you dotn understand somehting, ask before making a decision. Your questions will help others to understand what they will need to do at the same stage so wont be wasted.
  5. exactly that and do nothing when they send the next demand after that. The only time you need to reiterate what has been said already is when they send a proper LBA adn they wont be in a hurry to do that
  6. Think about it, if you want to show something to your advantage would youn also include the very evidence that proves the claim is criminally false? of course not. What are you taking to make you think that this parkling co especially would ever tell the truth, there is no money in that, only in fraud and bullying. Now post up YOUR evidence, pictures etc that you have got in the interim so we can help you there and post up their evidnce so we can tell you how to rebut it. Some of it is obvious, no pictures of the front of your vehicle so no evidence NTD was EVER attached and you assert that your permit was displayed and they ahve no evidence it wasnt, let alone in the stuff provided. You stil are failing to understand the imprtance of anything suggested, you NEED to know when they got your keeper details to match this in with their NTK's but you havent given any indication of actually getting this yet. where you say they havent attached the NTK then you ahmmer this home, they are relying on a a complete lack of a challenge to get this past the judge so you ake this the first thing you want to talk about so you can then say that they are clearly unreliale witnessess and ask for the rest of their evidence to be chucked out as unreliable as well, esp if the person who signed off the WS isnt present. Now the pictures you ahve of the signs are great because the signage is NOT a contract, the first one that refers to other signage is an "invitation to treat" and the other one is prohibitive in nature as it says permit holders only so if you dotn ahve a permit displayed the conditions dont apply to you and so you cant breach a contract because you havent been offered one. You need to read up on this and copy the relevant articles on the same both from here and from the Parking Pranksters blogspot. You need to quote the cases and have the article in your bundle. get reading adn then writing, you are a week late with this already so at least try ad recover some of the lost ground by geeting all of the arguments on paper and in the post/fax (not email other than to court) as for contacting the DVLA on manday, they have 30 days to respond and even then they are likely to deliberately gie you the wrong answer as they are flouting the law themselves. Everything you need to do should have been done a month ago
  7. they dont have the intention to consider things properly because if they did they would lose most of their income as they know they dont have the authority to demand moneis from people at this site. They may well write to you again telling you that they have decided they are right and you owe the money but as they are nice you can pay them the discounted rate of £100 rather than some unlawful made up amount they would hope to ask for
  8. they cant even tell lies honestly, the BEAVIS decision doesnt apply for this circumstance as the argument will be about a contractual obligation but also their quote is NOT what was said but a paraphrase that has reversed the meaning of what was actually said at the time. ALSO ASK YOURSELF WHY THEY ARE NOW CLAIMING £160?
  9. So, Dear BWL, being brighter than Will and John at Gladstones/IPC you will of course know that no keeper liability (in fact no liability at all) has been created by your client's taradiddles so unless they come up with STRICT PROOF as to who was driving and then go and bother them I suggest that you tell you client to stop wasting my time and their money an a claim they will lose.
  10. If you want to use a specific court you put that on the form otherwise it will just default to your local county court. Now many people who work in London opt for a court there so they only lose half a days pay to attend. There have been cases where those in the armed forces have chosen a court that is easy for them to fly back from abroad to. My favourite of that was a squaddie getting over £4k for travel as the judge decided that he did fly in for the hearing and visiting relatives at the same time didnt mitigate the costs of travel because it was not of his choosing to be sued by a cowboy parking co. The idiots should read the correspondence address properly and if it says BFPO then they should know that it will cost them dearly when they lose. Got a holiday home in Spain? use that address for all court documents and demand a heairng in the local court under English law
  11. Can yu pst up the particulars of claim so we can try and fathom out why they thik you owe them money. It will undoubtedly be the usual vague nonsense. you will need to acknowledge the claim but dont fill out anything about a defence yet, we will help you with that when we have a little more information and you will have a total of 33 days to file that if you get the AOS done pronto. Once that is done you send Excel or their solicitors a CPR31.14 request for documents asking for sight of the contract between themselves and the landowner that assigns the right to enter into contracts with the public and to make civil claims in their own name Also ask for copies of the planning permissions granted for their sugnage and equipment at the site ( parking meters need different planning consent to the signs so 2 PP's references needed) Give them14 days to respond and when they dont you make use of this in your outline defence along with rubbishing their POC After that we need to see the signs at the car park in question and also pictures of the payment meter and associated blurb. Pictures of the entrance from the public highway regardless of whether there are signs there or not as well please. Pictures of all signs that are different, we need to be able to read the small print. Also whilst you are there you need to do a sketch of where the signs are, how big they are and whetehr there is anything obscuring them like trees or wheelie bins. Also make a note of whether they are lit by lamps above them etc
  12. If it is a CPZ each bay wont need a plate but if each marked bay is listed separately as resident parking ( you will find the wording in the Traffic Order somehting like "for 26m north of the junction with anyroad to 33m north of the same and for 11m north of that junction to 135m from the same there will be marked bays where the following restrictions apply") the marked bit is the point here as they will need the signs to denote the restrictions in each bay if the wording doesnt create a zone, esp where there are yellow lines between them, which must have their own plates if SYL.
  13. what do you actually owe them? many bills have bank account detaisl so all you do is use you bank payment system to send what you actually owe to them directly. they cant refund the money without giving themselves problems. the go after them for bad service, overcharging or anything else that is left unresolved
  14. so you are now in a periodic tenancy and that i basically a rolling contract. The landlord wont see the money the agency is asking for and as long as you pay their rent on time they wont get involved so just make sure your rent is paid on time and all is tickety boo
  15. yopu must understand somehting about the policeman's actions, they didnt side with the "rich estate agent" they decided that your action was likely to cause a breach of the peace so asked you to leave to prevent that. Now the breach of the peace may have been Martin Quinn thumping you because you had upset him so there is a lesson to be learnt from this and it was hinted at but you missed it. You should have called the police first and told them why you were going to be there and ask them t be present to prevent a breach of the peace as you fear you may be assaulted because of his previous behaviour. If they had someone available they would have turned up. Now what you need to do is stop lashing out in all directions and focus on either getting a formal complaint of theft inverstigated or you take civl action and sue for the value of the lost/stolen goods. Neither of these courses of action have anything to do with the council and if you want to try and get them interested in an unlawful eviction then you do that as a separate event
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