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  1. Fair enough. Just playing devil's advocate on my own post though, the ticket machine asks for the reg details, but the buttons didn't work and only the first two numbers showed up on the ticket. Their ANPR camera would have simply seen the car enter and exit without any record of the car being paid for. Good thing I've got the bank transaction on using transaction reference to back up the fact it was paid though.
  2. Yes that's what I was expecting, so thanks for confirming that for me. As soon as the LBA comes through I'll just put those two points down and tell them to never contact me again. May I ask please how they've breached GDPR? Is it the aspect of contact without valid reasoning?
  3. Hello Further to the above, I've had two more letters. This is the most recent, from the DCA telling me they're going to tell Smart Parking to refer the case to solicitors. I'm assuming this is the stage before the LBA, and that I should still be holding out? To confirm, we have already seen that the original letter (sent to the lease co I lease the car from) was sent outside of the 14 day window, and that in fact payment WAS made, but the machine was broken and only the '68' part of my full reg was registered against the ticket (hence their ANPR not recognising my car)
  4. Is it really going to help by ignoring them? I know there's a possibility of them just carrying on and sending it to solicitors, but by ignoring them am I not going to put myself at risk by not complying with the dispute process? I feel like I have more than enough evidence to show the ticket was purchased and reasons why their systems were knackered. I do think I'd be more comfortable disputing the ticket with what I've already written, plus anything else of relevance such as the actual codes of conduct not followed if any?
  5. Alright, thanks. I will await an LBC then. The fact they've continued to pursue after ALD sent them packing suggests I may well see one. I'm genuinely interested as to whether anyone else had the same issue as us and whether they have blanket PCN'd a load of people for their machines being knackered that day.
  6. Sorry, completely skipped the important bit didn't I. 1 Date of the infringement 21/03/2020 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 06/04/2020 3 Date received ALD (lease owners) received 09/04 and advised PCN co to write to me. NTK received @ my address 30/04/2020 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] No (probably because it was outside of the 14 day NTK period) 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? ANPR entry and exit
  7. Here's what I've written so far. I have taken care not to suggest I was the driver, or even there on the day. I have picture proof of a snapshot of the £8.00 day fee being taken from the passenger's bank account. The total time in the car park was about 45 minutes, after all of the messing about with the broken machine and figuring out if the ticket would be valid. It's a lease car so they sent the original NTK to ALD, who kindly let me know I should expect a letter (which arrived this morning). I've been waiting for it for a week or two because (as per the above) th
  8. Thanks for your reply. I take it then, considering I can't find the company name in companies house, that I'd have to attempt to sue one or both or the inviduals who did the work? I'll be calling 101 to see about the key situation. I've asked for them back a couple of times now and the deadline has passed. I am not intent on allowing two people who have already taken the mick also holding onto key to every single entry point of my property.
  9. Hi, I have an invoice of £625 for the following work which began 22nd April 2019: Install new socket for tv Full re skim of the room Move light switch Fitting ceiling light/fan Remove scorcher and pull up flooring Repair floorboards on the landing Replace Master bedroom door The jobs in bold didn't get done - the agreement was that the room would be skimmed and electric works would be done, then I would get the room decorated, and finally they would return to do the flooring & floorboards, carpet would go down a day later, and the door
  10. Thanks for your detailed response T.C. It's all as I suspected then, I am being undercut to satisfy their own cost gains rather than offered a suitable sum for the wide array of issues I had at the time plus the absolute faffing about afterwards. I paid for motor legal cover on top of my insurance. Best £28 I've spent. It's not a claims management firm per sé, it's being dealt with by the solicitors appointed under the legal cover. I didn't actively pursue one of those claims companies as I don't particularly class myself as an ambulance chaser, but the principle of the matter here i
  11. Thanks all for your replies. Sounds like the best option is to just not use them as there's too many opportunities where they can either go ahead and start the claims process, or attempt to claim a fee. At least in contacting them it did give me the opportunity to go through my account and address information so I do essentially have the list of banks I'll need to get in touch with. Cheeers
  12. Thanks, if I were to hold out there wouldn't be much more based on the injuries I sustained. Probably best taking that plus the expenses I incurred.
  13. Well, that's a lot of SARs to send and I could do with as little faffing about as possible. Remember, I am unlikely to continue with them managing the claim, just getting the information for me.
  14. Hi everyone, I've tried, and failed so many times to put together meaningful documents to send to many banks over my lending past - so I approached The Claims Guys bacause of their offer: They will contact everyone on my behalf to see if I had PPI, and then I can go ahead and claim myself. I haven't yet sent back the paperwork and of course the emails, texts and phonecalls are starting to ramp up. Has anyone used this facility? Is there any persuasive technique someone can apply for me to just go ahead and do all of this myself? I did start, but got stuck on my f
  15. Hi all Three weeks ago I was hit from behind whilst stationery at traffic lights. The driver was doing about 60 in a 40 zone, had been driving in the oncoming lane and upon their return to the proper lane, hadn't given themselves time to brake sufficiently and went straight into my bumper. I did attend hospital on the day, with a blood pressure of 180/107 and some pains forming in my neck, back and hips. Fast forward a couple of weeks and those pains have gone, so have the headaches and the 'confusion'. I am due to see a physiotherapist this coming Monday, but with the 3rd
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