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  1. I was under the impression (perhaps wrongly), that when one quits a job all the outstanding holiday accrued is paid in the final wage packet? Can anyone confirm please? Is there any way they can withhold it or simply cancel it when I hand in notice?
  2. Thanks for reply. My thinking is it's probably a bit shady to use my holiday to tell boss I'm quitting but still legal? 70hrs is a lot of holiday money to lose if I'm wrong!
  3. No need to be so defensive mate, I was just saying it seems a bit odd for you to always answer any post with your stock in phrase "DCA IS NOT A BAILIFF AND HAS ZERO POWERS" next to an advert for IVA's and Debt collection agencies! Is it just me?
  4. I've only just joined so I don't want to seem presumptious - anyone else here find it hilarious the adverts that infect this site once you "whitelist" and turn adblocker off are the exact same things that everyone's moaning about? Problematic, much? Is it just me?
  5. All sounds a bit desperate SWIM - I was in a similar position a few years ago. No chance unfortunately, all a bit "Judge Judy" TV understanding of how the UK law works. If there's no children involved and there's no contract then it's basically bad luck to your relative, and to think otherwise is to spend your life on an internet forum trying to hear comforting words.
  6. My job I've been in for 8 years, my contract is to give a week's notice. I have 10 days holiday coming up starting next week. If I message the boss 3 days into that holiday and tell him I'm not coming back can it be used as 7 days notice (ie a week). I have a lot of holiday entitlement left this year about 70 hours. So 2 questions please without judgement just facts: 1. If I phone boss three days into my 10 day holiday next week to formally tell him I'm quitting is that legal? 2. Can they get out of paying me my 70hrs holiday entitlement if I take that route? (Massive global company not one man and his dog operation, if it affects the advice)
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