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  1. Hi, I am not sure where to find the other new thread you set up yesterday following my email to you. I will repeat my update here and hope it is not duplicating the records. Received a letter dated 8 February 2021 from CST LAW - copt ATTACHED. Please advise what Action to take, if any or ignore as previous letters from UKCPS Ltd. My worry is that UKCPS LTd may regaister a CCJ against my name. Look forward to receiving your guidance. Thank you Old Foggy CST LAW 8 Feb 2021 (UKCPS).pdf
  2. Hi ericsbrother, I am not sure whether this is meant for me
  3. Hi, Received another Letter from Debt Recovery Plus - copy attached - indicating this is a Final Offer for settlement before taking Legal Action. Please let me know if I have to take any action or as before just sit on it.
  4. Hi Guys, Received another Letter dated 11/06/2020 from Debt Recovery Plus - copy attached. I propose to take no Action and just sit on it. UKCPS 11 JUNE 2020.pdf
  5. dx100uk, Noted, thank you. Also an oversight on my part for not hiding my address -put it down to a Senior moment.
  6. Hi FTMDave, As mentioned previously, last letter received from UKCPS was dated 23/12/2019. This morning received Final Notice Letter dated 01/05/2020 (quoting balance due £130) COPY of Letter ATTACHED Please guide me what to do next. Thank you UKCPS 01 MAY 2020 - 1.pdf UKCPS 01 MAY 2020 - 2.pdf
  7. FTM Dave, Returned from my holidays last night and checked all my post. Since the last letter of 23/12/2019 from UKCPS, as previously mentioned, I have received no further Communication from UKCPS, so I will just sit tight for now.
  8. Hi ericsbrother, Noted but I am missing the point you are trying to make!
  9. FTMDave, Thank you for your input. It is very much appreciated.
  10. Hopefully it has worked and now in PDF Format - attached Gateway House, Piccadilly.pdf
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