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  1. Hi ericsbrother, I am not sure whether this is meant for me
  2. Hi, Received another Letter from Debt Recovery Plus - copy attached - indicating this is a Final Offer for settlement before taking Legal Action. Please let me know if I have to take any action or as before just sit on it.
  3. Hi Guys, Received another Letter dated 11/06/2020 from Debt Recovery Plus - copy attached. I propose to take no Action and just sit on it. UKCPS 11 JUNE 2020.pdf
  4. dx100uk, Noted, thank you. Also an oversight on my part for not hiding my address -put it down to a Senior moment.
  5. Hi FTMDave, As mentioned previously, last letter received from UKCPS was dated 23/12/2019. This morning received Final Notice Letter dated 01/05/2020 (quoting balance due £130) COPY of Letter ATTACHED Please guide me what to do next. Thank you UKCPS 01 MAY 2020 - 1.pdf UKCPS 01 MAY 2020 - 2.pdf
  6. FTM Dave, Returned from my holidays last night and checked all my post. Since the last letter of 23/12/2019 from UKCPS, as previously mentioned, I have received no further Communication from UKCPS, so I will just sit tight for now.
  7. Hi ericsbrother, Noted but I am missing the point you are trying to make!
  8. FTMDave, Thank you for your input. It is very much appreciated.
  9. Hopefully it has worked and now in PDF Format - attached Gateway House, Piccadilly.pdf
  10. dx My IT skills are rather limited. Please guide me how to convert my existing format to PDF. (I took the photos on my iphone and then sent it to myself on email, saved it on my PC and then attached to CAGS. I only took these 2 photos. Did not see any other signs with T&C's
  11. Thank you for your input. 2 so far - dated 10/12/2019 and 23/12/2019
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