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  1. The normal recourse for an upheld complaint with Royal Mail is to send the customer a book of First Class stamps as compensation
  2. Royal Mail Size & Weight Guide Poster Correx Foamex Sticker A0 A1 A2 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK 4mm Correx. 6mm Correx. A0 - 841mm x 1189mm. A2 - 420mm x 594mm. A1 - 594mm x 841mm. Self Adhesive Sticker. Size & Weight Guide. Channel Islands, Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, Sicily Isles...
  3. The Sorting Machine is called the Inward Mechanised Sorter (IMP) It is like a large washing machine drum The machine turns the letters the right way around and up and as previously stated, the Optical Character Recognition laser reads the stamp. That detects not only if genuine, but if it is a second or 1st class and size of the item The item posted has to be a specific size for the next stage of the process. Either through a compact sequencing machine or anything larger, the A4 sorting machine. 1x 1x Mail size guide Small size measurements - 290mm x 80mm Large size measurements - 353mm x 250mm
  4. Can say for 100% if the Birthday card was the same size and shape as what you get in a card shop, then a normal 1st class stamp (Not large) will be the reason for the surcharge
  5. Might I ask the value of the stamp you put on the envelope and did it say large on the stamp? If it was a single stamp and did not say large, that is your issue No postage paid is normally insufficient postage, not the stamp is snide
  6. Very much doubt it was because they are fake? You mention a Birthday card? Because they are an odd shape and size, bet you did not put a First or Second class stamp (Large) on the envelope or attach two First Class stamp's on the envelope That s why it was surcharged, the weight and size of the envelope, not the actual stamp with insufficient postage
  7. As stated by the link previously referenced by myself with the Court and Tribunal Service guidance. You need the permission of the court for a right of audience. They have no right to conduct any form of litigation or act as an advocate What McKenzie Friends may not do 4) MFs may not: i) act as the litigants’ agent in relation to the proceedings; ii) manage litigants’ cases outside court, for example by signing court documents; or iii) address the court, make oral submissions or examine witnesses.
  8. The great thing about this forum is that everybody learns from their mistakes so no need to apologise https://www.judiciary.uk/wp-content/uploads/JCO/Documents/Guidance/mckenzie-friends-practice-guidance-july-2010.pdf
  9. Believe you to be in error unless that representative is say a debt or charity worker or a representative from a local authority given permission to speak by the judge. What you are talking about is a McKenzie Friend A McKenzie Friend cannot speak in court, let alone present a case on behalf of an individual
  10. How about credit companies like you to have a landline as it shows stability, or how about an emergency secondary contact number? People really do need to think out of the box before making snide remarks
  11. Realise that, but at the start of the call, he said he was from Virgin Media
  12. The call I had yesterday said they were from Virgin media doing a systems check with a heavy Indian accent. Realised it was a scam when it became obvious he was reading off a script. He asked how many lights were on with my router.
  13. Getting rather annoyed with Virgin Media Use their internet for speed and reliability due to conference calling. With that package have a landline phone that I never use. Last month had to change that number as being plagued by scammers based in India. Only had this new number a month and it is starting again. The only logical explanation is that Virgin has outsourced its customer services to an Indian call centre. Somebody there is selling active Virgin phone numbers to these scammers from the inside. Just made an official complaint. Transferred to a Virgin call centre in South Africa from India. The impression being they are not taking the issue seriously and have now been Cut OFF three times once I insisted on recording an official complaint The question is: How do I make this official complaint and have it recorded as a complaint? Like Comment Share
  14. Thankyou Peter for the clarity, and for the record, was aware of that The point that I was making is that people read this forum as a source of reference and plain English does, as the majority are not proficient with case law and precedent. Was asking genuine questions and do not expect insults with some replies being a self help forum
  15. Sorry to sound as though this is not sinking in but, what needs nailing down with my question is enforcement and Section 5 Limitations Act (LA) and taking the debtor to court 1. Does that cause of action with section 5 (LA) start after the 14 days expires with the s.87 notice, or? 2. The date the creditor finally registers the default on the credit files on the strength of that s.87 notice?
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