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  1. then getting your complaint heard properly will make them think about clobbering agent for wasting police time and that may well make him think again about how he wants to deal with things. Ultimately it makes your civil claim rock solid when you sue him for the value of the items that were not returned, judges dont side with peopel who have proved them selves "unreliable witnesses"
  2. well the letter saying rent wont increase by more than 10% is enforceable, just that your tenancy will be ended by LL at the end of the assured period and they will start afresh with you or someone else
  3. you have the upper hand at the moment so yes do speak to the subbies, they may well not get paid by the company either and will be glad to get the money that would otherwise disappear into a black hole.
  4. agree, a leaking roof is not a minor snag. 10 year warranty? If they cant build something properly in the first place then what will that be worth in a fortnight, let alone 10 years. egt a surveyor to have a look at what they ahve done and then tell them that you expect any faults found during the survey will be corrected before sign off and final payment. If they then walk away I wouldnt be surprised, they know their limitations
  5. well, you wont if they have heeded the SB letter, they arent going to admit they are just a bunch of chancers are they?
  6. No, you file them somewhere safe. If you return them they might fancy their chances at getting a backdoor CCJ even though theyn have no right or authority to sue you. how on earth could it affect your credit score- you didnt signa credit agreement with teh Italian govt. TBH most of the local fines issued by Italian town halls are bent anyway. CLI cant do any more tha send scary letters so tell your parents to stop worrying, tye are effectively junk mail. It costs CLI to send them out so let them waste their money, they arent getting any from you.
  7. They havent shown reasonable care as professional people so you shouldnt be paying them anything, let alone an inflated bill to cover their bodges. My brother had a similar thing many years ago with a motorbike, that was resolved by having a number of large men collecting the bike and bro then suing for the damage done. Getting your van back will be the real problem to overcome so do you have a spare key and some large friends with a trailer?
  8. the delivery co arent going to do anything because their diver left the scene without exchanging details and will get clobbered for a criminal offence of failing to do so. What I would do is sit on my hands and see if they make contact with you, if they do you go along with it, if they dont then there is nothing to report unless you want to claim on your own insurance
  9. then that will be part of your defence, no ticket on vehicle and the NTK was issued too late to cretae a keeper liability. In the meanwhile you check with the DVLA whe your detailes were accessed, by whom and for what stated reason
  10. if they dont respond you can say in your defence that you do not believe they have the permissions because they have failed to produce them and thus have no locus standi.
  11. if they start telling lies about what they do and dont have as far as CCTV goes then they couild end up being fined £6.5 million by the ICO. The data will be requested in the fullness of timea nd then see whatn they say. basically they are damned either way, if they have destroyed it then they cnat prove their claim and if they produce it they will show their claim is just vex.
  12. Now their signage is generic so it begs the question does this car park consist entirely of marked bays and if so how does one distinguish what are the defined markings? Their signage offers nothing to help you determine even if the marked bays additional terms apply to this car park and you would have thought that they would want people to be aware of what they are being offered because if they arent it isnt a contractual obligation. My view on this is that they are trying to chisel motorists for money as they dont earn enough from the acrual parking management and like all of these companies greed overrides their obligations in their activities. Now this means they will be like a dog with a bone and wont want to let go so expect to fight this all of the way. As you have an advantange of gathering some information before they send the NTK you are in a better position than many when you do get the letter please show us it with your personal details redacted as they will have to show what evidence they have of this alleged breach in that NTK. Some compnies refer youto a web site to view their evidence - not good enough, the POFA says they have to show it in the letter. Also the wording of the NTK has to contain key phrases to create a liability and often they get that wrong so keep sitting on your hands until they send the letter.
  13. as you have appealed you have lost certain protections in law but that doesnt change the law of contract. if you live close to the site or visit there can you please take some pictures of the car park entrance, any signs there and any signs inside the car park plus more importantly pictures of the offending payment machine. You can pretend to enter something to show what you can and cant see to highlight the problem and use this stick of their to beat them with. They dont have a hope in hell in enforcing this but being a buch of litigious and greedy cowboys they will, unjfortunately not see reason. what did their rejecton letter say? No IPC member ever accepts an appeal and nor do the IAS, they are not honest brokers so dont be put off by this. Please redact any personal information and that will include car reg and any reference numbers, bar codes QR codes etc If you still have the ticket even better as it show that you paid and then any other demand they make as a condition of parking is of no real consequence
  14. One from the newspapers, a motorist who took time to change his baby's nappy before feeding the meter at Sutton Harbour, Plymouth was sued by Britannia parking but the judge threw out the claim becuse "neither the sign or the small print made it sufficiently clear that the time started when entering the car park". Now as usual the paper refers to a "fine" and it has been commented on before by judges tht the clock doesnt start when you enter the car park but should only take into account the actual parking period and hence the MINIMUM 10 minute grace period. So peeps, look at the wording fo the signage and if there isnt a clear definition of the grace period no binding contract! Will they change their ANPR systems to reflect this? Of course not, the majority of people will pay up even though the charge is unlawful.
  15. this is a normal contract for when you forget your wallet and fuel up your car and then promise to pay them later. If you return righ5t away you dotn pay any extra and you can even demand your paperwork back from the garage as they then have no lawful reason to process it. Now is it a fair contract? well, yes and no, if you dotn have the means to pay for your fuel before you fill up then you are committing a criminal offence by doing so but as i many cases of this nature the company would rather farm all the aggro out to a third party who then screw you out of money rather than invoke the available law. So, as you werent offered the contract to consider before you fuelled up then none of it is enforceable and the petrol companies should get their heads around this rather than allow the third party just coin money out of the unfortunate or forgetful what I fail to understand is why you didnt just pay for the fuel with the card that you were going to use to get the cash? As for the rest of your story listing your afflictions , that doesnt make any difference to a contract, if you are not capable of entering a contract you shouldnt be driving either.
  16. you cant claim it back afterwards, you can sue them for breach of contract as they have assumed that the item was sold as a result of being offered on ebay. This is like estate agents being given sole agency. You might want to argue this point with them and let them know that you will be more than happy to take them to court over this issue. If you want to send someone your phone number you need to send several "ask member a question" communications of one or two words each so the recipient can untangle the number at their end so something like zero is the first one that one will send, the other six will follow for leicester.
  17. no, financial stuff has to be kept for 5 years just in case. As they said, you will be moved to the computer equivalent of the basementa dn wont get bothered by new stuff
  18. I think there may be a scenario that explains this quite well that isnt nefarious and it is to do with insurance brokers. If a broker is training new staff they input a load of stuff that doesnt go "live" and rather than use the name "mickey mouse" they put a random name/address in the fields. This all gets deleted when the trainee has a go at a live quotation EXCEPT when they forget to save the info in the correct place and all of this gets put in to the autofill part of the first quote they give becasue the training file is called up and noone noticed. some poor sod will be comapling to AA or the broker in about a week that they havent got their quote
  19. There is case law on this, you were in control of the moving vehicle so it will be your fault,regardless of the parking on DYL's. Your supposition about a the van deciding to reverse into you at the exact time you were driving into him wont wash. Damage done to his reversing lights might have proved otherwise. If yu want to quote all of the bits of traffic law you have picked out all you will do is drop yourself in it for driving without due care and attention toward other road users so just breathe out, relax and pay for your repairs and dont tell your insurer as your premiums will rocket As already said, you can park on them to unload unles it is specifically prohibited
  20. NOOOO just send it back within the time you are allowed to, waiting fo a load of wafflers to advise you that you are too late to enforce your rights wont make you happy. What is the point of coming here for advice if you then do the opposite?. TS dotn deal with individual problems, they may well prosecute the company for somehting but that wont get you your money back or a new a/c unit. YOU have to do that.
  21. you have evidence of your claims? call their bluff, your contract was with skiworld, not the chalet owner
  22. in short yes because the interest payable is so low.
  23. what are you hoping for?
  24. you say the complaint was justified. Does this mean the complaint was formally upheld or does justified merely fit into "I think that it was deserved and an going to ignore what the official response says" BTW the receptionist wont be able to see a reason on the ICE as you describe, that will require the doctor to send a messagepal or task across and TBH they wouldnt read that out to you. They might paraphrase but the doctor is usually their employer so not in their pay grade to comment on their boss's decisions when it is something contentious.
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