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  1. I've no intention of paying anything to any dodgy DCAs, but it's not a silly scare story that the Gulf states, UAE and Qatar in particular, are chronic abusers, and coincidentally massive funders, of Interpol. No biggie in the long term, but an undeniable fact.
  2. I've given both the bank and the IDRWW people a fwding address, and explained the current situation to the bank yet again, but now neither of them are responding to my emails, so I guess hang in and see if I get pulled on an interpol notice at some point in future, UAE banks being chronic abusers!
  3. Appreciated again. I'm not someone that loves the idea of "escaping debts". I do, however, love the idea of [edited] over that country's retarded legal system, where a Russian woman with fake documents in Russian that the court will only tell you you're not entitled to see via documents in Arabic, neither of which you speak, can have you trapped there for years and force you to sell all your assets in your home country to survive until you pay someone another several thousand to get you out. Irrelevant, and I already have a publisher for the book, but I am kind of looking forward to this.
  4. Yup, social media's all locked down, awful place tbh. That's reassuring to hear. I'm actually quite looking forward to the prospect of giving them an address thousands of miles away and telling them I'm not even a UK resident, so what are you doing exactly?
  5. Cheers - yeah, I've been reading about the backdoor judgements. I've been out of the country 10 years, so just had my mother's place by default, but really don't want any future correspondence related to this going there (long story short I had to get smuggled out of the UAE after being trapped there for two years with no passport and no income as a very talented scammer had successfully seized my bank account and salary with the support of their contacts at the UAE courts. Unfortunately the smuggling wasn't 100% successful and I spent four months in prison in Oman
  6. All my UK finance-related stuff is currently registered at my mother's address. Bit concerned about that as she's 80, opens all of it, and prone to serious anxiety (she was in tears when I got a letter from a UK credit card I thought was paid off saying I actually still owe £5 interest, so god knows what knuckle-dragging DCAs might cause). I may need to look at updating everything to a mate's address just to avoid her getting anything!
  7. Hiya - thought I'd may as well say hello as we may be seeing more of each other in future. I left the UAE at the end of January with payments remaining on a loan from Mashreq Bank. Long story as to why I left, and largely irrelevant here. I kept making the payments up until April as I was still earning from freelance, at which point Covid put paid to that. Did the predictable trying to negotiate a new payment schedule which was refused point blank. Today, I received the email from IDRWW that a few people seem to have had lately (we've been asked to take on a portfolio
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