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  1. Good Afternoon, I am hoping to receive some advice regarding the below topic. I was looking to purchase a property off-plan with a incentive attached and in order to secure this you pay a 'finder's fee'. The fee was paid but then the property was un-mortgageable due to various reasons including the incentive being offered. Having gone back to the agent to ask for a return of the finder's fee - they have refused saying that the incentive does not need to be disclosed and that essentially my broker is useless and I should use theirs!
  2. I misread the email - I thought you said where - no secret, no conspiracy! I bought it in September last year. I raised the issue with the dealer within a few weeks and they had a look at it for leaks but couldn't see anything and said it may just be the case it burns more oil due to the engine is is. They recommended trying a thicker Oil which would last longer however the issue has been getting steadily worse.
  3. Hi, I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding an issue I have and wanted to know what the general feeling, or even better someone who has experienced this problem and what the outcome was.... I purchased an Audi A3 1.8TFSI and the car has the same oil consumption issue as the 2.0 TFSI (mainly Audi A5's but A3 and other models also). I went for the 1.8TFSI as I didn't think it had the same oil consumption issue but it appears it does, just less well known. My local Audi dealer is doing all of the tests and in a couple of weeks they will have all of the details to put fo
  4. The houses are terraced so all the driveways are next to each other, however there is an approx 3 foot high fence between the properties - would this likely scupper the idea of being contiguous? Good point regarding the policy - I can ask for that. Thanks for the response.
  5. Morning All, I'm not sure if anyone can help but I thought I'd give it a shot. My girlfriend lives in a place called Whitton which is covered by Richmond Council and she was hoping to get a dropped kerb put outside of her property. The road has a number of outlined (with white paint) parking spaces along the road, however a number of people have paved over their front gardens and managed to get a dropped kerb for their driveway and there is not a parking space outside of their property - presumably it's been removed. When she bought her now home, the previous owners had pav
  6. Hi All, GOOD NEWS! I chased up the BPA about this and within a day MET had cancelled the notice. The reason they stated was as a 'goodwill gesture' for the hassle I have incurred in appealing this fine. Many thanks all for the help, another one for the little guy!
  7. I called BPA this afternoon as I hadn't heard back from them. The lady I spoke to actually had my complaint letter on the desk and was about to look at it (apparently..). I outlined my complaint with her and she asked me to forward the rejection letters from both POPLA and MET. Have done this and again outlined my grievance at the fact I did not receive the rejection letter from MET and had to chase for a copy, of when I had received it the POPLA code had already expired... The BPA did tell me however they cannot enforce MET/POPLA to give me a new code, they can only recomme
  8. I will see what the BPA say when I have returned from Holiday. The fact I have already appealed this parking fine to me would say that is clarification who the driver was at the time. I think the route of ignoring seems to have been the better route, I was hoping after following the very helpful advice I would have progressed somewhere but it seems like a lot of going round in circles. Will call the BPA if they have not responded. Thanks for the advice again.
  9. Just to clarify POPLA declined my appeal, not BPA - not heard back from them yet. This is ridiculous - Met didn't send me the letter the first time, or it got 'lost' in the post and by the time i receive a copy, the POPLA has expired so I can't appeal anyway?!
  10. Hello i did as instructed and wrote to the BPA, appealed to POPLA (which were cc'd in on the letter I sent to the BPA) and they have rejected my appeal because the POPLA was out of date! Pretty much what I said was going to happen... What now? I'll see what the BPA comes back with but I can't see this being successful.
  11. Ok. I have drafted an appeal to POPLA. Shall i mention to them, as I did in the appeal letter to MET about parking around airports not being 'relevant land'? Thanks
  12. Morning, I have written up the letter that is going to the BPA and cc Met Parking and POPLA - I am about to write my appeal letter to POPLA, however as my code has expired (before I got a copy of the appeal rejection letter), will POPLA even consider my appeal? Thanks,
  13. Hi, Thanks for the guidance. Regarding have I checked the POPLA and it appears my time to appeal has expired. Note I did not receive the original letter and had to request a copy (hence my post about not having a response). This is what has come up when I checked my POPLA code - I should include this in my appeal letter. As the time limit has expired, do I require to request a new POPLA code, or appeal with below explanation and also say that I never received the original and had to request a copy? Code summary Issuing operator: MET Parking Services Ltd (Code: 386) Date
  14. This is the wording of the letter received: Having carefully considered the evidence provided by you we have decided to reject your appeal for the following reasons: The terms and conditions of use of the car park are clearly stated on the signs prominently displayed at this site including that there is a 60 minute maximum stay for the use of South Gate Park customers only. South Gate Park at confident that there are a sufficient number of signs in place at this location warning drivers of the time limit in place. It remains the driver's responsibility to ensure that they c
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