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  1. Faulty iphone so Apple sent out a replacement iphone which UPS have either 'lost or stolen' the phone!!
  2. The other day I was expecting UPS to deliver my brand new iphone, unfortantely I had to nip out to the supermarket to grab some food. I asked a friend in the street if she saw a UPS van and she said a UPS van came to the street to someones house and I assume my iphone was in the UPS van at the same time and the UPS driver must have gone to my house but since I was not home, the UPS driver went and did the 2nd delivery in the street. UPS tracking now shows 'DELAY - Due to operating conditions, your package may be delayed' - been showing this past 2 days!! No updated del
  3. Bupa does not provide private medical insurance for people born before 1940, is not this agism? Is there an alterantive private medical insurance provider who cover people born befre 1940?
  4. The item was clothing wrong ordered online wrong size, sent it back via the returns label provided by the retailer which was via hermes method, went to the post office to send the return
  5. A nurse from the NHS trust made contact to say she was coming to her house to carry out the test, she told the nurse she was uncomfortable will letting the nurse into the house in a pandemic and requested a test be sent to the house or my friend would go get a test done from the goverment website after all the covid test is the same for the general public and nhs staff! The nurse said due to my friend not showing any symptons she was not allowed to take the goverment test! The only option is a NHS test for exactly the same thing!! Can't my friend take the goverment test
  6. Friend rang into work to inform them she is self isolating due to being in contact with someone who's had confirmed covid. She was told that day on day 12 of isolation she has to get a test done with infection prevention team - and not at a local testing centre/home test. Is it not within her rights to complete a home test? its the same test as the NHS test isn't it? She's also been told by her physio to stay in bed as much as possible because she has agrravated her back spinal condition which means she is not mobile and can't drive etc. Where does she stand
  7. I returned a parcel at the post via hermes prepaid return label, now 4 weeks gone I was expecting a refund, the company is saying the have not received the parcel yet. I have done the tracking on hermes and it shows 'We've received your parcel at the ParcelShop and it's waiting to be collected by our driver' I have contacted the Barclay Card they won't help with any charge back or claims because they are telling me the company where the parcel have not received it and hermes tracking shows its still at the post office, I'm out of pocket becaus
  8. This happened very recently. I believe a family member has complained via phone they've been told an investigation will be carried out as to why this happened the actions of the manager/staff on the day - not heard anything back. Should a complaint not be raised by letter?
  9. Whilst at Aagrah Midpoint | Buffet & Banqueting Suite a family member became unwell and collapsed at Aagrah Midpoint | Buffet & Banqueting Suite - None of the staff came over to us to ask what happened BUT they came over to ask for the bill to be paid instead. No staff offered a chair for the family member to sit on, no staff made any effort to come over and ask what happened,total lack of compassion. We had to call out an ambulance ourselves, then take the family member to the disabled toilets where the paramedics carried out their checks. The manager made no effort to co
  10. Pay water rates homeserve sent a we have resolved your complaint blah blah text to me today but i've only logged the complaint yet to speak to their complaint resolution team to resolve the complaint. I want £ compensation in form of a cheque from homeserve.
  11. pay direct debit 11 days no water i would like some compensation in £ like a cheque
  12. homeserve complaint/resolution dept left a voicemail asking me to call to discuss the complaint, do i stand to get any redress for the 11 days without water?
  13. last month on the 29th my water supply suddenly stopped i contacted the water company who came out telling me nothing they could do but i could call a plumber out to fix the problem. luckily i have plumbing and drainage cover with homeserve who came out but couldnt find the stop tap which feeds the house with water supply. homeserve informed me to contact the water company to locate the stop tap feeding the house with water supply homerserve then could come back out to get the water supply to the house. water company came located the external stop ya
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