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  1. GP receptionist put derogatory remarks on my fathers medical records for the call i made asking for an explanantion why dementia was on point 2 on the death certificate, I explained dementia has been medically never caused death itself in anyone, so why was it put and I asked to speak to the gp. Receptionist told me the gp that did the death certificate would call the next day, which she did not. The gp receptionist should have addressed the issues trhough the appropriate channels, not through on my dads medical records - describing the phone conversation and how she felt about it, like she felt upset etc She should not have put these notes on, nothing related to health
  2. What will you do if the reply comes back “they died of dementia and poor nutrition due to the dementia”? Medically nobody dies from dementia 100% but from other complications such as malnutrition 1. Pnemonia 2. malnutrition Thats what should be on the death certificate. The Gp is covering their own back by putting vascular dementia in point 2 on the death certigicate, rather than malnutrition - due to gp negligence
  3. What will you do if the reply comes back “they died of dementia and poor nutrition due to the dementia”? They died for swallowing problems which caused the weight loss which caused the pnemonia, all complaints made to the gp 2-3 years and upto the days before he passed away never investigated, maybe if the gp investigated the cause of swallow problems 2-3 years ago, or what was causing the weight loss 2-3 years then the outcome would have been different Plus its medically known that people do not die from Dementia, they die with it due to other complications which in my brothers was pneomnia caused by the swallowing problems led to food going down into the lungs and the weight loss was also caused by swallow problems, not being able to have enouygh food/liquids ALL gnored 2-3 years upto the day he died by the gps
  4. My brother has unfortunately passed away, the last complaint I sent to the GP they claim they did not received!. How do I now format the complaint given the change of circumstances with my brothers passing. I need to address 1. The sleeping pills prescribed which caused urine rentention, the rational behind prescribing them, was the GP aware they should never have prescribed them? 2. My brothers weight loss reported to Gp 2-3 years ago and no investigations ever done upto the day he died actioned by the Gp. Brother passed away weighing 4stone! Never did the gp that did home visits say anything about it. The Gp put no dysphagia (no swallowing problems) without even investigating on my brothers records. 3. 2nd Gp put patient has swallow problems on brothers records - but never investigated 3. Swallowing problems chocking on capsules/medications, made complaints to the gp practice over phone, never was swallowing problems ever investigated by the gp. 4. Several chest infections last 12-18 months - gp never requested chest xray if they did they would have found aspiration pneumonia 5. Why did the Gp ONLY put swallowing problems/refer to SALTS/Dietician ONLY after I had to go to a private consultant who diagnosed aspiration pnemonoia, caused by swallowing extreme problems, which caused the weight loss and pnenomnia from which he passed away. 6. Why didn't the hospital treat my brothers pneomnia a week before he died but instead put him on 12 hours of drips for dehydration and sent him home next day with liquid antibiotics for the pnemonia, they should have treated the pneumia. swallowing problems (dysphagia) caused weight loss caused the aspiration pnemonia as brother has dementia and swallow problems is common BUT gp ever address my complaints about the weight loss. swallowing problems or the chest infection which was aspiration pneomonia (private cosnultant diagnosed aspiration pnemonia) in July and upto the day my brother died the GP that checked my bother severeal times at home, kept telling us the chest/lungs were clear!! On (date) the GP came home visit and said brothers chest/lungs clear don't worry and I happened to have private consulation the next day with respititory consultant and he said your brother has pnemonia in lungs due to swallow problems!! Is this 1 example of Gp negligiince? Please someone help me with a letter, the gp negligence has robbed me of my brother who has passed away
  5. I have heartbreaking news my brother has died I am well and truly heartbroken I am finding this difficult to write but i need to write this for my brother, There has been a catalogue of fatal errors by this gp practice and even by the hospital before/after the sleeping pills that should never have been prescribed. background prior to the sleeping pill wrongly prescribed Diagnaosed with vascular dementia 2019 May 2020 Weight loss reported NO dysphagia (Without any investigation GP writes NO dysphagia (swallowing difficulties which can lead to aspiration pneimonia, weight loss) Prescribed ensure Jun 2020 weight/diet/nutritional assessment tasked DN team Referral out Community Referral for Elderly Care june 2020 In view of suspected covid infection best to defer weight check/assessment There was no suspected covid infection, how gp got this? nobody called the gp and it was uk lockdown Jul 2020 Eating & Drinking Complaint brother eating less and losing weight Jul 2020 Dry cough over night. white phlegm noted Diagnosis: Viral upper respiratory tract infection Jul 2020 57 Kg weight told Gp over the phone 24 Aug 2020 1 week poor appetite & drowsiness- keeps falling asleep Decrease in appetite 25 Aug 2020 Reported to GP 6 months of steady weight loss: 14kg (June weight 66, now 50kg) NO dysphagia (how without investigating further) If GP had investigated further it would shown my brother had swallowing difficulties which was causing the weigt loss and chest infections. Feb 2021 Presenting complaint (XaIm8) - chesty cough phlem Diagnosis: Respiratory tract infection Mar 2021 Presenting complaint (XaIm8) - not eating or sleeping Poor appetite (lost 1 stone since then) and poor sleep April 2021 Serious reaaction to sleeping pills - causing 2 litres of uring retention indwelling catheter as posted in this thread and problems 18 Jun 2021 chest infection 30 Jun 2021 Chest Ingection Diagnossi should finish antibiotics and plenty fluids 7Jul 2021 Complaint - struggling to swallow large capsules Weight loss/not eating drinking properly Requested liquid version or smaller size capsules 9 July complaint - Please see yesterday's entry by and task sent to , sister saying pt hasn't taken Prostate medication for 4/7, urine rention building up, sistrer concerned requesting alternative medication, small tablet form if not available in liquid, sister says it is urgent for today. Re: patient unable to swallow due to size (approx 24.2mm x 7.7mm SmPC) 10 Jul 2021 Presenting complaint - Please see 09.07.21 entry, patient still struggling to swallow tablet, urine retention building July 2021 Nose dripping week, swallowing mucous For the last week cough with green sputum Note previous course of antibioitcs in june for chest infection longstanding swallowing problems - BUT NOT INVESTIGATED!!!! 1 Aug 2021 Feels has chest infection. cough 2 weeks- productive green phelgm Diagnosis: Chest infection - unspecified bronchitis 10 Aug 2021 blocked sinuses/runny nose despite 2 x recent antibiotics,just finished amoxicillin +probable viral infection no further antibiotics indicated observe for now 12 Aug 2021 Presenting complaint struggling with breathing sister concerned wanting Gp to review HOME visit tomorrow 13 August Brother taken to hospital diagnosed with exacerbation of copd steroid tablets, antibiotic tablets, antibiotics into vein in arm struggled to take bloods on 3rd attempt, left with bruised vein chest xray shows pneumonia sent home 7 days meds letter for Gp requests follow up chest xray in 6 weeks (NEVER DONE) 18 August 16 Aug 2021 Presenting complaint - discuss ambulance report thinks needs home visit everyday adv sister is reassuring he did not need nebuliser *brother was put on nebuliser in hospital in august, gp is wrong) A/E attendance likely all related to current LRTI 22 August 2021 Presenting complaint (XaIm8) Home visit Pnemonia. Chest still doesnt sound clear. 1 medication finished today 2 finishing tomorrow - steroids Home visit done by GP Chest clear, good AE B/L, no resp distress HS N, calves SNT, WWP, regular pulse Abdomen SNT Diagnosis: Chest infection NOS (XE0Xs)- resolved 24 Aug 2021 Home visit Chest clear, good AE b/l Diagnosis: Hay fever - unspecified allergen (X00l9) I then made a private appoint with a respitatory consultant, he got access to the chest xray done in August 2021 and told me my brother had pneomnia in the right lung aspiration pneomonia caused by swallowing difficulties, food liquid going down wrong way into the lungs, causing infection leading to pneaomia. This consultant gave a report of findings, also askig GP to make referral to SALTS carry out swallow assessment. This referral was done far too late by the GP over 10 days delay and only after i kept on complaining why wasnt the SALTS team coming and my brother was down to 6stone in weight. I had to go private consultant for aspiration pneomonia diagnosis on chest xrays done in August 2021 then give that report to GP to make a SALTS referral. The previous chest infections was aspiration pneomonia but GP clearly misdianosed inc on Home Visits after the August 2021 hospital attendance. WEIGHT COMPLAINT!! 19 Sep 2021 Presenting complaint wanting to discuss weight loss Discussed - I will task DNs to carry out these reviews as too weak to come to surgery now. Also check weight/ BP I will refer to dietitian Diagnosis: Weight loss - AFTER 12 MONTHS and after lots of complaints GP DECIDES WEIGHT to 6STONE!! decided referral to diatcian after I tell GP! 22 Sep 2021 Recieved a letter from xyz clinic 2 days ago to ask GP doctor to arrange swallowing assessment about swallowing issues GP Diagnosis: Swallowing symptoms (XE0r7) - ONLY AFTER WE TELL HIM PRIVATE CONSULTANT FINDNGS. GP did not bother to investigate all the complains I made about swallowing difficultities. I went to private consultant to get dignosis on swallowing problems, despite makings lots of complaints to GP and being ignored. I was doing the Gp's job in getting the diagnosis for swallowing problems!! 24 Sep 2021 SALTS REFERRAL made BY GP - ONLY AFTER I WENT TO PRIVATE CONSULTANT Please advise pt's daughter that the GP has messaged the secratary to refer the pt to SALTS referral 27 Sep 2021 Presenting complaint - Presenting complaint (XaIm8) Requesting powder sachets instead of premade shakes. Patient is struggling to swallow these as liquid is rather thick. Family have purchased a few sachets of powder and find these better for him. Also mentioned patient has lost around 1 stone in weight and are concern. 28 Sep 2021 Presenting complaint - Pt having swallowing issues and pt taking Movicol sachets but still constipated as struggling to swallow down properly. DN GP DOES Hospital Referral for Feeding/ Swallowing AFTER COMPLAINT MADE 30 Sep 2021 Presenting complaint - Unable to swallow movicol properly therefore family request another enema. requests GP to assess first as has had 2 enemas fairly recently already. ongoing swallowing issues - sister says losing weight fast. Been referred to SALT & this has been marked as urgent now. 4 October 2021 Presenting complaint - Concerned about ongoing swallowing issues ?chest infection. says chockes whilst drinking ensures- SALT referral sent E&D less leading to weight loss -Dietician referral sent Patent airways Chest clear, good AE B/L MEDICAL NEGLIGENCE - SEE 5th October!! (This GP is on audio recording telling us the chest is clear) 5th October follow up appointment with private respitatory consultant Diagnosis pneomia due to aspiration (swallowing diffuclties/dementia) Prescribed 4 months of maintenance antibiotics Diagnosis pneomia when the GP the day before said everything was clear!! 7 Oct 2021 Complaint - Why SALTS team not been for assessment, should be marked urgent brother weigh down to 5.5stone. Says spoke to SALT team last week - will be complaining as SALT referral recieved on 21/9. Apolagised for this but on system it was actually sent on 19/09/21 Diagnosis: Swallowing (Xa4M7) -> (ignored my complaints for over 2 years on swallowing problems, and put no dyspghia on my brothers record 2 years ago - when swallowing problems were going on even abck then. 10 Oct 2021 Spoke to sister who has spoke to SALT team on 02/10. Felt SALT nurse was rudee. Says nurse said appointment may take some time ?due to back log of patients in covid period GP then contacts SALTS team to try expedite appointment Diagnosis: Speech and language therapy 12 Oct 2021 Private swallowing assessment done by speech therapist because the GP and SALTS were going aound in circles and brother rapidly losing weight! Private assessment shows serious swallow problem, recommends SALTS team urgent see my brother 15 Oct 2021 Brother coughs up phelhm with blood 1 time in day, reported to GP and request home visit 16 Oct 2021 GP home visit, checks chest, says clear and nothing to worry about - on video GP says brother has blood clot in lungs, go AE and wait, tell GP brother too frail weak, weight 5stone, unable to wait in AE. Request GP make arrangement for xray, bloods, ecg at hospital so brother no need to wait in AE. GP says NO, you have to wait AE. GP will arrange ambulance to go to AE where you WILL HAVE TO WAIT even if it means waiting 6-7hours. Inform GP this is impossible. GP leaves. Calls back in 20mins says NO BEDS available, you just have to wait in AE if it means waiting 7 hours then just wait. Explain the difficulty dementia, too frail, high risk of catching bug and request GP arrange time for brother to go into hospital for bloods, xray, ecg etc, GP says no. Then turns the conversation around telling me 'so your refusing to take your brother to hpstal, if he dies its your fault, i will put that down on his records'. GP hangs the phone. 10 mins later brother collapses, ambulance called, oxygen given, stats up. Taken into hosital, where immedialtely the staff tell me your brother is emacitated dehyradted way too much, all skin and bones. Tell staff, swallow problems, weight loss, complaints to Gp, Gp not listening etc. Brother kept in overnight put onto IV fluids. Discharged the next day few days later, brother health deteroriates, paramedics to the home, say its pneomonia, i tell them its aspiration pneonua, they agree, explain the swallow problems, weight loss. They say you need to complain to GP. Oxygen provided, stats go up, paramedics leave 2hrs later stats drop ambulance called, oxygen given 1hhr stats go up, ambulance staff they cant leave oxygen again because 2nd time called to house. They call GP to house with injections inc morphone, which thankfully were never used. Brother passes way at home My brother died weight was under 5stone, he was skeletone and bones, weight loss problems, swallowing problems complaints made over 2 years and nothing was done until the last couple of weeks only after I went to private consultant for diagnosis, who sent his report the ignorant gps, the same for the private speech therapist report to gp Gp only refer to dietiacian when brother weight down under 6 stone!! In 2 years no demential assessment done, only done last 2 weeks of brothers life after I complained to GP This is what I can remember, they will be things I have forgot to add. I am devastated.
  6. Capacity is there, the GP can disagree but there have been a series of life changing events caused by the GP practice that have impacted my brother overall health and wellbeing.
  7. ******SECONDLY****** My brothers family got the Gp to come do a routine check on my brothers, having checked lungs, the GP said everything is o.k. The next day they took my brother to a private consultant for a 2nd opinion, she said there is fluid in the lung and gave a course of antibiotics. This means the family GP gave the wrong information telling the family the lungs were clear, is this not medical negligence?
  8. *****UPDATE***** 6-7 months ago I told the GP my brother was having difficulty swallowing capsules, they relunctanly agreed to reduce the capsule size. This did not work too good. So the capsule is now opened up granules mixed in drink. I have made several complaints to the GP telling them my brother has difficulty swallowing his medicine and swallowing problem in general. No notice taken. The neglience led to my brother suffering from aspiration pneumonia a while ago. The hospital told us it pneumonia, but i went for a 2nd opinion and saw a different specialist who confirmed the aspiration pneumonia and swallowing probem. She gave a letter with her findings and requested the GP refer my brother to SALTS as a priority patient. The Gp has taken no notice, I've had to keep calling the GP to chase the SALTS referral. The GP lost the paperwork or the referral and had to send it a 2nd time causing more delay. SALTS just tell me a referal has been made and no indication when my brother will be seen etc Gp only referred my brother to SALTS after I got a different consulatant to look at the chest xray and she gave a letter telling the GP for an urgent SALTS referral BUT ignored my complaints about swallowing for months. I want to complaint about this too
  9. Bleeding started going into the catheter bag, so had to rush to A&E, the 6hr wait was in AE waiting to be seen to remove the catheter
  10. week by week hours vary so she can't give an approx figure. her work have said they want to make sure she is not working too many hours and it doesn;t effect her own work. no driving in her main job
  11. Daughters employer has sent an email stating....now youve confirmed your working for a courier company, please provide 1. Name of courier company 2. when work commenced with company? 3. How many hours a week you have/intend to work with them? (no fixed hours/self employed) 4. What are your working hours with the company? (no fixed hours/self employed) Is my daughters reply in bold for questions 3 and 4 o..k? as the nature of her 2nd job means the courier company does not provided fixed working hours or days a week. You get what hours given and upto you if you decide to take the work or not
  12. Stu, I sent this to the GP not reply Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the rational behind the prescripton?
  13. Since last posting here, I complained to the GP surgery my brother was having difficulty swallowing his prostate medicine which was 1 large capsule which contained 2 smaller capsules inside the casing within the larger capsule. 1st capsule inside the larger capsule was (powder capsule) and the 2nd was (liquid time release, long shape capsule) The GP surgery at this point made no attempt to refer my brother for Speach and Language Therepy or investigate further about the swallowing difficulty etc Gp pharmacist told me me the capsule was not available in a smaller size despite, I looked online and found the 2 capsules could be prescribed individually (so not having to be inside a larger capsule) and given as a combination so I called the surgery and informed them the medicine could be given in 2 seperate capsules. This was then prescribed. Even still the capsules were causing swallowing difficulty and I told the GP who said sorry they can't help. A few months later my brother ended up chocking whilst taking the capsule and gasping for air. Eventually this went away after some minutes and his appeared o.k as well as his oxygen. Several days later his oxygen levels went down and ambulance was called out and my brother taken to hospital and put into a covid cubicle because the paramedic that came to the house said it was signs of covid, when I said it was not. Despite this my brother was put into the covid area in a seperate cubicle. Diagnosed pneumonia....sent home with very strong medication which really knocked him for six which he had to take for 5-7 days. I got a private consultant to look at the xray and she told me straight away the xray showed aspiration pneumonia when food or liquid can go down the wrong pipe. He gave an urgent referral for swallowing which I gave to the GP. My question is why despite me several complaining to the GP prior to this about swallowing diffiuclty why did the gp surgery help, if they had then maybe this unfortunate incident would not have happened. Why did it take me to go see a private consultant who diagnosed aspiration pneumonia and who asked for a referral for swallowing, if I had not done this the GP would never have helped as they ignored my requests for help on swallowing and never bothered to look into this furthe on their own. Its taken me to go give the the information from the consultant for them to get off their backside.
  14. My daughters manager called her into meeting and told her they have been made aware/brought to their attention my daughter has a 2nd job (outside of work hours) and this is a conflict of interest because her contract states she must tell the employer of any 2nd employment she has. My daughter confirmed to the employer she has a 2nd job. He employer is now wanting my daughter to send an email to include the following 1. Name of employer 2. When she started work and how many hours a week she is working 3. Why she started the 2nd job(outside of work hours and due to debt) 4. Why she never told the employer (my daughter said she was not aware/did not throroughly read the contract given over 10 years) My daughter is working a few hours here and there for uber so all data on her phone The employer is asking to go through my daughters phone to check the start date of employment, how much she is getting paid etc, can her employer do this? My daughter needs to send her employer an email by tommorow, what does she need to add to the email?
  15. Then for requesting explanation for the medicine, send the same cover letter but with a letter requesting an explanation Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the rational behind the prescripton? I'd like to get both the medical records request and letter for explanation for medicine tweaked this weekend then send to Gp
  16. Is this good enough for cover letter requesting data on brothers behalf Consent form (for another individual to gain access and / or to discuss my medical record) Patient details Patient name Date of birth Address Postcode I am a patient of Medical Centre and understand I need to give consent for another individual to have access to my medical records and/ or to discuss my medical requirements. I understand the contact details of the individual will be recorded on my medical record. Signature of patient/ guardian: Relationship to patient: Date: Contact details for the individual who I wish to grant access Full name Telephone number Relationship to patient Then the letter below goes with the consent form Subject Access Request Access Date of request XX/XX/XXXX To: F.A.O. the Practice Manager. Milton Medical Centre Please accept this as a formal request for ALL DATA whatever format you may hold this in whether it be written, computerized etc. relating to (insert full name, Date of Birth, Full Address). If any records are redacted could you provide clarification as to why this has been done and under which parts of the Data Protection Act/General Data Protections Regulations you are relying on to do this. If you redact any of the record please could you provide a summary of what you have redacted? Yours faithfully
  17. Hi BazzaS, I wasn't in a good mood when I wrote post 47. I read your post feeling the same way as you, first step find out what happened behind the decision to use sleeping tablet X and if it was noted in the records or not by the Gp. Lets get an explanation and medical records first then go from there. This is the letter I have written requesting an explanantion. Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the rational behind the prescripton? Is this letter good enough does it need tweaking? Is a cover letter needed that your writing on behalf on a relative to request an explanation the surgery might refuse under GDPR regulations
  18. Does complaitn need to be raised to the hospital being made to wait 6 hours plus in A&E given my brothers age, dementia, with blood passing through the catheter into the catheter bag. After bloods taken being told to wait for Dr to arrive to bladder scan urine levels in bladder before/after catherer removal but no scan was done no dr showed up. Nurse came removed the catheter. Patient went home, overnight urine rentention happened again. Back to hospital for urine drainage with catheter and a new catherer put inside patient but no bladder scan done again to check if bladder completely empty or if the bloody urine or any debri left in bladder. My brother passing white bits in urine into the catherer bag the district nurse who came to the house said bladder washout should have been done at hospital to completely clean out the bladder of any bloody debri due to trauma.
  19. BazzaS, outcomes required because 1. Get medical records 2. Rationale behind the choice - when/why sleeping pills were prescribed? 3. See the entry / entries in the records when they were prescribed? 4. See your post 46 - Compensation?. The GP ‘struck off’? An apology - All 3 if possible because my brothers life is ruined. Apologies are not enough now. Gp's at this surgery need to be investigated and if the medical authorities to remove them for gross negligence that is o.k. If after doing point 2 above, the family is not happy with reply from Gp surgery is the next step 4. Raise issue with CCG If not happy with CCG response then 5. Raise issue with PHSO 6. Last raise issue with GMC after going to the CCG and PHSO? BazzaS, now knowing the desired outcomes can you tweak the letters drafted up here
  20. BazzaS, My brothers life is ruined by Gp negligence, it should never have happened. Justice for my brother. Gps involved need to be investigated by approproiate medical bodies. If that means the Gp's involved need to be repremanded then be it. If it's happened to my brother, how many other people has the same thing happened/happening at the Gp practice involved. Maybe other patients in a similar situation have not raised the issue? I've seen the entries online which show Gps name, date sleeping tablets were presribed, reason poor sleep, and possible agitation etc. This is the Gp's reasoning. The pharmacy which sent the medication is also negligent by not providing medical instructions with the medicine. If medical instructions were provided. There is possibility his family would have read the instructions and seen urinary retention as warning and not given the medication. BazzaS, The sleeping tablets precipitated pushed foreward urinary retention, it was going to happen sooner or later given the prostate issue. The sleeping tablets just made the urinary retention happen quicker. If it wasn't going to happen now it would have happened maybe in a few weeks/months time. The consultant said this. Does the below letter need more tweaking before its sent to the Gp asking for an explanantion? Please can you provide an explanation why GP1 (name here) on xx/xx/xx, GP2 (name here) on xx/xx/xx and GP3 (name here) on xx/xx/xx prescribed (medication) to my brother? What was the reasoning behind the prescripton?
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