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  1. I haven't read your complete post but have you requested a copy of the contract from VCS? VCS did provide one in my case.
  2. Regarding the speculation of who will turn up at Court for VCS, I recently saw off VCS at Chesterfield Court for a parking incident at Brookshaw Retail Park in Sheffield. A Mr Wilkes turned up for VCS. I'm not sure of his legal standing but I did find out from the Moneysaving Expert forum that he had not been allowed to say anything at a previous hearing as he does not have the correct qualifications. Having said that, the Judge in my case did not accept this and allowed him to speak. I think that this was because the Judge had already made his mind up to find in my favour.
  3. Sorry for late follow up on this. Thanks for all the information it was very reassuring. Decided to keep the car.
  4. Checked VIN and colour code is 5S which comes up as space silver. So car is original colour but underside of bonnet and tailgate are white. Accident damage?
  5. V5 says Silver. Will check VIN plate tonight.
  6. Hi, Long time lurker on this site. Now find that I need advice. Bought a SILVER Hyundai Getz for step daughter just over a week ago. Seemed OK on inspection and drives well. I was checking the fluid levels at the weekend and noticed that the underside of the bonnet is WHITE. I then had a good look around and the hatch at the back is WHITE on the inside, as is the boot floor. I am now very concerned that this car may have been in an accident. Why else would someone respray a low value car? My other concern is that I will have difficulty selling this on when we no longe
  7. Download the TruCaller app on to your phone. It will let you block any calls that you don't want to receive.
  8. Hi, My partner and I have been overpaying her interest only mortgage in order to try to reduce the capital. Due to changes in our circumstances we can no longer do this and have reduced the monthly payments back to the original. We could do with some extra money over xmas and wondered if we can recover the overpayments made this year? As I understand things the interest is added at the start of the year so as long as we pay that amount over the year then we should not have a problem. I'm not sure if the Building Societies year runs Jan-Dec or April-March but can find that o
  9. She has opened a Noddle account and there is no sign of a CCJ (maybe the Letting Agent was misinformed). There is an account for Lowells which is indicated as defaulted. She knows nothing about this as it relates to an old address. Any advice on how to deal with this and get the default removed would be appreciated.
  10. Thank you fkofilee. What is likely to happen if she ignores this (as she does everything else)? I do not believe that the courts or claimant know where she lives.
  11. Looking for advice on behalf of my partners daughter. She and her partner have recently rented a small house and during the letting agents checks she was informed that she had a CCJ registered against her. This is not surprising as she has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and one symptom is not being good with money. She has moved around a lot and I suspect that letters and court papers were delivered to an old address and she has received the CCJ in her non-response. As I understand it someone will still be chasing this debt. What is her best cou
  12. As far as I am aware the decision regarding IN or OUT of IR35 lies with you (Ltd Co). Your client currently is not at risk of getting this wrong, unless the client is a Public Sector organisation. If you were to deem this contract outside of IR35 and HMRC later challenged this then they would look to you for the shortfall in NIC/tax (not your client). Maybe you can convince them that there is no risk to them? If you were to allow them to deduct the Employers NI then how can you be sure that they pass this on to HMRC? I don't think that there is a mechanism for them to pay this to HMRC
  13. You seem to be very confused. First you say that you work through your own Ltd company, then that you are employed and paid directly by the employer. Also, you say that the 'job' is within IR35. Who has decided this? Is this within the public sector? You may be able to agree a contract that is outside IR35, as long as the working practices are in line with the contract.
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