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  1. I can't click the 'click me' link. I've managed to delete all personal info, but the file is 6.5mb as they put 7 letters into one file and I can't delete any pages. I moved house so will not have received most of the letters. Just looking at the dates it looks like they may have confused the issue date and the date of the offence etc in the last three letters they sent, but it may just be wording. I will see if I can compress the file
  2. Eric. DX. FTM. Brass. Many Thanks all, for explaining that again in more detail, it occasionally appeared vague whether the debt could be added to by DCBL and when I spoke to the ICO office on Monday, the woman there gave me a lot of horror stories. Now I feel more confident. I want to upload my SAR PDF's to get your opinions, for anything I can put in the N244, but I can't find the link that says how to delete personal information on the PDF.
  3. Hi Dx I understand and that is why I have been waiting for the SAR from OBS, in order to give me a strong enough reason for the Set Aside. I posted images of the SAR yesterday, I will try to upload the PDF version now. My concern with DCBL is not with them, it is that the judgement amount has just increased by £86 after a single letter and three more will make it £640, I was wondering if there was anything legal I could say within the fourteen days they gave me to respond, in order to prevent more daft priced letters following. With help from you guys I hope to win the case, but as yet I don't even know if I stand a chance, that's why I've been waiting for the SAR, as a loss could cost me well over a grand and all for nothing if the CCJ is still there.
  4. Another thing, they say they have photographic evidence of the entry and exit times, but have not included it in the SAR. If they have photos shouldn't they provide them in the SAR? And if they don't have them now, how can they prove anything? Should I ask OBS to produce the photos?
  5. Brassnecked you said DCBL are being toothless bullies but as the letter says, 'This case is not subject to high court or bailiff action', I was assuming they wouldn't be allowed to visit the property anyway, and even if they did, they aren't entitled to enter or to take anything away,,, isn't that the case?
  6. Yes totally agree, I posted the full letter from DCBL a second ago. That deal was offered before I asked for the SAR's, I rejected it.
  7. Hi Brassnecked: There was no suggestion of any extra fees only this line which relates to the judgement: You have failed to make payment of £409 pounds for an outstanding County Court Judgement. The solictors could have made a mistake, because they were suggesting if I paid up now, the total amount would be £3I9 + £I00 court fee to set aside, = £4I9. But I realise this is unlikely to be the reason. MAybe I should write to DCB Legal to ? it. You mentioned are they trying to get to £600, I wonder is there any interest being added to this CCJ? The original amount of the charge from OBC as they were, was only £I00, but they added £60 on for damages and more for interest.
  8. Hi everyone: The Letter from DCBL says: You have failed to make payment of £409 pounds for an outstanding County Court Judgement. But the outstanding amount on the Judgement is only £319? Also on the back of their letter it says: This case is not subject to High Court or Bailiff action. Does anyone know what this means? Does this site accept images or do I need to type out the SAR that has arrived from OBS? Cheers
  9. Hi. I just checked my emails and I don't know how I missed it, OBS replied with the SAR yesterday, right on the 30 day mark. From earlier comments I was under the impression the court may reject my N244 without a valid reason to set aside, so I contacted the ICO as DX etc suggested and emailed OBS again telling them I was going to email the court for a SAR. OBS have sent me what looks like the original letter and several other attempts to contact me at my previous address up to 2018.
  10. Hi Everyone DCBL have sent me a Notice of Debt Recovery, saying I must respond within 14 days of the date of the letter. The letter has taken 7 days to arrive, so was either back dated or sent via Dubai. Any thoughts?
  11. Evening all. The SAR has arrived from DCB legal, however it is pointless, the only pertinant things in the DCB l SAR are a single LETTER OF CLAIM from them dated I9th February 2020, a copy of the letter and email I sent to them asking for the Set Aside and a rough transcript of my recent telephone conversation to Set Aside, which they say they didn't record, but I did and it's different to what they are saying now. The guy told me to pay and the judgment would be set aside, there was no suggestion it would not be, yet in the letter he said that he told me there is no guarantee the court will set it aside... I am certain they sent more than one letter to my current address this year prior to the claim/CCJ arriving, but only one is included. Also they must have written to the court to action the claim and CCJ, that is not included. This thing's been going on for five years, so where are the letters to my previous addresses etc. This suggests either DCB L are holding out or OBS were using a different solicitor. Still not recieved a SAR from OBS. The guy at Experian vaguely mentioned that somewhere on the Information Ombudsman Website, it says you can write to DCB L and instruct them to forward the SAR onto OBS, on my behalf, as OBS is their client and they have not responded to my letters or emails etc, anyone heard of this, I couldn't find it?
  12. Hi everyone. When checking OBS address online, there appears to be hundreds of businesses registered at the same address, are they using some sort of registered address and not an actual working address, in order to avoid unwanted visits from those they have scammed? SARS: I tracked the SARs (sent special delivery), DCBL received theirs and have sent me a message saying they will reply 'in due course'. For whatever reason OBS were not there to sign for their SAR, so I also emailed the SAR to OBS, but they have not responded. The question is, as I need to ensure OBS get the SAR, does anyone know if there is any legal way I can ask/tell DCBL to forward a copy of the SAR onto OBS, as they will obviously know the contact address of their own client? I can authorise them to send it to avoid data protection conflicts etc. Any thoughts?
  13. Thanks for the support £250 to Set Aside and then a chance of winning, vs paying £416 and run the risk the Court will not remove it from my credit report anyway! I may be ok for time now, I've been on the phone all day and I think I've managed to find a new place to rent. I will wait for the SAR's to return, they were posted signed for, so they cannot deny receiving them. I now have all this documented, so the courts can see the reason I have not applied to Set Aside immediately is because I am waiting for the SAR's and also because both OBS was unavailable and DCB Legal did not respond to me until today because they were closed due to the lockdown. This should actually help my case, as lockdown was the reason I didn't receive the Claim also.
  14. DCB Legal have now sent an email. They only put my name in the email subject header. My name or reference are not mentioned anywhere in the actual letter, here it is, copied and pasted in it's entirety (including their misspelling of alternatively): Good Afternoon, Further to our telephone conversation today, providing you pay the full amount of £316.95 plus court fee of £100.00 we will draft a Consent Order to file at Court requesting the Judgment dated 22nd April 2020 be set aside and registration cancelled. Payment of £416.95 can be made over the telephone on 0203 434 0433. Alternativeley our bank details are as follows :- DCB Legal Ltd Client Account Sort Code: 20xxxxx Account no: 60xxxxx Please ensure you quote reference XXXX x XXX when making payment. Kind Regards, DCB Legal Ltd
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