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  1. The argument I have with them is the fact they listed the outhouse roof as slate opposed to the correct material being asbestos. We have now have a positive result from a lab test that we ended up paying for, I was asking them to cover the cost of the tests if it came back as asbestos as they where the ones asking us too do it but every reply from them that question was always ignored. When we bought the property the shed roof whilst water tight wasn't in the best condition as the edges of the tiles had started to curl up so we had planned to replace the roof thinking
  2. Sorry for the text heavy post, we are getting nowhere with them, I need some help deciding our next steps, I have a couple more emails as PDFs that I need to attach below. Dear PIXel_92, We confirmed in our previous email that our offer would be made available until Friday 14 August 2020. This offer was presented as a gesture of goodwill based on the information you have provided in support of your claim. Thus far, we have not had sight of a Specialist Report confirming the presence of Asbestos or quotations for the required works. Since you have not furnished us w
  3. I don't understand why an NDA was needed if a refund in full was on the table the whole time, why would he risk his refund by posting what you describe as slander. Just wonder if anyone else has removed valid reviews just to get a refund.
  4. I have given them independent reports from two roofers that say they are beyond salvageable due to the upward curl on most of them along with a few cracked. I have given them 3 quotes for removal (I was / am happy to pay for the reroof, but was based on it being slate as I could have taken it down myself.) They have been out and taken photos themselves of the current roof along with pictures I sent in when we first found out it was asbestos after that was done was when they offered the £200 and they wouldn't comment any further on the matter. They have as
  5. Heya, Sorry for the delayed reply. Its a free standing brick outhouse away from the main property. We paid for the middle homebuyers report not the basic valuation one but not the top end one. I asked for an update to my last email and their reply was essentially ignoring my email and saying you missed out on the £200 goodwill offer but we will extend it and that's all we are saying. I have since found out two friends are also having issues with missed issues on their properties one that was in plain sight and is against building
  6. Can the two pictures be read OK? Just my scanner is not playing ball. The letter was sent in PDF format so I have uploaded that one. Cheers
  7. Did you sell it via the Global Shipping Program? The first case he opened sounds like a I would like to return the item case (you have the option to decline returns for unwanted items.) The second case he opened sounds like a Not as Described case, these can't be rejected, you have to resolve the issue in time with the buyer or they can escalate it too ebay and they will decide the outcome and it never works out for the seller. Annoyingly alot of buyers abuse this return system to get money back when the item returned is actually fine they just changed th
  8. Here is the letter response from the claim as a PDF. Will have to scan the other couple of pages from the report later on. Thanks LulworthRoad42_Letter150720.pdf
  9. Thanks, for some reason it posted the main part twice, probably my phone. The only reason why this has become an issue was we wanted to reroof the outhouse since moving in as all the tiles are curling up and it's just a bit of a mess all round and had we known / suspected it be asbestos meaning an additional cost to remove we would have lowered our offer to cover it. After I asked for some time to seek some legal advise / research they emailed back saying that their good will gesture will only be offered until the 24th of June. Whilst they say they don't
  10. Hi all, We bought a property in 2017 and on the property there is an outhouse that I was using to do some work in. In February 2020 we had high winds and it dislodged a couple of tiles and water got it, we had a roofer come round and he said to me "you realise this is all asbestos," I didn't. We looked back at the buyer report and it had the outside roof listed as slate and no mention of asbestos, so we lodged a complaint with the surveyors. They picked up the complaint but due to COVID they shortly after closed the office, about a week ago t
  11. Where you aware of the issues you listed at the point you purchased the car ?
  12. Well you are within the 30 day window to reject the goods. There are a few other threads that you could look at for reference but what you need to do is reject the car and make the dealer aware you are doing so in writing. Looking at their reviews on Google and Auto Trader they seem like a Reputable company and I don't see them dissapearing over night over something like this.
  13. I think you will be asked for the following when the more knowledgeable guys turn up; When did you purchase the car? Name of the dealer? How did you pay the deposit, Cash/Debit/Credit? Have you made the seller aware of any of the problem and if so has the dealer offered any repairs?
  14. I flew to Sweden on Thursday last week by Saturday morning I had a sore throat, chesty cough and occasionally very slight shortness of breath (put this down to blocked nose and having to breath through mouth.) It has started to wear off, should I have really gone to the doctors in case ?
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