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  1. If you take it to Currys make sure you take pictures. There have been issues of items coming back fixed but damaged and all scratched up etc.
  2. The owner of the garage was away for a week so should be phoning me today. Had it at another couple body shops and they have noticed that the rear door doesn't line up with the front door or rear arch panel, they have made the comment that the support column between the two doors could potentially be damaged.
  3. I like the car, not a fan that it's had these problems. Problem is the next cheapest EV they have is a Tesla at £40k so if I take it back to him it will be for the cash value or my part-ex and cash (If I am forced to do it like that as they still have it listed.) Is he responsible for collecting the car if he is offering to repair it and refuses to take it back (having to collect it may change his mind) or do I have to drive it over too him? Just it is about a 2 hour drive on a good day I would prefer him to collect.
  4. @90CXS - got a rough quote for £600 but they needed to get it on the ramp and check how bad it actually is. Told the dealer, he didn't like that. Said if I get more daft quotes he will sort it. My thinking is if he takes it back does a sub par job I can reject that as his one chance of repairing it?
  5. Been speaking back and forth with the dealer. They are asking me to get quotes to put the rust and the possible bad repair right. They seem to think it should cost around £100, my partner has had two panels repaired after a brick was thrown at it at a back alley type place as she wasn't too concerned about the end finish as it was an older car and that was about £550, looked good from a distance but up close you could tell type thing and it was a standard type paint not metallic like my one. I am away for a week so when back will go to a couple places and get some prices but I am right in thinking I should be after a proper job where it is blended seamlessly etc.
  6. @90CXS- They are an independent dealer. However they specialise in Rolls Royce, Teslas, Lamborghinis and other highend sports / luxury cars. Me and my partner joked that this was the coffee car. In all honesty I think this may have been a friends or families car that they where doing a favour and it didn't get the same attention of the other cars around it, hence them not spotting the horrible creaking sound, dodgy/dangerous wiring in the fuse box and this rust issue. It is always why I think I felt like I could trust them more. I only went for this one as it was the one of the two e-golf with full leather and reverse cam for sale in the UK at the time. One thing I have noticed as well, the HPI check showed 2 registrations but my V5 shows 4 previous keepers, I don't know if this is a legitimate thing as I don't buy and sell cars.
  7. @dx100uk - I have no idea if this was done by them or not. My main concerns are if the sill is damaged it could impact its integrity and also that the rust damage wasn't there when the car was sold or at least not to the point it was impacting the paint.
  8. Done a bit more investigation and it seems to be failed crash damage repair, knocking on the panels the one effected makes a duller noise. This may also explained the initial complaint I had of a huge creaking noise. I bought it from a dealership in person but paid a deposit over the phone to hold it, it wasn't there when inspected in person and looking at the pictures of the car the salesperson sent me before I went down it wasn't there either. It definitely is early onset as its only minnorly broken through a small amount of the paint work but near enough the whole bottom lip of the door has started to bubble along with the back half of the sill. I did have a read through and spoken to the salesperson, they haven't outright said yes or no to doing something about it yet, just annoying as it's a 2 and a half hour drive each way and I don't have access to another car.
  9. It isn't anything related to the rust issue, but on the same side at the rear the car was making a horrible creaking noise like an old wooden ship creaking type sound when driving at slow speeds over small bumps or going up a curb. Dealer said take it to VW so I did and they said that the repair was covered in the £60 inspection fee, they said there was an issue with the brake potentiometer, I am guessing it may have been dry. I can't say it was related to the dealer but a 20a fuse blade had wire wrapped around it as it was blown and jammed into the fuse box and then what I would consider a fire hazard of a wire had been jammed into the fuse location, it was a scrap bit of thin metal cut to fit in a chocolate block connector and then into a thin guage wire into another bit of chocolate block then into a thicker gauge wire, it had then been chopped off behind the glove box, it was into a 12v feed so I am guessing it was used for a dash cam.
  10. Thanks for the info. The problem is potentially the sill, I also wouldn't have expected a 4 year old car to start rusting. The detailer said it looks to have recently come to the surface as the paint is still ontop of the build up underneath. I have messaged them to see if they are willing to help, it isn't the first issue I have had with the car unfortuantly this isn't the first issue with the car I have had.
  11. Hi all, I bought an 2018 e-golf just over two months ago. Being a black car and it showing every defect in the paint I chose to have someone detail it to protect the paint and avoid swirls using a drive through one. When he was finished he asked me to have a look at the bottom of the rear door and sill as he thinks there has been repair work as he noticed a fair amount of surface rust that is now bubbling through the paint on the underside of the sill and edge of the door. On a closer look the wheel arch is also not as defined as it is on the drivers side so it has definitely had some form of work. When I did a HPI it did pass with no red flags and I didn't notice it at the dealership but it didn't get under the car either. Do I have any right to ask them to either take the vehicle back or have the rust defect sorted at their cost? Thanks
  12. The argument I have with them is the fact they listed the outhouse roof as slate opposed to the correct material being asbestos. We have now have a positive result from a lab test that we ended up paying for, I was asking them to cover the cost of the tests if it came back as asbestos as they where the ones asking us too do it but every reply from them that question was always ignored. When we bought the property the shed roof whilst water tight wasn't in the best condition as the edges of the tiles had started to curl up so we had planned to replace the roof thinking it would just be slate removal and a new roof as they stated that it was a slate roof. When we come to get a quote for it whilst the roofer was replacing a tile that slipped he was the one that mentioned it was asbestos and due to that we have had quotes for £1600-£2000 to remove it. If it was slate I was going to tear it off myself.
  13. Sorry for the text heavy post, we are getting nowhere with them, I need some help deciding our next steps, I have a couple more emails as PDFs that I need to attach below. Dear PIXel_92, We confirmed in our previous email that our offer would be made available until Friday 14 August 2020. This offer was presented as a gesture of goodwill based on the information you have provided in support of your claim. Thus far, we have not had sight of a Specialist Report confirming the presence of Asbestos or quotations for the required works. Since you have not furnished us with any additional information we are unable to provide any further comments on the matter at this time. If you’re able to provide the requested information we will be happy to review the matter and discuss it further with you. Kind regards, Customer Relations ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dear Walker Dunn, I have on two occasions offered to have it tested further than a visual inspection but if it comes back as asbestos you cover the costs, you asked me for the costs involved in getting it tested and you neither agreed to nor declined to cover that cost if it came back as asbestos, again I am happy to have it tested but if it comes back as asbestos to have those costs covered. I have sent communication from a roofer on headed paper confirming they belive it to be asbestos but they aren't registered to remove it. I am happy to get three formal quotes written on paper and provide them, I have spoken to a roofer that deals in asbestos that was here to do another job at the time and he said just going off rough size it would be approximately £2000 to remove the roof and dispose of the asbestos. I will get some quotes over the next week and get back to you with them. Regards ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dear Walker Dunn, Could I please get confirmation regarding if you are going to cover the cost of testing if it does come back as positive before I go ahead with it. I now have 3 quotes for removal of the asbestos too. My solicitors has also forwarded me this to read through, https://www.rics.org/uk/upholding-professional-standards/regulation/how-we-regulate/disciplinary-process/panel-hearings/disciplinary-panel-hearings/walker-dunn-limited-and-colin-walker/. This will be our next step going to the RICS / property ombudsman as we seem to be getting nowhere and it has been going on for some time due to you not answering the above question. If you don't answer it we can get it tested and look at legal action to recover the money at a later date if that's how you want to do it. Regards ************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dear PIXeL_92 It has been explained to you in previous correspondence that the roof tiles that are the subject of your complaint, at the time of inspection were heavily covered in moss. It is in your agreed terms that the surveyor will not carry out an asbestos survey and is not required to scrape away moss if the surface below is obscured. The surveyor will carry out only a visual inspection and comment on defects visible at the time of inspection. Roofs can fail at any time particularly in periods of inclement weather. As stated in your report, the surveyor confirmed that the roof was in a satisfactory condition at the time of inspection therefore would not require replacement in the immediate future. The subject building is a utility building and is not a habitable room of the main property. As previously explained, tiles on an outbuilding of this nature would not affect the property value. You state you would have factored in the cost of removal/replacement into the purchase offer however as advised at the time of inspection the tiles were in a satisfactory condition and you have not sought to replace the tiles in the three years following the date of inspection. This confirms the comments provided by the surveyor. You have previously stated that the roof became damaged due to high winds and the roofing specialist you instructed to replace the broken tiles made you aware of the possibility that the tiles may contain asbestos. However, you have not yet had the tiles tested to confirm the presence of asbestos. Our surveyor revisited your property and confirmed that you have had the damaged roof tiles replaced. A roof that contains asbestos will only become a health and safety risk if it is disturbed and it therefore seems odd that the roofing contractor was happy to replace the tiles if in fact asbestos was present. We understand that raising a complaint and progressing to legal action as you have suggested you wish to do can be a lengthy drawn-out and expensive process with no guarantee of success. If necessary, we will notify our legal team to address this matter on our behalf however, we are happy to attempt to settle this matter in advance to avoid prolonged communications and extending this matter for many more months. In an effort to conclude this matter to the satisfaction of all parties, we shall increase our goodwill offer to £500 in full and final settlement of this matter. This offer will be available until Thursday 27 August 2020. There will be no further offers made after this date. I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely, Walker Dunn MRICS ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dear Walker Dunn, Apologies on the delayed reply unfortunately I had to attend to some personal matters that left me unable to reply to emails. A few points I want to make regarding your previous letter. You mention at the time of the inspection that the surface of the tiles was covered in moss and obscured the view of the tiles, we however have pictures from when we moved in showing this was not the case, whilst there is moss on the tiles it in no way obscured to the point that the material would have been assessed incorrectly and you can also see the curling of the edges to a large amount of the tiles and this is a characteristic of asbestos. You state in the report that the roof was in satisfactory condition, however, if the roof was indeed slate that your report indicated this would have been correct however the curled edges of asbestos tiles indicate that they are fatigued and need replacing and that is not satisfactory condition, again the material was not identified correctly at the time of the report. As for this point "You state you would have factored in the cost of removal/replacement into the purchase offer however as advised at the time of inspection the tiles were in a satisfactory condition and you have not sought to replace the tiles in the three years following the date of inspection. This confirms the comments provided by the surveyor." We had put away money to have this done, at the time as it was deemed slate in your report we didn't prioritise this as a repair, as you know the roof of the main property was in an awful state and was leaking into the bedroom this took priority along with having all the plumbing in the bathroom replaced as we discovered it was stuffed with kitchen roll under the bath to hide a set of leaking pipes that eventually made its way into the kitchen. We then also had a passing in the family that took us away from the local area for around a month and then my partners dad became homeless due to a gas explosion that destroyed his property so we had to accommodate him for a year and half so most work we had planned got put on hold. This doesn't confirm your comments in your report, this just allows you to assume it did as it wasn't done straight away however this was not the case. We have all the paperwork and invoices to show the above work was done to the main property along with pictures along with all the details surrounding the gas explosion. We don't agree that part of a building being a habitable room of the main property makes a difference in our case, of course any structure on a property would affect the properties overall value when offers are being made as you make your offer based on the overall property and if you wanted to use the outbuilding for a specific reason you would be more inclined to go for a property that dose have an outbuilding over one that doesn't or if you want another example one with a swimming pool selling for a higher amount as that is considered a premium. You then say "You have previously stated that the roof became damaged due to high winds and the roofing specialist you instructed to replace the broken tiles made you aware of the possibility that the tiles may contain asbestos. However, you have not yet had the tiles tested to confirm the presence of asbestos." We had the roofer come and take a look instructing him that we wanted two slate tiles replacing due to us believing at the time the roof was slate based on your report, he then mentioned from a simple visual inspection that they are in fact asbestos. He said he could replace them with two slate tiles but we would have dispose of the two slipped asbestos ones safely as he wasn't licensed to do so, they were removed in a safe manor to avoid cracking them due to how brittle they were. We have at several times offered to have them tested for you if you would cover the costs of testing if they are in fact asbestos tiles but this simple question has still remained un answered, so for this reason we have now booked a test and this will be added to the costs we will be pursing if and when we are forced to go down the legal route along with all legal cost and the cost of disposal and replacement of the roof, as mentioned before I just wanted the disposal costs covered, but our solicitor has now advised us we should be entitled to have the full costs awarded so we are left in the same place financially along with the roof material matching the report. Our next step would be to have the test results come back, and send those tests results if they come back as positive with the invoice and three quotes for removal of asbestos to yourselves to decide if you want to cover those costs or if you wish to continue with legal proceedings and as mentioned before if we have to issue legal proceedings we will be asking for all costs to be covered and a complaint to the RICS and Ombudsman will also be issued. Unfortunately at this point we are rejecting your £500 settlement but if you decided you wanted to settle it without facing any potential legal action or complaint we would settle for the sum of £2000 and that will be the matter resolved, we believe this to be a fair amount as the testing has now cost us £150 and the mid range quote has come in at £1900. Regards Robert Atkins ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************** Dear PIXeL_92 I refer to your email sent on 7th September. I am disappointed and dismayed that you have decided to not accept our very reasonable offer. We have now notified our legal team in preparation should you decide to proceed along the legal route. You have told us you are receiving legal advice, therefore I am sure that your solicitor will have explained to you that in matters of alleged negligence, if the court finds in your favour, they can only make an award on the basis of diminution of value and not the cost of repairs. Therefore to quantify the diminution in value you would need to obtain a report from another surveying firm that identifies the value of your property three years ago with a slate roof to the outbuilding and the value of the property three years ago with an asbestos roof to the outbuilding. To do this effectively, the surveyor would have to identify comparable properties in the area with and without such roofs to be able to justify his findings. This would be no easy task. To further complicate matters, the guidelines set out for the court are that they only award losses based upon diminution of value that exceed 5% of the property value, which is considered a reasonable margin of error for surveyor to work within. In this instance therefore, you would be required to identify a loss in excess of £6,000. This figure does not include your legal costs. Because this is a claim for alleged negligence and not for a debt, it is not a matter that can be dealt with by the Small Claims Court, it would have to be heard by a higher court. This would mean we would then be able to claim the costs of our barrister, solicitor and any experts for however many days the hearing lasts, plus you would have your own costs, if you were unable to prove your claim. Once you submit a claim, you are unable to then back out without incurring costs. I hope you find this advice helpful and I am sure that if you present this letter to your solicitor, he will be able to verify whether the above information is correct. We will await your response on how you intend to proceed. Yours sincerely, Colin Walker MRICS
  14. I don't understand why an NDA was needed if a refund in full was on the table the whole time, why would he risk his refund by posting what you describe as slander. Just wonder if anyone else has removed valid reviews just to get a refund.
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