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  1. Hello, They did turn up but not very prepared. It wasn't the same person who had submitted their papers and sounded like he had just read the papers. The judge sounded on my side from the beginning. The focus was on whether I had parked outside marked lines and whether there actually were lines. The judge said my picture showed no line or faint. He asked the claimant several times do you agree / accept there are faint markings there and the guy accepted based on what he could see as he has no other knowledge of the case The judge asked me some basic question. Did u see a notice and where you able to stop and read it Were there other cars there ( to which he asked the claimant if they had been ticketed ) and if I had anything to add . To which I added about the COP signage and marking The claimant tried to add case law which the judge rejected as wasn't in their WS. The judge spent 75% of the time talking to the claimant and asked me those questions then came to the judgement that due to poor markings he was judging there was no case. I didn't have the opportunity to ask for compensation. Sorry probably too much info !
  2. Hello! Me again I have a court date of 24th March The claimant have resent me their bundle from the original court date. Do I need to do anything in prep or just turn up? Thanks as always
  3. I should hear back today before 1 pm. Re the day off , the letter said something along the lines of the hearing time isn't guaranteed court often overruns , so I have no choice but to take the whole day off Hearing will be relisted within next 6 months
  4. What happens in the court if it does go ahead ? Like the actual process ? Do they read the WS and that's it? At which point do I ask for the set aside fees? Can I ask for the cost of my day off work? The court have just called me and they've double booked so it maybe relisted .
  5. Received this today.. 'We have received your Application dated 22nd May 2021 and note the content. The Witness Statement on behalf of the Claimant has been filed at the Court and served upon you in response to your Application. The Court have been notified that our Client’s attendance has been excused at the hearing on 25th November 2021. ' This means they won't be attending? Any idea on how that works when they're meant to be setting up the call?
  6. sent. gone. stress levels gone down! so now its just wait for the court case right? nothing further to do? i could not have done this without you guys. thank you thank you thank you! i have a question that kept me up last night, the original court case back in Feb, one parking solution would have had to submitt a witness statement also and serve to me 14 days prior to the court case right? i never received this .
  7. final copy WS thanks for all your pointers and help and giving me the hope to fight this! i havet added the information about POFA becuase i have been reading for an hour and cant get my head round it! i have left the points about trying to contact the various law firms or whoever they are that threatned as i want to show that i have tried to resolve this and not just left it to court. defendants WS (2).pdf
  8. Thanks for all the suggestions and pointers. Really appreciated A trainee lawyer friend had helped me with the set aside and she added the transfer of debt. But I will remove. I will add the other points that I understand and feel confident speaking about in court if questioned . Just need to put baby to sleep. I will upload in case anyone can check or at least future people to see how to do it or not to do it and will submit before midnight! Am I OK to refer to their witness statement?
  9. I understand. It is what it is. Life doesn't run smoothly. If you guys have time to look at the WS great if not it's all good too.
  10. Hi , thank you so much for all your help so far . i have left this WS very late and need to submit it today (10th ) or tomorrow at the latest . i fear if i copy too much from other WS with court cases and am asked about it in court i wont be able to reply as they are too confusing! i cant see on their WS how much they are claiming for, the original claim form i have has the amout of 211.21 plus court fees and legal rep fees and that is the amount i put in WS they claim in their WS that they can ask for more money as this isnt their usual business - that's made me angry . do i need to address that in my WS ? defendants WS.pdf
  11. i received their witness statement today! hopefully this time i have redacted everything properly. thank you @dx100ukfor hiding the previous! am going to make a start on my WS today. Full bundle pag (1).pdf
  12. thank you @FTMDavei havent had a witness statement from them, but i have their witness statement from the set aside . its a very large document and i cant post it on here 20 +mb this is the written part . i will figure out a way to add the rest if its important? Claimants WS.pdf
  13. Am panicking. The statements am seeing all sound very professional and am not good with my words! Whats the worst that can happen if I go back to their settle out of court offer with a counter offer ?
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