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  1. Thanks! Have done so and they've replied we've passed it on to dcb as they're the company dealing with the charge.
  2. I am sending this to them. Any feedback appreciated! To whom it may concern, Your agent DCb have been sending letter to my old address. Please note my new address which has been changed with DVLA for at least two years is : xxxxxxx I dispute the Parking charge notice that was issued originally and have contacted your agents previously of such and have not received any correspondence back. The car park is a disgrace and more like a dumping tip . Furthermore, your agent has added on an unlawful fee to the PCN which several judges in court have said is an abuse
  3. Reloaded those letters, hopefully no personal data this time I also found the photo I took of the bays , but i realise now they arent of my car in the carpark , just the car park with poor markings So points of action - contact SRA - contact OPS rather than DCB with my new address? So ignore DCb completely? -are there any example letters on here I can use ? Thanks so much , its SO appreciated! pda (1).pdf
  4. Thank you so much for the replies already! Just to add to the original post , I no longer live at the address that they've send the letter to (have changed my address with DvLa) not sure if it makes a difference For a windscreen ticket 1 The date of infringement? 11th February 2017 2 Have you yet appealed to the parking company yet? Yes. I dont have any evidence of it as it was from 3 years ago. I sent photos of the car park and my parking ticket . I still have the paid parking ticket has there been a response? No.
  5. hi everyone, I hope you're well and thank you for reading! I got a fine from one parking solution in 2017. I had apparently parked in an marked bay , but at the time the car park was a dumping ground with fridges, washing machines everywhere and the lines on the floor not really visible so I didn't even realise it wasn't a bay. Just looked like a messy car park. Anyway I got a fine. I contacted them with photos to appeal and got no response. A year later a letter from a debt collectors, i followed advise online which was to send two letters one with an
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