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  1. i attach all 3 files from the council which date back to 1994. They were unable to find anything else in relation to car parking permits or erection of ANPR cameras etc. There is nothing else specific to CEL of which they can provide me. 35731.pdf 42365.pdf 41585.pdf I have not heard back from CEL in response to my letter i sent.
  2. Ok, upon a postcode search and location search 'burger king' and 'west forest gate' on the councils website there is nothing in relation to CEL or any parking planning applications. I will contact the council.
  3. Ok, understood not fines but at this stage am I waiting for future correspondence from them and/or response to my snotty letter?
  4. Hi Community, me again! So they responded to my DSAR I sent on 18th Aug, They responded on the 9th Sept. They haven't responded to my snotty letter yet. In summary of the DSAR. Offence date: 4th Dec 2017 From: 04/12/17 16:16:43 to 17:29:40 Offence: Exceeded maximum 60 minutes free parking Fine: £100 or £60 within 14 days First letter date: 02/07/2018 First PCN letter date: 02/07/2018 (this is 8 months post offence date) Second letter date: 05/09/2018 (wrong address) Letter stating price has gone up to £140 and if not paid, will be passed
  5. DSAR Written, Snotty Letter written... Awaiting ink... will post tomorrow and update this thread in due course!
  6. Highly unlikely that I'd have any trace of this i've been with 3 banks since then and no doubt i would have used cash and not kept a simple BK receipt!
  7. Hehehe, i dont like to sit on things!!! So I've made the changes you suggested. On another forum, they advised emailing all of this to not waste any further of my time. Do you have any objections to emailing this letter and the DSAR?
  8. How's this? To whom it concerns, I am in receipt of your letter dated the 3rd August 2020 and have noted its contents. You state that I should consider this to be a letter before action. Unfortunately for you I cannot accept this shoddily thrown together piece of tripe to be a LBA as it fails miserably to come anywhere near an LBA as required under the revised Civil Procedure Regulations and so would expect a court to summarily dismiss any claim later made by you or your client on that basis. So, to make sure that there is no misunderstanding, I deny that any m
  9. Hello all, Today I've received a 'LETTER BEFORE ACTION - CLAIM FOR DEBT' from Civil Enforcement Limited for a supposed breach of parking 32 months ago. They haven't provided me any evidence to my address which I've lived at and been registered to for the past 24 months. They have sent me a form to reply to which is asking for name, address, contact number, email and to comment whether I owe the debt, i am getting debt advice and another section where i can ask them for further documents or information. At this stage I cannot confirm that I had parked at th
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