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  1. I have proof that the default was removed from my Experian credit. lowell haven’t changed the date. OVO removed the default early. The default entry from lowell matches the exact information of the now closed OVO. in the past when a DC takes over, they register a default matching the other open. In this instance, the lender closed theirs and then 5 months later the DC has added one.
  2. Was just an argument about the default start date. OK, so even if the original lender closed the default, the debt collector can open a new one. Weird world we live in.
  3. Hi all, to the point, Lowell have re-registered a default on my CF which OVO removed 5-6 months ago. It hadn’t been 6 years but I thought they were done with my complaints. now, lowell have added a default. is this allowed? I’ve won cases with the ombudsman to have a default removed due to incorrect entry date. Could this be another win or not? thanks!
  4. Thank you all. This wouldn't have been achieved without your excellent help. May I ask, can they open a new claim against me?
  5. Good morning, I called the county court this morning. They advised that they received a notice of discontinuance this morning!
  6. Thank you both. And so, their end date of the reduced offer is before the payment due date of the court. I'm assuming I can wait to see if they pay the fee before providing any witness statement? How will i be informed of court fee payment?
  7. Just thinking on this one, the letter I received from CEL starts with 'without prejudice' if I were to respond to them refusing their offer and offering even less with 'without prejudice' at the start of my email would they be able to use this in court. My assumption is that I wouldn't be able to use their offer letter and say "look, they're happy with £85 yet they want £330 from me today in court". To the professionals here, does this look like they won't even go ahead and pay the court fee to proceed? I could really do without the stress this coming december.
  8. Received a letter today from civil enforcement offering me to settle this by paying the ‘original discounted sum of £60 plus court fee of £25’. Blah blah I’d it goes to trial we will seek the claim sum of £303.35. Confirm settlement before close of business 28/11/21.
  9. All I have had is a ‘notice of allocation to the small claims track’ and ‘general form of judgement or order’. Thanks in advance,
  10. No witness statement received yet. Hmmm.. yeah... I'm in the land of casinos etc and that date will be a friends 30th., I would prefer this to be moved.
  11. Hi guys, ok so its happened. Received today dated 30th October. "General form of judgement order" & "Notice of allocation to the small claims track (hearing) 21st December. 1. First and foremost, I am not in the country of the date which they've given. At the time of hearing, it will be 5am in the country. 2. The hearing will be remote via Teams 3. Any tips from here please?
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