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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all, I filled Barclaycards online PPI claim form in regarding an Egg card paid off a couple of years ago. One week later (yesterday) I receive a letter from them acknowledging my claim form and outlining what will now happen. They say they will contact me by 10th March with an update and have also sent a form for me to send back submitting my bank details for any repayment of PPI. So not bad from them! However, I only asked them to research the Egg card but in the letter they say they have found two further card numbers "linked" to the Egg card and will investigate them too. Im not sure what this means. I had other credit cards around that time but they were separate cards from other card providers. They were not "linked" to the Egg card in any way. Could it simply be that they are now responsible for other cards I may have had by way of buying other companies as they did with Egg? Thanks all.
  2. Dear All, I filled out the online form for Barclaycard to reclaim my PPI, which I never realised that I had. I get a reply this week enclosing a copy of a letter dated November 2014 that apparently they sent me when I applied for return of PPI the last time??? I have zero memory of doing this and I am not convinced they are telling me the truth. In any case they are telling me that nothing was miss sold and I am not getting any money back. It seems like a generic letter and they have used internal and external evidence to reach this decision. They have also included the "linked cards" that where on my account? I have no idea what the linked cards are. Does anyone have any ideas? I am about to send a new letter to Barclays advising them that I never received the letter dated November 2014, can they please provide copies of all credit contracts between barclay card and myself and also copies of all the evidence internal and external that supports their case so that I can take this case to the next stage. I would also like supporting evidence that shows me that the PPI was not missold. I have advised that i will take the case to the BO. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Does anyone have any experience as what has happened once they get a letter asking for the supporting evidence? Finally what linked cards? Many Thanks
  3. Well, it's been a while since I've been on here. it was thanks to you guys on CAG that turned my life around in 2005/6 and stopped my stupid spending/credit splurge. I sent the prove it letters to my creditors and that was that. they screamed, shouted and yelled. threatened allsorts, but I stood firm and in the end the debts have fallen off my file. so they can 'nanas for it now. (still get the occasional letter asking me to contact them to discuss payment terms - yeah right) but anyways - hi everyone! I posted this on the Facebook group, and after a few replies and digging a bit , it was suggested I post it on the main forum pages for more thorough advice. So here goes. Once the date passed for the debts I talked about above to drop off my file, I got on to Experian and Equifax and got hold of my file. at the time. I thought to myself. heck. that'll be enough. Sure enough. I was debt free (in the eyes of my file anyway) so I left it alone. Few years ago (2012 ish) me and the OH decided we needed a loan to wrap up a few debts that she'd got before we met and to make life a bit easier. I'd been knocked out of the work market by a broken ankle that didn't heal properly and was on DLA at the time. She got refused as we'd had a few problems in the while I was off. So I thought. let's use my nice fresh credit file! result (ok so we embellished the application forms to make it look like I was earning) - refused I put the refusal down to income, but it didn't help our financial problems. So out came the payday loans. Soon we were borrowing from one to pay the other. And then my DLA stopped despite me not being able to work. I wasn't eligible for benefits as the OH was earning too much. so we spiralled. I've ended up with 4 defaults on my file again. and the OH had a handful too. So here comes the kicker. being the 'old hand' at the debt game that I am, the DCA can't frighten me. They keep hitting a dead end with their threato-grams So I decided recently, out of curiosity, to sign up for Noddle, since I could get my credit file for free. Of course, this would be the first time I've ever had my credit file from Callcredit. I get my gile and what do I find? In July 2011, 1st Credit created a link between me and someone else with the same forename, surname and DOB as me, but they are from Romford Essex. I'm from Sheffield - lived here all my life. never lived anywhere else. The difference is, my middle initial is L and this guy's is P on my file now is this other guys: Full name, Address DOB Mortgage and Mortgage account details + history His personal bank account A CCJ he received in January 2011 So no wonder I couldn't get credit. I've asked Callcredit to remove the address, name and accounts but they have so far refused citing that there is a proven link. I've sent a rather strongly worded email suggesting that I could report them to the ICO for a breach, not sure if that is right so what now? any suggestions? (sorry for the long rambling post!)
  4. Dear all, I had two credit cards with Lloyds which I settled in 2010. The debts were at my previous address (when I was with my partner) and that address is linked to where I am now. I have been away from the previous address since 2007. I settled the debts in 2010 but continually get refused credit because of the link. Although I settled the debts (and have statements to prove this), the Equifax records show settled in 2012. I spoke to Lloyds and they told me that the accounts were still open until 2012 although I remonstrated that I asked them to be closed once settled in 2010. I suggested that they correct Equifax to reflect the true settlement date and they refused. I wrote to the CEO and his office upheld the refusal. The trouble is that Equifax shows the "arrangement to pay" marker on both debts until 2010 and then green boxes until 2012 when they eventually closed the account. Lenders are knocking me back because of the adverse information. Lloyds never did default me for these, otherwise they would have dropped off after the six years. Sorry for the war and peace.... Questions: 1. Have I got to wait until 2018 before these records drop off? 2. Can I get the linked address removed at all and when? Thank you, Jim
  5. A credit card debt was defaulted in 2008 and I received a notice of assignment of it in 2012 to Lowell's. Soon after I received a solicitors letter saying 'we are giving you notice of legal action'. Sent Sec78 to original named lender, and Sec78 to Lowells. Original lender didn't respond, but after chasing Lowell's up they wrote saying "we've concluded debt is not linked to you, as such have removed your personal details from our data base, and you should contact the credit reference bureaus to review your credit file". They also returned the £1 postal order. The credit card debt is still showing on my credit file as in default to Lowell's using the credit card account number shown in the assignment - its nearly 6yrs since the default date listed. Despite supposedly removing me from their database, Lowell's have written to me again this year quoting the same Lowell's reference number, the same debt amount, and almost the same credit card number but they've changed one digit. The letter said one of our debt collection agencies will be in touch as you've failed to pay. Sent Sec78 again to original lender and Sec78 to Lowell's quoting new credit card number given. This time original lender wrote back saying information provided does not correspond to any of our records. But I have heard nothing from Lowell's. q1. Should I chase up Lowell's again about the ignored Sec78 request with the different credit card number? q2. Can I do anything about Lowells giving me a letter saying debt is not linked to you but them still being listed on my credit file with the credit card number and debt amount which they say is not linked to me? q3. Should I do anything Lowell's saying they've removed my personal details, yet two years later they are using the same Lowell reference number and debt amount linked to my name and address, but slightly different credit card number. Thanks for any help. Regrds.
  6. Is there a post anywhere showing which companies are linked together please? Its funny that as I phoned one company yesterday to make a payment suddenly I have 20 spam texts and emails from other PDL's offering me GUARANTEED MONEY FOR THE WEEKEND!!
  7. If this question has been asked before, I couldn't find it.. Please can a knowledgeable person explain to me why NCD is connected to a combination of person AND vehicle ? Surely NCD is applicable to the person driving, cars don't have accidents on their own ! This topic has vexed me for a while and only when I stumbled on this forum did I think I might get a proper answer from someone in the industry. I'm primarily interested in the logic behind the thinking, I'm not interested in a flame war, the rules are the rules, but I really don't understand the logic. Thanks
  8. I am having a problem with my insurance company and a claim. They are pointing to a clause that says that a particular item isn't covered for index linking and won't pay the value it was insured for because of this clause. I have discovered they have been increasing the insured value for it each year, is this not index linking? So which is right, they pay me less for wear and tear or the index linked full value? But should they have been doing this index linking for the item in the first place if their own clause states differently? They have been getting more insurance money as a result!
  9. My daughter has had her WTC stopped suddenly without warning as they say that they believe her husband is still supporting her. He is a soldier and has been living at camp since they separated over two years ago. He even has a new girlfriend. My daughter is still in the army house because the council will not rehouse her. They said she has been overpaid because of this and she has sent a letter from the army to prove where he is living but they say that he is still "financially linked " with her on her credit report! I think that he hasn't changed his address on his car insurance as he still visits to see the children but can they do this? They've left her without money!
  10. Hi, On my credit file there are two defaulted account associated with a linked address. I have no link with this address at all, it is a apartment block up the road from mine that is often mistaken for mine as the addresses appear similar. However, the accounts are mine and they are registered in my name. I know it is a long shot but before i contact them to rectify this would i have anything to argue to try remove these defaults on this basis? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  11. im not sure whether this is the correct forum but no doubt someone will be kind enough to move my post if necessary. Ive received a copy of my credit report and note a linked address dating back to 2008. I know of the address- it was that of a very short term girlfriend- but i never lived there, never obtained credit using the address and was never on the voters roll. Ive queried the entry with call credit and they tell me it was supplied by orange who are refusing to remove the entry. Given that i have lived at my existing address since 1994- and am on the voters roll throughout that time- how can I get this incorrect entry removed. Thanks
  12. Ok so im going get out of my payday loan mess, some i will clear this month and some I will default on. I need to find out what PDL companys are linked so I can ensure that i dont give new bank account details to one while defaulting to another, then wake up to find out they passed my details on and my new account was raided. So far ive found the following - 247 money box - Do they have links to other PDLs peachy - Do they have links to other PDLs Quid.co.uk - Do they have links to other PDLs Zebit - linked with lending stream Money shop - linked to payday express and PDUK Wonga - Do they have links to other PDLs Payday express - as above MS & PDUK PDUK - As above Cheque centre - Do they have links to other PDLs Swift Sterling - Do they have links to other PDLs Any input would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Decided to check my credit history, and on it I am linked to an old address where I grew up. There is a credit agreement with a relative's name on it (very similar to my first name, same quite unique last name) BUT my date of birth. Significant amount. Why was this linked to me? I haven't lived there in 10 years. There are credit cards and other credit agreements on my file that show my current and previous addresses, none of which is that address. I had NO cards or even a bank account when I lived at that address. Even the electoral roll, first time I registered on it, I lived elsewhere, but now that person is connected to me through this address. What do I do?
  14. Will cam now return the donation as it was funded by a "morally wrong" source? http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/jun/24/tory-donor-tax-avoidance?CMP=twt_gu
  15. I have written proof that the two are linked,amazingly in my favour. After failing the DLA medical i appealed,they reconsidered and then then sent me a letter saying i will get DLA and i quote "I made my decision using the information about your illnesses and disabilities from the health care professional who examined you for Employment and Support Allowance"
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