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  1. Could be worse,it could be an ex chat line number.
  2. Thank you for your reply DX. But why should they give incorrect information,or are they that incompetent. My apologies for my previous post, as it seems to have separated all over the place. Regards,John.
  3. Just an update. I have checked with the THREE shop in York,they think that I might have a recycled number,nothing to worry about they say. Regards,John.


    My apologies if I posted in the wrong section,as it relates to a credit card,Santander and Noddle. The story is that my payments do not tally with the balance on my card, this is according to my Noddle report. For example, my last payment on my card was for £500,but Noddle is showing a payment of £100. The balance on my card corresponds to a payment of £500. Looking further back on my report, February of this year, it is showing as 0 payment, but January is £220 and March is £110 .I know for a fact, that I did not make a payment of £220 in January, it was £110. There is no marker to indicate that it was not paid, just a green dot and OK in the status history. There are further discrepancies going further back. I will have to check with my card statements. Who is at fault, Santander or Noddle. Regards, John.
  5. Thank you for your reply. I do not think for one minute that the phone is reconditioned,I think that as I have already said,someone has called the SIM card number,before the card has been activated.Then when I put the card into the phone,the missed call has shown up. If the phone had been reconditioned,THREE or Apple would have put the phone into factory settings,which would have wiped everything clean.Then the missed call would not have been showing. Regards,John.
  6. Has anyone experienced this before. I got a new phone on contract from THREE on Friday 25th August.As one does,I had a play around with it.I looked in the recent calls log and was shocked to see it had a missed call from 29/06/2017.This call was 2 months before I got the phone.As when I got the phone,it was sealed up and the SIM card was sealed. The only explanation that I can think of,is that someone had inadvertently called the number before it was registered. Regards,John.
  7. Has anyone noticed the change in flavour of this brand of coffee.I have drinking it for at least 30 years,now they have changed the flavour,which is awful. The labelling seems the same,but if you look carefully,there is a little green oblong with the wording of NEW IMPROVED in it.Also the label says that it is double filter.I think that they have filtered all the flavour out.It also leaves a bitter taste in your mouth,similar to chicory,that lingers in your mouth for ages. On the complaints site there are lots of unhappy consumers.One person actually had the water board to check her water,thinking that it was the water and not the coffee that was at fault. I have checked with Sainsbury,Iceland,Morrisons and Tesco,they all say the same thing,"we are not aware that the brand had altered". So what is Nestle playing at,if this is a money making plan,they will lose out,as the consumers will migrate to other brands. They changed the flavour of Coca Cola some years ago and sales dropped 20%.They soon brought back the original flavour. The only comment that I can find from Nestle,is that there is bound to be some negative feed back when we change a brand As far as I am concerned,it is ........ RIP NESCAFÉ. Regards,John.
  8. With regard to Andrewman. Have you checked with your bank regarding the final Direct Debit. Several years ago, I cancelled a Three account. Some weeks later I received a letter from a DCA saying that I owed Three x amount. I went to the local Three shop, who explained that it was an admin error and forget about it. Some weeks later, another letter from the DCA,saying that I still owed money. I now went to my bank to see what had happened to the Direct Debit. The bank told me that Three had cancelled the Direct Debit before they had taken the final payment, then tried to reinstate it for the final payment. The bank had refused Three permission to reinstate the Direct Debit. Regards,John.
  9. I did mention it in an previous posting or thread,that United Kash told me that they would try and settle for more or less what the original loan was.They were working on figures taken from the Speed Credit loan sheet,which included inflated interest.So if they are prepared to chop 75% off the loan,this might be the inflated interest.I can only tell you what they told me over the telephone,as I do not have it in writing. As these accounts have been passed around various companies purporting to own the accounts,I do not think anyone has received a NOA. All I can suggest is that you email them,then you have everything in writing. Regards,John.
  10. Just a quick update. After sending United Kash proof of payment regarding my old settled Speed Credit account. I received the following email yesterday (26/08/16) from United Kash. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX Please consider this as confirmation that your account has been closed and you will no longer receive any correspondence or communication related to this account in the future. Regards, Ken United Kash ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So it is obvious that anyone who has already paid their Speed Credit/Toothfairy account and are being chased by United Kash,get in touch with United Kash. Regards,John.
  11. Rippedoff. Have noticed that in your last posting,the first two emails are showing a debt of £200.The third one is showing a debt of £400. Something not quite right. Regards,John.
  12. As yet,I have received nothing from them.I will give them a couple of more days. United Kash by what I have been reading about them,seem to be the owners of a few pay day loans,or claiming to be.As I have said in a previous post,several companies seem to claim ownership of the old MCO loans. I own the loans,but I do not have any proof,just believe me. Regards,John.
  13. Rippedoff. Instead of repeating myself,look at the thread created by Tinkerbell.There are some details regarding United Kash. Regards,John.
  14. I phoned United Kash today,I spoke to a Mr Chris Prime who is a director of the company. They are now the owners of all MCO loans.He is quite aware of the history of MCO. He told me that no one will be paying the grossly inflated sums,it will be more or less the original loan figure.These figures were based on the daily interest figures that were on the Speed Credit files. Anyone with proof of payment to show that your MCO account is closed,can send the details to United Kash,then it will be removed from their files. I hope that this has answered some questions. Regards,John.
  15. Tinkerbell. Looking at the email that Ripped off received from United Kash,it states the following,..... United Kash Limited is writing to notify you that MCO Capital Limited(Trading as SpeedCredit) Limited has sold and transferred to United Kash Limited all rights to its claim against you. It therefore means that United Kash Limited owns the debt mentioned above. United Kash Limited will contact you to discuss the loan along with claims against you. But that was not in my email. Going back to my previous post,I said that MCO loans had been passed around a bit.I forgot to mention that Web Loans Processing were trying to collect them,who were feeding from the same trough as MCO. Then Loads of Dosh bought the debts,then DHR Capital were trying to collect. But,do not panic,as you are in safe hands on this forum. Regards,John.
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