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  1. Last couple of times Ive paid, I rang their automated phone line and paid. Got a text and email to confirm afterwards.
  2. This sounds like a job for final resolutions department. Email png @ quickquid (.) co (.) uk or [email protected] (.) co.uk or ddirzo @ enova(.)com Explain again the situation, and that the Collections team are refusing to assist you. If/when you email the last one... please mention your quickquid acoount reference.
  3. Yes, well my capital one has gone from Experian but still showing on equifax.... My Aqua is still showing settled on Experian, but active...open..,and up to date on Equifax. Found information on lender called SavCredit....emailed them but no response as of yet.
  4. But theres something I don't get....My cap one account details are still the same on all three cra's... but I applied and was given an aqua card in nov 2011, but I hadn't used it, and hadn't even activated it....but rang them to cancel it and close the account. Since then until now, it was ' settled' then NOW its active again according to Equifax!! but how can it be active for card I never activated or used?
  5. Well. it says BHAP0042 with an account number/credit card number I found linked with Aqua which I had back in 2011 for about 2 weeks then closed the account...but aqua is still showing so unless cap one and aqua are one company....I do have a cap one card but their details are still the same. Its only Equifax too, not others.
  6. I got email saying changes had been detected on my Equifax account. Apparently a new credit card has been added by a company name of BHAP0042...does anyone know who this is and how I can find out who it is? I cant find anything on google... thanks
  7. I meant a report from Callcredit, not Equifax!! Sorry x
  8. I tried to get my statutory £2 report from Equifax but it comes up with this each time : Please Note: Unfortunately we have been unable to retrieve the product(s) you have requested based on the information you have supplied. Please verify the information you have entered below and, if appropriate, resubmit your application. If you have tried to request your Statutory Report and the information below is correct, it will be necessary for you to order it by post by completing our printable application form. The information below its referring to is my card details...What does this mean, as I used the same visa debit card for Equifax and Experian but I was wondering, if its because I already have an account with Noddle. Thanks
  9. Yep, I know. Could never have done it without you Brigadier and Lee.
  10. Not everyone reports to the same CRA and not all report to all 3 of the major ones.
  11. Although Its still showing on checkmyfile.com but i can only assume it will be gone once it updates x
  12. Ah i was just curious as I have one from January 2009. CRA says Lowell own it...Didnt think or realise anything at the time when Lowell offered me full and finals not long after Littlewoods sold it on but dont have any paperwork so could be going on nothing lol
  13. Does anyone know, for what reasons can defaults be challenged/removed? A full list would be appreciated. Thankyou
  14. Thanks. Its been wiped off all 3 cra's so im happy . No more late payment markers : D
  15. Did you email mr Dirzo? Id tell him u wanna set up a repayment plan by standing order but collections are refusing to give you details x
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