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Found 19 results

  1. Am seeking advice here due to the issue is with my ex partner. She received a text early November saying the account was been limited due to excessive use and a bill of over £200 been created. The payment was taken by DD even though no bill for the charges has been produced and was requested numerous times. Phone contact did nothing to resolve this issue and she advised them to cancel the contract immediately and send a final bill. She also informed them the DD would be cancelled and if the charges found to be legit then the bill would be paid. The SIM card was removed after that conversation
  2. This is my story . I had a £16 a month sim only contract with tmobile for 2gb of data ,1000mins and unlimited text. My contract was due to end on October 28th. In september i got a bill from tmobile saying i had to pay about £158 for internet usage , which they promptly took by direct debit. With this incident I decided I would leave t-mobile > I called in to cancel my contract as i knew October was the last month, they refused to cancel and said I had to give them a months notice and since I was telling them to cancel in October , I will have to wait
  3. Hey Everyone,let me take you back to October 2013 when all this began. First off I'd had been with T mobile for many years but I was looking to cancel my contract with them to change over to o2,my contract with T-Mobile at the time was a two year (iPhone) contract,which was coming to an end either September 2013 or the start of October 2013. I decided to ring them up and explain the situation,that I was moving and there was no chance of me staying as one of my friends was getting me a great deal on an o2 contract,from what I remember from the phone conversation all I had to pay was th
  4. Hello all, hope you're all enjoying the gorgeous weather. After having several years of financial issues, and being chased by every DCA under the Sun, I decided earlier this year, now being self employed and earning ok money, I would work my way through my creditors and pay back as much as possible. My credit record is shot anyway, but the calls/emails were getting too much. Being a business owner, Bankruptcy was not an option. Lowell own quite a substantial amount of my accounts, and to be fair, since I called them offering a payment plan, they have been ok with
  5. Hi all new here, If anyone had a problem like this I could do with help, basically I've been with tmobile since 2006 I have a mobile broadband stick on contract, always been okay no issues, in October 2013 was due an upgrade so logged into my account, I see a balance of 329.00 credit, so I called them asking what this was for, they told me it was an overpayment and owed it me, I assured them I didn't believe this was the case as my bill was 10.40 pcm and had never overpaid. They then returned the money at there discretion intomy account, I did my upgrade which double
  6. Happy New Year all! I took out a contract with Tmobile on 6/6/12 - this is a 24 month contract, so as I work out, this contract should end on the 6/5/13, which is 24 months - Tmobile are saying the contract ends on 6/6/14, which I work out to be 25 months. Am I being dense here?? Tmobile also wrote advising me I could get a upgrade early for a discounted £50 and advise me of the phone and price plan I can have - the letter mentions no other costs, so I trot along to their shop, only to be told I have to pay a fee for the handset. I complain - they say basically tough. The small print
  7. My husband has an ihpone 4s, on T-Mobile, on contract which we bought from www.buymobilephones.net in September 2012 . ... For a few weeks, since upgrading to IOS 7, hes had nothing but battery issues. We went to the Apple shop who told us to turn off some notification sets then come back if its not helped ...which it didn't. went back today, and tried to get it serviced and a replacement battery. ..to be told that it had been tampered with inside, the screws near the battery compartment weren't there and the battery was stuck down with superglue. My husband
  8. Hi I'm in need of some helpful advice on how to proceed with this please. 3rd July 2012 I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S III Marble White 16GB online from Tmobile for £200 (capital one credit card) + 18mth contract (£26 ish). January 2013 it became faulty and Samsung sent a courier to collect it and Regenersis in Glasgow repaired a faulty usb connector on 21st Jan. Unfortunately I have no proof of this, but Samsung are not denying that this took place (so far). 11th June 2013 I awoke to a completely dead phone and took it to an authorised repair shop who deemed it Beyond Econ
  9. Hi, cut a long story short i told tmobile where to go three months before my contract was up back in 2010, they sold my details to a company called t3, they constantly harrassed me to join them and after asking where they got my details from they told me they bought them off of tmobile! I called tmobile to explain this and that someone was selling details, i beleave this was even in the press! I said im cancelling my contract and left it at that! They sent me a final adjusted bill including an early terminationn fee, i didnt pay and never heard from th
  10. Hello All, I am new to this forum. So please excuse any mistakes. I was( am ?) on a T-Mobile contract which should have expired on 07/05/2013. I called T-Mobile in late March(or first week of April. I don't remember the exact date) to enquire the cancellation procedure if any. I was advised that I have to give 30 days notice. So I called them again on 07/04/2013 and told them I would like to leave the contract as soon as my contract expires and convert me to "pay as you go" (PAYG). I also asked them would there be any other charges other than the normal
  11. PLEASE HELP! I purchased two tmobile premium numbers for a £1000 each for my parents and they were working fine for three months. We went abroad for a few months and on our return we found that the numbers no longer work. I have called tmob who simply say the numbers were lawfully transferred as the person who called to do the transfer gave my password. I did not authorise this and tmobile are refusing to even look into it! I want my numbers back but dont know where to start... has any one had any experience like this and can provide some assistance? I hear tmobile have em
  12. Hi all. In October of 2012 I ordered a Iphone 4s from t-mobile on a 30 (odd) pound a month contact for 2 years. The draw for me was the unlimited text/minutes/web, while speaking to the chap from t mobile. I asked about insurance and he said that at the time they were between insurance agencies and that the new policy would not be going live till the following week. I asked him if he could sign me up when the insurance was available. He said that he would and that I need not call back. Anyway phone arrives and the contract/phone worked great. fast forward 5 months... I went ou
  13. Hi, I have a tmobile account. I went online to a third party mobile site because I needed a new laptop and my partner needs a new phone so I tried to put an order in for a new mobile contract that had a laptop as a sign up gift. When I clicked to complete the order the page said error and actually said "your order can not be processed at this time". I did not get any emails or anything, so I assumed the order had not gone through. I went else where and was all sorted but 5 days after trying to place the order a mobile was delivered by the company above. I have returned the mobile
  14. I have had a 30-day SIM only rolling contract with T-mobile for over 12 months.It had a fixed allowance of landlines and texts and unlimited landlines for monthly tariff of 15.32+VAT. On 2012-10-14 I lost my handset (not provided by T-mobile), in a pub at a party on Cowley Road Uxbridge. A couple of days later (I can find exact date in my email) I went to a T-mobile store in downtown Birmingham on or near Corporation Street whereI was visiting at the time, and asked to report my phone lost. The store keeper allowed me to use his phone to speak about this to Customer Service for T-mobile to who
  15. I've asked this elsewhere, but it may be more appropriate here. I began a 30-day rolling contract in January after my previous 18 month contract came to an end. The monthly contract was for roughly £13pcm. On the 28th of June I ported my number to GiffGaff. I received my final bill a couple of days ago that stated I owed them ~£20. A Notice Period Charge of £24.xx and a rebate of £4 for what I assume was ending my contract part-way through the month. I sent TMobile an email refuting the charge, and received the following back (the actual mail was more lengthy, this is the meat):
  16. hi this is my first post. recently applied for a mortgage and was knocked back. checked my credit report to find i had a fair score! never had to borrow money from anywhere and only had mobile contracts. turns out i have a red default on my account from 4 years ago with lowell! i remeber paying lowell via the internet as soon as i recieved their letter £119 i emailed them telling them to rectify the default. i received an email stating i defaulted with t mobile not them. i cant remember ever being with t mobile and with it being so long ago how do i find out?
  17. hey, thanks in advance for any info, I have an orange mobile contract on my credit file showing a default and settlement, the problem is that it appears twice! (well, kinda twice.. it looks like I've had two contracts but the second has no start or end balance or settlement) could I get this removed from my data file? also I have an old Tmobile contract which there was a bit of a mix up over (they ended up owing me £45!) but for a while there was a dispute and I ended up with a bill of £400 which shows up as a default and settlement.. is there any way to remove this
  18. Hi, I have an issue with T-Mobile I'm trying to sort out and I'd appreciate some advice. First to the background... apologies for the lengthy post and the sizeable images, but I wanted to provide as much info as I can. A few years back I had a contract with T-Mobile with phones for both my wife and I on the contract. I was the sole account holder. During a girls' break abroad in 2006, my wife used her mobile to send texts to myself and our children - unknowingly racking up a hefty bill, as T-Mobile charged connection fees per text. After trying to come to an arrangement to repa
  19. Hello all, Received a letter today from Bryan saying: "Payment must be made in full within the next 14 days, failing which we will recommend to our client that proceedings be issued without further notice" Outstanding balance 136 Court fees 15 Solicitor costs: 50 Total if proceedings are issued: 201 Apparently I still have an "opportunity to contact fredrickson with payment proposal. So here is the history. About 5-6 years ago I had a contract with TMobile. I remember losing the phone that came wit the contract in Bournemouth. After that I don't remember what I d
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