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  1. Hi ..Just been reading this thread...and it's almost a mirror image to my nightmare. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?370805-Lombard-Direct-Arden-Credit-Management-Query-PPI-reclaim-now&p=4062117#post4062117 The same players as well ..LOMBARD ...THEN IDEM ..THEN ARDEN CREDIT.... .Who are really turning up the gas on me constantly reviewing my payments to them every few months and constantly pressurizing me . I had the original loan with Lombard taken out september 2000. for £13,300 & PPI upfront payment of £2431.87 .plus total charge f
  2. Good evening all, I've done a bit of research trying to close accounts which led me to requesting CCA's to Cabot. I sent two for two different accounts which they took off Halifax (1 x CC & 1 x Current Acc Overdraft). I posted the following to them: Dear Sir/Madam Account No: With reference to the above agreement, I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond with you further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the a
  3. I had a mobile contract with vodafone which I stopped paying about 2 and a half years ago due to a dispute. I expected to see it showing as defaulted on my credit file, but it looks like it is "up to date" and just shows the outstanding balance I'm confused. Can someone help me understand what is going on ? Edit: screenshot for clarity
  4. Good afternoon, I entered an arrangement with my Capital One card with reduced payments for a temporary time, due to redudnacy. I have made every payment, as agreed and on time. I checked my credit file and noticed they had uploaded some late payment makrers - 1 on one month, then 2 then 1 and 0 for the latest payment. I have made a complaint about this, and have bene told that this is their process, despite them admitting the adviser on the phone did not advise me they would show as late payments. Is this the correct process for them to follow? I don't t
  5. Hi, long time no post. asfaiwa my finances were now in a good place. I got a massive shock when I did a credit check on Experian two days ago to discover that a debt originally defaulted by Monument back in 2006 was now showing as a default to Arrow Global. This case was dealt with by the court around 2006 who agreed a payment of £1 a month to Arrow Global who had purchased the debt from Monument, and I set up a standing order for £1 a month. I was also paying £10 a month to Arrow Global for an RBS debt. In July 2015 the £10 a month payments stopped as the RBS debt was paid o
  6. Hia ll, Hope I'm posting in the right forum. In March 2015 my partner had a CCJ against him. He attended the court hearing and was ordered to pay. He has been paying £75 a month since then. Today he checked his credit file online and found he has a good credit sore with all 4 reference agencies and no record of a CCJ on his file. We've looked through the paperwork relating to the case and can't really make head nor tail of it. There is a case number beginning with A on the court and solicitors paperwork. Does this mean that the outstanding debt of around £500 is unenforceable?
  7. Hi, We have a credit card debt with MBNA taken out in 2008 which defaulted in 2013. It is showing on CRA as 'satisfied' with MBNA, but then appeared as Aktiv Captial, who chased through 2013 - 2015. The debt is now with PRS Group and we have had a letter asking for payment or Court Action will ensue. If the debt is showing 'satisfied' can PRS still push for payment, or is this 'satisfied' because the debt has been bought? We wrote to Aktive in 2013 asking for CCA, they sent us photocopied version, scribbled numbers over and no sig. Do we just igno
  8. This is a strange one, hope someone can help. I took advantage of an offer to switch current accounts for circa £100 in May 2009. I filled in the forms, my salary and debits moved across. The problem was that Santander did not agree to match my existing overdraft (£500) and didnt communicate that the overdraft had not been granted but moved my finances over anyway. So I quickly moved back to my previous account and requested that Santander close the new current account. I recall speaking to a manager on the phone, who agreed to close the account with no charges and in exch
  9. I applied to Littlewoods Catalogue via an application form way back in the 1990's. Although I have just a small debt of £160, this is now included in an IVA. The IVA has been enforced since June 2012; I've had no contact with Littlewoods since the IVA was granted. I wish to seek under I believe a section 75 request to see if there is any actual credit agreement with the catalogue company. The debt is still listed with Littlewoods and does not appear to have been sold on. Can anyone please provide me with template letters? Thank you.
  10. I received a suspended repo on my home last March and have since kept totally up to date with both the mortgage payments and the arrears (the arrears are paid separately). Yesterday, however, my DD bounced for the mortgage (the arrears element was paid last Friday) and I'm worried about what will happen. Will they simply re-apply for the DD and impose charges or will they go straight for re-possession? Some advice would be appreciated. Also, a few months ago, they asked if I wanted to capitalise my arrears because my payments had been so good, will
  11. I initially had a credit card debt with MBNA which was then sold onto Max Recovery Limited. When the debt was originally sold it was under an IVA. Now the IVA has since been cancelled, so I have started written communication with Max Recovery Limited. As I understand it, when a debt has been sold on, there should be a Deed of Assignment to prove that Max Recovery Limited own the debt. I have asked for this document on 3 occasions Max Recovery Limited has not acknowledge this requests. To date Max Recovery Limited has sent the debt onto their own DCA a firm called Drysd
  12. Hi Everyone, In 2012 I got a payday loan which snowballed into another until finally I could not afford to payback the amounts. The first loan was from Wonga (£430 still owed at point of default) and the second from QuickQuid (£220 still owed at point of default) . I received an email in August from Wonga and Red Castle DCA to say my debt had been cleared due to new FCA rules about affordability and all records would be removed from my credit report. I have checked all 3 credit reports, there is no information from QuickQuid or Red Castle on any of them and Wonga shows as £0 owed,
  13. Dear all, I desperately need advise ... here is my situation (long text as i am writing a complete recollection of what happened): On Saturday 24 October 2015 i received a letter through the box from Collection and Compliance Titled "Further Steps notice" In essence it says that since i have failed to make payments as directed following steps will be taken ... a few lines of VERY scary stuff. After that they give me 10 days to pay 800 pounds or the scary stuff will start to happen. Now this comes as a complete shock i had NO idea what this is about. On Monday i called them
  14. Hi, I need your advice I parked on a street where nobody shows the timer this is on disabled and non-disabled cars, I parked in a disabled slot and placed my blue badge, when I came back 20mins later from a dental appointment I was given a notice, I have only had a blue badge a few months CODE 40 "Parked in a designated disabled persons parking place without clearly displaying a valid disabled persons badge" The images shown on the enforcement site showed 2 images taken at an angle so you could not see the dashboard or badge. I questioned this with photo evidence
  15. Hi not sure if this the right forum (please move on if incorrectly placed) but I would like some advise. I had a loan with Northern Rock and I asked to reduce my payment on the loan as I was struggling to make the payments. The loan went via the government to Marlin financial who contacted me and I agreed to increase the payment amount. (I was now in a better situation and this suited me to pay the loan of quicker). A few months before the final payment was due I had another letter informing me that the loan had now been passed onto Cabot financial and I did not need to
  16. First of all thanks for reading We need to sell or remortgage our house as son is disabled and we need to either make adaptations or move to a bungalow. We bought the house 7 years ago but had debt in the past and just after we bought the house we were chased heavily and they got a ccj against us. They put an interm charging order on the property 3 years ago. I am not aware of any final order had been made and they have not communicated with us since. I have obtained a copy of land registry and it sates the following : Equitable charge created by an interm charging order of
  17. Hi, I just wanted to check this out, in 2009 I was unfortunate enough to be given a CCJ by Suzuki Finance Limited for a car loan that I couldn't repay which was through Black Horse Finance. I made a payment arrangement and am still paying off the CCJ (which I will be doing until I die as they repayment amount is only £10 per month). I have paid the CCJ every month without fail and it reached 6 years old earlier this year and was removed from my Noddle account. However, even though I have never missed a payment the entry is also showing in "other accounts" on my credit report and I not
  18. Dear friends, I have checked my Equifax and Callcredit report’s in the last few days as I know I have some pretty bad looking marks relating to a Barclaycard I had a good number of years ago, I have learnt from the error of my past and have had a clean credit file for the past 5 or so years. The Barclaycard was not managed well by me (I moved address in 2008 after graduating, got a new job and got married all simultaneously and did not inform Barclaycard during this busy period until 2010), although I never defaulted just had a large number of late payments,
  19. I received a letter from one of the debt companies that have taken over a debt I had for £165 they offered me a settlement payment of £50 so I took this offer and I have paid the £50 The guy I spoke to was rude and very unhelpful! He told me that this account would show up as Settled instead as Satisfied .. If I were to pay the £165 then it would be satisfied, he then went on to ask me a number of questions as to why I could afford to pay £50 but yet I can not pay £165. So I am wondering what the difference between Satisfied & Settled is ?
  20. Hello, I have had a loan and a credit card account with cahoot since 2004. I have not made any payments since 2008 and was sure that my credit score is all over the place I did a search on Experian and bought the full report. Nothing showed up. I have no credit history of ever taking or not repaying those accounts. In fact my credit is FAIR and the rest says: Credit History Summary: Number of credit accounts (including those settled)0 Amount of available credit (excluding mortgages) £0 % of your total credit being used (excluding mortgages) 0%
  21. I got into quite a bit of financial trouble some years back and, through hard work and kindness from my family, managed to climb out of most of it. Unfortunately, MBNA were one of my creditors and they weren't at all helpful in resolving my problems. To cut a long story short, I paid off pretty much all of my debts apart from MBNA who were receiving a minimum payment each month (and I was watching the debt reduce by maybe 5% of the minimum payment). I had a 20% pay cut and something had to give - MBNA were it. I rang them and explained what had happened and ask
  22. Hi all. Details are 16 months ago I took out a £850 quick quid loan and due to job loss was unable to pay a penny back. After a few months they passed the debt to arc Europe it's £1483. As of the other day it has been passed back to quick quid I can still log into quick quid and it says £1483 outstanding due on the 23/05/2016???? Don't get that. I have checked all 3 credit reference agency's and it is not showing on any of them but there are 5 other quick quid loans on my call credit all paid and settled. I am now in a position to pay the full amount can I use any of this info t
  23. Hello, Apologies if I have posted in the wrong place but I am hoping someone may be able to help please? Today I went to pick my son up from the village primary school and I parked in the same place I have done for the last 2 years with no problem - residents seen me and said hello etc. Well today for some reason 2 separate residents decided to have a go at me abusively for parking where I was with one calling me names unprovoked and the other threatening to smash my car! I was absolutely fuming! The first person when he realised I wasn't going to back down disappeared into his
  24. Hi all I recently signed up to noddle to check my credit report. I noticed that I have a CCJ issued against me on the 15/05/2014. A case number is provided but no company name shows. I would also like to point out that this CCJ is registered with my previous address. I would like assistance or to be guided in the right way to deal with this issue. I didn't know that a CCJ was going to be issued. I moved out of the address it's listed against on the 28/09/2013 so any paper work relating to this would have been sent there and I had no knowledge tha
  25. Hi . I have an old debt managed by Apex Credit Management which I am looking to settle with a full and final payment offer. Having just checked my credit report with 2 companies - I can find no record of this debt. I presume its over 6 years old. Any suggestions please? Thanks x
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