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  1. Hi https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?491828-Southern-Water-UKsearchLTD-Shulmans-court-claim-urgent-help-needed-(past-33-days) We are in exactly the same situation having just received a Letter Before Action Letter from Shulmans/UK Search/ Southern Water for alleged bills between 2007 and 2015. This letter is addressed to my partner and his ex who split in 2015. They claim £3343 is owed but this is the first we know about it. Having read through this thread, I am a little confused as the info appears contradictory.... Are we sending the CAG pack to Southern Water, Shulmans or UK Search in the first instance please?
  2. I recently went on Nat West website to inquire about a loan, I progressed it but decided not to go any further as the interest rate was too high so I didn't apply for credit. I then discovered that Nat West had placed a hard search on my file for a credit application. I disputed this with Equifax as I had not made the application, they told me to take it up with Nat West who then told me that is how they do things. surely this isnt right or is it? any guidance would be appreciated.
  3. Hello all, I would like to ask for some advice. With CAG's help I have been trying to sort out my mum's finance situation recently today she sent me a copy of a Litigation Warning letter from Midas Credit Services that she received. I told her to ignore it as it uses terms like "possible further action" etc etc. The reason for the letter is that my mum has apparently failed to reach a repayment agreement with Moorcroft Debt Recovery; however my mum had a payment plan in place with Lloyds for £1 a month with a paying in book. This was arranged after months of threats and harrassment by Lloyds prompted her to go to the CAB where a very knowledgeable man helped her sort out a new bank account and got Lloyds to stop adding interest to the amount. She took the loan out over the phone in 2006 and was told she would only be accepted if she took out PPI as well. The repayments were over £200 a month but 3 months later she lost her job, the insurance paid out for 1 month after which she turned 65 and was told the insurance no longer covered her!! (This alone makes me pretty angry ) My mum continued paying the installments, INCLUDING the PPI premium, for X amount of months until she rang them and asked if the PPI amount could be deducted off what she owed. I assume they then cancelled the PPI. After a few years of payments my mum then owed MORE than the original amount. ; She was also advised to take out a Gold(?) account with Lloyds as she would be able to get a credit card. She is currently in debt to Lloyds with all 3, 2 are with Apex Credit Management (she is paying a set amount off per month) and the loan is with Moorcroft. Moorcroft rang her after acquiring the debt and said £1 a month wasn't enough and that she should pay more.. she went to CAB and unfortunately the first man had transferred to another branch so she's been dealing with a less clued-up guy that she has to chase all the time. He sent Moorcroft a letter saying all correspondence should be through CAB and offering £10 a month payments. My mum told Moorcroft that she would only deal with them through CAB but they wrote to her saying they've had no letters from CAB and they want their money! Sorry for the long essay but I'm trying to get all the details in (to the best of my knowledge) to avoid confusion. So here are my questions: 1. Can Moorcroft demand extra payments and if not is there a complaints procedure regarding this? 2. Is it worth requesting a CCA, my mum is not disputing the debt but we really have no idea how much she's paid off and whether any fees have been added by Moorcroft or Lloyds 3. PPI complaints; I think it's worth doing this as she was blatantly mis-sold this, especially as it didn't cover her only 5 months into the start date!! However will requesting a CCA interfere with this, should one be sent in before the other? 4. Can previous interest accrued on the loan be written off as well as fees? If we get the PPI refunded and work out that my mum has made payments totalling, say, half the original amount, would it be fair to say she will only pay off the remaining half and not the interest too? My mum thinks that the debt was sold on because she missed a couple of payments and then paid twice the amount the following month. She was told afterwards that this only proved to them that she could afford to make bigger payments I have been with Lloyds TSB since I was born; my mum opened a savings account for me and my brother and I stayed with them ever since but after the way they've treated my mum I've moved to Santander . I would really appreciate any help on this!
  4. What is the score with someone signed off on long term sick, and on UC with income based ESA being called in for a Review to see if they are doing enough to seek work or increase their hours They haven't had a report from a Work Capability Assessment as yet? this is what was on their To Do List about the interview: "This is to check you're doing everything you can to find a job, or earn more". If they say they are signed off with a Fit Note stating they are Unfit For Work would they get a Sanction for refusing to look? A neighbour has asked me about this, as they are a tad confused.
  5. Sorry to hijackck this thread but I had letter from them and like a fool I contacted them and confirmed my identity. I also made it clear they weren’t to share my data with Global Debt Recovery but I’m guessing they will take no notice. (My old Debt is over 10 years and statue barred) Do I have any legal rights to ask them not to share and what legal basis do they have?
  6. Received a letter today telling me they have been appointed to trace someone. Can’t find much about them online has anyone had any dealing with them
  7. MacKenzie Hall have invaded my Equifax file with a DCA search. Does anyone know if this is still allowed? I have no debts that are not Statute Barred by at least 8 years, and have built up an 'Excellent' credit score. No contact has been made from MH at this time, but expect something sinister to drop through the letterbox any day. Any advice would be welcome.
  8. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can advise, back in October I applied for a loan through Admiral but the application was unsuccessful. My credit score (i use Clearscore) went down this month with a note saying: What changed in July 2018 : Hard Search performed by Admiral Loans for Credit Application The October application is showing the exact same information - why would they simply perform another hard search without my consent? and is there anything i can do about it? Thank you H x
  9. Hello Was hoping for some insight or advice on my situation. I've just checked my credit report and have found two sets of "beneficiary trace enquiries" made by Erudio Customer Management Ltd. The first ones were in mid-march against my current and previous address. Then again two months later in May, also against my current and previous address. I have read up and found out Erudio bought the old style students loans. I do have two of these. One from 1997 and then another for 1999 which has been treated as a separate account by the SLC, but must be linked as the only reason I got the '99 one was because I had started on the old system. The last correspondence about these loans was in 2013 when I applied to defer them in the March, which was confirmed in April 2013 by the SLC. This correspondence was to my old address. Then I have an annual statement from SLC dated September 2013 sent to my current address. I have not had any contact with Erudio so hadn't realised my loans had been sold. I've looked into what a beneficiary trace enquiry means and have read on the internet that it is used to trace people who have moved address without informing their creditors, however the last statement from the SLC was sent to my current address so don't know why they would need to do this, as I have kept the SLC up to date with my contact details. Also I am confused as to why they haven't made contact with me after carrying out these checks if they were searching for me. In normal circumstances I would just sit tight and wait for them to contact me but I am in the process of buying a house and am worried if this will affect it. I have checked all my credits reports and cannot find anything other than these searches. However I am scared in case between exchange and completion they put a default on my credit file, the mortgage offer gets withdrawn and we lose the deposit on the house. I have also read that they do 'backdoor' CCJs, so that's now another worry if they only have my last address could they be putting a CCJ on their without me knowing. Is there anyway I could find out about this if they were, other than waiting to see it appear on my credit report? I have a good report at the moment so would be gutted if they knackered that up for me. Not sure what is the best option. I don't want to contact them and offer to start paying as I fear extra outgoings I didn't know about when I completed my mortgage application might make them withdraw the offer. But then I don't want a default or a CCJ to suddenly turn up and have it withdrawn then, especially if its after exchange and my partner loses all their deposit money as well. Any advice on what would be the best approach, or what Erudio are likely to do next after carrying out these searches would be much appreciated. Thanks for taking time to read this.
  10. Hi, I'm hoping for advice, please: We're going for a mortgage. I've just done an Experian search and discovered a problem, namely a CCJ issued on 03/08/17 at Northampton County Court. They say it was from Lowell whom have a solicitor called Cohen/Cramer. I know absolutely nothing whatsoever of this CCJ. I've tried endlessly all morning to speak to the CCBS but the phone just never gets answered. I assume they're tremendously busy. I would very much appreciate help/advice/guidance please. I have a case number off the £4 Government advice website thing, that tells me absolutely sod all that Experian didn't, but they were free. Idiocy. Number I'm calling is 0300 123 1056. The reason I know it's Lowell is I rang an 01604 number which turned out to be the Court but for Northampton residents only and the helpful guy there looked at his computer and said that was whom it was from, but he knows nothing else and to call the useless, pointless, inane, time wasting, and costly to me, business centre number. The Experian entry says, incidentally, that the CCJ was at my current/correct address...
  11. Hi, ive had a CCJ claim form in the post recently-ish for a roughly £1500 dept to Southern Water. On doing some research i came across the Water Direct scheme which would allow them to take the debt and future costs direct from my benefits which seems ideal for me. I suffer pretty badly with anxiety so even tho a debt like this SHOULD be a priority its very easy for me to completely ignore things like this while off fixating on anxiety issues for months on end. i just contacted Southern Water and they were pretty good and helpful but it seems they could only help me sort out future payments through the scheme as UK Search have the debt. Should that have appeared on the court forms as the forms only have Southern Waters details and there is no mention of UK Search. Thought it would be best to post up on here first for some general tips before approaching UK Search as i've never dealt with a collection agency before. Ideally id like to just pay through the Water Direct scheme again but not sure if that's something i can do with them (Southern Water said possibly). Should i be haggling with them to write off as much debt as possible too? If i ignore the CCJ are they likely to get Bailiffs involved? Thanks for all and any advice given.
  12. I did a Google search for recent court cases, I typed Swift Advances cases 2017. A link appeared to CAG this forum. It took me to the Swift page here not to a specific post. The search description said, 15th June 2017 views 10076 + post Swift have been ordered to pay..... I can't find this post in Swift forum. Can anyone throw any light on the info provided please.
  13. Some years ago, Cabot acquired five credit card debts I had with BOS/Halifax/IF/Barclays/Lloyds. This amounted to a substantial sum and was the result of 'getting my fingers burnt' in property development. There is no entry in my Credit report for any of these amounts, or from Cabot. For the past several years I have been paying an agreed £1/month on each account to Cabot, no payments missed or late. They seem quite happy with this and don't bother me. This amounts to the princely sum of £60 / year in reduction of the substantial debt, less whatever they spend on administration/letters etc. I am almost seventy and have negotiated substantial debt write-offs with NatWest, Capital One and Tesco directly. Cabot would not write their debts off. With my sisters help I have tried to negotiate a settlement of £2000, (ok the total debt is around £40,000), but they keep saying no. I have pointed out to them that if I live to 80 they will only get £600 and to 90 they will get £1200... ..and I will have no assets to leave, but they are adament I keep paying £1/month each account. I could simply keep paying this and let it die with me, but I want a 'clean sheet'. I have requested a SAR within 40 days. 1) Assuming they respond in the timescale but do not send any signed novation agreement or original /certified copies of the original agreements bearing my signature, can they actuallly DO anything if I stop payment? 2) I am selling the modest house I have in the UK (no equity) and going to live with family in France. If I just leave the UK and don't give any French adress what would/could they do? 3) If I did either of 1 or 2 can they retrospectively place entries on my credit report? thanks
  14. Hello all , is it a mandatory requirement to search for jobs using the JC pc`s ? . I had an appointment today thinking I was going to show my job search since I started claiming [ last week] but was told I had to use the JC PC`s to do a job search & that was the purpose of the appointment , I questioned it & I was informed if you don't it may go against my claim . The fact I showed 26 job applications & I had attended an interview yesterday & had 2 really promising replies to speculative CV`s I had sent out was of no interest at all . Thanks in advance Freddy
  15. Hello, I was in business as a photographer and approached by the above company to carry out Search Engine Optimisation on my web site. We entered into an agreement whereby they would carry out work on the web site and I would pay them £58.50 per month after the initial payments were made. The agreement was for 12 months in December 16 I went out of business and they are now chasing and threatening County Court Action and have sent a "copy" of the Court Summons for Manchester County Court that will be issued on 3rd February 2017 if I do not pay the outstanding balance of £176.40. They have also broken down the charges claimed on the claim form as; Defendant details: My Business name which includes my first and last name and then my business type. Brief Details of Claim: "Failure to pay monies due under contract" Value: "Total value of £176.40 due under remainder of contract plus interest and administrative charges of £64.87. Amount Claimed: £241.27 Court Fee: 170.00 Solicitors Cost: £500.00 Total Amount: £911.27 PoC 1."On 11th January 2016 the defendant entered into a written contract with the claimant. 2.The contract had no condition allowing the defendant to cancel the contract except under very specific conditions detailed in the contract. 3.The defendant is not eligible to cancel the contract. 4.The law does not provide by statute nor require a cooling off period when two businesses enter into a contract. 5.This agreement may be cancelled at the end of 12 months by either party notifying the other party. After this period the agreement may be cancelled by either party giving one months notice to the other party. Notice will be taken from the next payment date unless given on the current payment date. 6.The contract required the defendant to make an initial payment and to make monthly payments of £58.80, the first such payment being due one month after entering into the contract. 7.The defendant is in arrears on the contract. 8.The claimant has now invoked the provisions of clause 4 of the contract. "In the event of the customer failing to make a monthly payment on the due date FirstFound is entitled to take any or all of the following remedies in any order it sees fit: a) Require immediate payment of all monthly fees due during the remainder of the Contract Term; b) Add interest to the debt at 4% per annum above the base rate of HSBC Bank plc from the date due to the date of payment; c) Issue written demands for all sums due, each such demand attracting a fee of £15.00, payable by the customer until all overdue sums are paid." 9.The claimant claims the total of all the monthly fees due during the remainder of the renewal/initial period of the contract (£176.40) plus 3 written demands (£45.00) plus interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% on the sum of £17.71. That is the claim details as written on the document. First of all, the claim is in my business name (I am self employed not a Ltd Co) and not specifically in my name only. Not sure this makes any difference of course. Secondly, The amount they are claiming is £241.27 - this breaks down as £176.40 and their charges and admin £64.87 My reasons for not paying are these; (1) - I couldn't afford to after work dried up and I wasn't getting the enquiries through my web site as much as I was when they took over the work on it. (2) - Apart from adding some text to the web site there was no evidence of any work actually being done. (3) - I spoke to their employee who was looking after my web site and supposedly doing the work on a number of occasions about the fact that nothing seemed to be improving, this was of course all verbal. (4) - First Found sent me a letter chasing payment but also telling me that they were still working on my web site. This would have been impossible as the minute I stopped paying I removed all access to everything to do with my web site and changed all passwords. (5) - I don't know if I am able to do this but I contest the Claim based on the Solicitors Fees £500.00, they seem extremely disproportionate. Can someone help me here please? Many thanks, Committed
  16. Hello. Newbies 1st post. July 2014 I went abroad for a year and a tenant was in my house for that period. I was up until then using Cooperative Energy for both gas & electricity. I was paying £130 every month. I gave final readings on changeover day. A year later, tenant moved out and I moved back in. Again I contacted Cooperative Energy to transfer it back to my name. I was amazed - and double checked - when they said it will be £72 per month for both. Wow I thought prices have dropped! 3 months later and 3 payments of £72 made I receive a letter saying I have arrears of £462! Naturally I called them to advise there must be an error - to be told no, it was outstanding from when I lived here before! I asked how? And said this isn't possible. And where was the bill? They said they sent it - 9 months after I went abroad! I told them I genuinely had not received any bill and that I fail to see how this can be right. The (un)friendly woman just snapped "well its correct and you'll have to pay it as it can't be written off". I then requested a copy of the bill. It never arrived. Just another threatening letter. I called again. I asked how come it took them 9 months to send a bill and why send it somewhere that I wasn't living? Also, when I made contact on my return to the UK why wasn't I informed of this alledged outstanding amount then? I again requested a copy if the bill which never arrived. I did however, Ewelme a letter from Search UK Limited saying they now own this debt. Not sure how to proceed so advice /action recommendations would be gratefully received. Thank you. Apologies it was 2015 I went abroad not 2014!
  17. Hello, I checked my statutory credit report today as I do now and again. I have noticed there's a table 2 search which has Search Reason: Director Search Company: Ic: Lynx Express Limited I'm a director (the only director) of a Limited Company which has never traded and is dormant so I'm assuming the search has something to do with this although I do trade as a sole trader. Why would they be doing a search on me and who is Lynx Express Limited? The search was at the beginning of January 2017, I didn't apply for anything about that time and apart from my car insurance in November last year I haven't applied for anything in at least 7 or 8 months. Does anybody know what this search could be?
  18. Company does search 6 years after last dealings with them. Over six years ago , I was in pdl circle, repaid 80% of all loans , and ALL remaining defaults (5 defaults in total) dropped off in 2016, only have one default left on credit file which drops off July 2017 Just received my up dated credit report and one company has done a search on my file, highlighted as an ADMINISTRATION REVIEW for purpose of doing the search on 14/12/2016 although have had NO dealings with any credit company since 2009 when all my troubles began. Have contacted NOODLE who just say search is not seen by third parties, which in fairness is fine, but question I ask is can a company do a search after 6 years of last dealings with them. My credit file has vastly improved since 2015/16 with many defaults disappearing, my credit score/file was dire until last year, now on road to be debt free, and now this search appears. I gave no permission for this search as have no dealings with company who did search.
  19. Hi all. I'm using Comodo Ice Dragon as my Search Engine, and Google as my Home Page. For some reason, when I search something on the web and press enter, it gives me results from Bing (not Google). Never had this problem before, and I have looked in the Browser Settings and deleted Bing all together, but still the same. As I'm typing in the Search Box, then Google will offer website suggestions, but after pressing enter, it changes to Bing. I don't like Bing. I don't bother with Toolbars, just the normal Search Box. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
  20. 1) My 'Actions for getting employment" doesn't stipulate a number of jobs to apply for per week (which is odd, when I claimed before I had to apply for 2). Obviously I don't want to display every single job I apply for (which would risk creating a baseline figure), but what is the minimum number that an Advisor needs to see in order to sanction me (for insufficient applications)? 2) They also included 'log into my UJM account daily' - I have NOT ticked the box that allows the DWP to view the jobs I've applied for, BUT can they still see how often I've logged in? Ta
  21. Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited have left a footprint on my credit search file that says 'Customer Management' id like to know if this is going to be visible to lenders or if this particular search would be only visible to myself? It came about as i called them and asked the outstanding balance on a very old debt. There is no evidence of them within my file as this particular arranged payment fell of the credit report 2 years ago so it is only this particular search now. Thanks
  22. Any ideas who this lot are?? And i do bank with Barclays Just had a new credit search on my credit file that i did not ask or authorise Exquifax say it is a credit broker company I realise this is probably a "Soft search" but who are these people, and more to the point why are they doing credit checks?? If this has anything to do with that Clearscore then i shall not be happy
  23. My partner bought his bungalow end of 2013. Prior to the purchase a Private Search of Local Land Charges was made. We have concerns about the search because we received a letter recently from Hampshire County Council saying that they are install double yellow lines outside the front of the bungalow. This has been called a Traffic Order proposal. We objected to this immediately, the Council wont install a disabled parking bay outside the front of the bungalow claiming its too close to the junction, we disagree. They wont allow us to park the car in the garden again claiming its too close to the junction. Again we disagree. If we had known about this before purchasing we would have pulled out. We are a blue badge holder, and we feel the council is beyond uncooperative. We have contact the local mp to see if she can help but to also find out exactly when the traffic order was approved. We understand its been in the pipeline for years. Surely this should have been picked up on the searches? Can anyone please give any advice, we are distress by this as we wont have anywhere to park.
  24. Hi Please excuse me if this is not the right area for my query, I am new to the site. I have 2 friends that have been in prison, they have dearly paid for their crimes both in custodial sentences and extremely large fines. Both of them are now supposed to be 'Free' and they have been released (one of them nearly 5 years ago) some time. The issue for them is a) When they were going through the legal process their cases were put on the web by newspapers and others. b) When anyone does a search these blatantly incorrect and extremely damaging and biased reports are found fairly high up the search engines even 5 years after the effect. The individuals involved have tried to contact the webmasters at these organisations but they just don't reply. Whilst we know they have committed a crime, what is the rehabilitation of offenders act for if not to allow them to try and re integrate back into society. They are not sure who or what they can do (if anything) to have these incorrect, old, obsolete and damaging reports removed from the web. Could anyone offer any advice even on what legal process could be followed. I know you could try and seek a court injunction to get content removed from search engines, but this legal process appears to be mainly for copyright type infringements, the law for anything else seems a little un clear. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated. Best Regards, John.
  25. If I enter some keywords and then click "Search CAG" it loads a custom Google search page and then hangs. Any clues? Running Firefox. Cookies enabled for consumeractiongroup.co.uk but not for google . Sorry if this has already been asked but I cannot search this forum for info as just stated.
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