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  1. Thanks for the info , as I have never contacted UKPC / debut collectors or appealed in this matter . Should I continue to ignore ?
  2. Hello , sorry for the delay in this matter but I have been away on an urgent family matter so priorities needed elsewhere. OK, I have had a final letter from in regards to this matter from UKPC`s debut collectors , informing me that I have until the 22nd of March to pay the outstanding amount of 160.00 , make arrangements to do so or they will recommend their client proceeds with court action . I have never made contact with either UKPC or their debut collection department I have a photo of the signage that is in place at the units but I can`t work out how to upload it on here , an
  3. The company's business is medical equipment supply , bed management in hospitals & maintenance contracts . I am a service engineer , we had a 4hr response time when alerted by hospitals. I will get the letter scanned & uploaded tomorrow , what happens about the time scale of 14 days to pay or else ? .
  4. Parking ticket was issued on 04/12/2017. Issued at 13.45. Company - Medstrom , 13-15 sunbeam road , NW10 6JP. As previously stated , I did not receive the first letter , the only letter I have received is dated 05/12/2018 .
  5. Hi Ericsbrother , the date of the first letter I received was 05/02/2018 , but they claim to have sent previous correspondence which I have no knowledge of . I will make a trip over during the week as the gates run on an entry card system & as I no longer work for the company I cant access the road on a weekend . Would it be OK to send you the company name via PM as I don't want to alert UKPC on a public forum? . The company I worked for asked for a scan of the parking charge & were going to contact UKPC as 2 of us were ticketed in a week & they are a constant
  6. The location is NW106JP , Sunbeam road . The letter is headed " Notification Letter " in red ink . The letter claims they wrote me previously , I have received no " other " letter . Your vehicle was in breach of the terms & conditions which were clearly displayed & this was agreed by the driver when your vehicle was parked on private land . Despite issuing a parking charge & writing to you previously we have not received a payment , as the 28 days has elapsed , you , the registered keeper of the vehicle can be made liable for the parking charge . If f
  7. The units have no allocated parking , all employees or visitors try to park outside the respective business . There is 6 units all in a row so a lot of deliveries , visitors & traffic . There is a sign on a wall but I don't know what it states . I no longer work for the company so not able to look unless I make a special visit . Thanks Fred
  8. Hello , I was issued a ticket on an industrial estate where I worked for not displaying a permit . My car was parked outside of our unit , i was one of two employees who were ticketed in the same week for not having a permitt . Parking permitts are issued by the company but there are never enough to go round , visitors forget to hand them back in or they get lost . I contacted head office who were going to deal with this but yesterday i recieved a " notification letter " stating they had already sent out a previous letter in regards to this matter . This is the first communication
  9. I will check on the reams of paperwork I was given , i just glanced at the stuff i was asked to sign due to the speed they were processing me at . If it proves to be the case that i did agree , can i review the agreement to alter this ? . Thanks for the reply .
  10. Thanks for the reply , I did think as much when the manager would not directly answer YES/ NO to my question , I did use the computer but only on the vailed threat . Do you have a link for this information by any chance ? , I would like to print it off & show them . I will use my phone for showing my applications & responses , I trust we can choose how we present our job search , or is that a set rule too? . I have a UJM account but do not use it & have unticked all the boxes , it is a woeful site IMHO & I feel much happier doing my JS my own way . Thanks again.
  11. Hello all , is it a mandatory requirement to search for jobs using the JC pc`s ? . I had an appointment today thinking I was going to show my job search since I started claiming [ last week] but was told I had to use the JC PC`s to do a job search & that was the purpose of the appointment , I questioned it & I was informed if you don't it may go against my claim . The fact I showed 26 job applications & I had attended an interview yesterday & had 2 really promising replies to speculative CV`s I had sent out was of no interest at all . Thanks in advance Fredd
  12. Hello everyone , today I signed on after being layed off on Monday . It was all going well until they asked for my email address & I asked " why " . They explained they need it for my registration to UJM , I declined immediately the oh so previously nice " coach " told me if I refused I would be " in here every day showing your job search " . It didn't matter that an agency had called me mid interview for a possible position & I had asked if it was ok to take the call , she seemed happy that I was obviously already putting my self out there & getting possi
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