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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all. I'm using Comodo Ice Dragon as my Search Engine, and Google as my Home Page. For some reason, when I search something on the web and press enter, it gives me results from Bing (not Google). Never had this problem before, and I have looked in the Browser Settings and deleted Bing all together, but still the same. As I'm typing in the Search Box, then Google will offer website suggestions, but after pressing enter, it changes to Bing. I don't like Bing. I don't bother with Toolbars, just the normal Search Box. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, Last month I moved house. The person who was moving into my old house had already started changing their address over via their phone provider. When I rang BT I was told that because there was someone already taking over the line they would then treat me as a new customer with a new account. So I carried on with BT and signed up with a new contract etc with BT TV as well. All went fine with the move and the broadband worked straight away. The house doesn't have an external aerial so the BT TV wouldn't be much good to me. Just had my final bill and I am fuming. They are trying to charge me £10 because I finished my previous contract early, £13.50 for BT sport (for June to July) and another £3.50 for the HD package. I have been a loyal BT customer for years. This morning I have been on to their call centre to complain and they are looking into it. When I was talking to customer service he also told me there was a £35 activation charge for the BT TV again this wasn't told to me when I signed up. I am not going to accept any of these charges and only pay for the services I have used. JJ
  3. There seems to be so many stupid adverts on just recently so here goes 1) Moneysupermarket and the bloke wearing shorts & high heels 2) The moam couple on E4 ( Big Bang Programme normally ) 3)The advert with ugly mug George Clooney in 4) Adverts for pay day loans There are more and am sure you all have adverts you do not like
  4. Over the last few months i have been receiving these annoying phonecalls. Some indian person calls me at home they dont even say hello but start with im speaking to (Insert my name) and you live at (insert my address) your 47 years old. As soon i ask them who they are they just hang up. It just seems weird to me that they would state my personel details and i find it rather intimidating. are they trying to get more information out of me to steal my identity or something like that ? Im registered with TPS, is there anything else i can do to stop these ###kers from calling me
  5. BBC apprentice started again last night and I have stopped watching. I find myself shouting at the TV, due to the rubbish they are saying. These are not normal people. They have been selected for having irritating personalities, capable of having an argument in an empty room. And I think the programme makers stitch the people up, by making them try to navigate a very busy London, with each team having access to only two cars. They always split each team up, so they have four sub teams to film. Then they often make sure that the companies they do business with are as spread out as possible. The TV company often select the businesses the teams can deal with, as the TV company need to make sure it is a suitable business to deal with and they are happy to be filmed. So it is all a bit of a made up programme and not really what it presents itself to be. Rant over. Not watching again.
  6. What saying really annoys you ? The one I really hate appears on most TV antique auction type programmes like Flog it, where the person selling trotts out the line " as long as it goes to a good home". Someone has paid £500 for a china pot and they may live in a house full of naughty children who take delight in smashing their parents new china pots. You are bl**dy selling your items, not trying to find a new home for them.
  7. Hi All, Wonder if anyone can help with my ongoing Vodafone Issue which is close to driving me nuts. I have 3 lines on one contract and all of which are linked to my online user account. for the last 3 months I have been unable to view any of my bills online, I can see how much I owe and thats it, I get "no bills available" and also " Java Lang Exception occured" Errors, I made my first call to Customer Services last month who after waiting ages to get through to logged into my online account and got the exact same error I had, Emailed my bill to me and advised the issue would be resolved and they ahve escalated the issue. Fast forward to the next month (This Month) same issue all over again, Same error and still cant view bill, I can see the amount but not any details regarding it, Yet another call to Vodafone, took 20 minutes to get through AGAIN! and the advisor simply said I will email it to you and that was it, After making a point about this he then said I will investigate and asked for my username and password! I queried this as the last agent did not need my password, Why did this occur, basically I have now disclosed my password for my account he said this was normal, I completley disagree. I STILL HAVE NO ONLINE ACCOUNT!! For someone who has been with Vodafone for years I am getting really annoyed with this now. The phones are my wifes and my family, I am simply the bill payer so I have to call from another phone which in turn is costing me even more money to get help as I need to call from my non Vodafone phone! So here I am 3 months later no online bill and yet another false promise of an escalation and a call back, Terrible Service!!
  8. Dear All, Possibly asked and answered before. If it has, my apologies. Why the HUGE amount of real estate taken up by banner advertising at the top of every single page? There is the main CAG banner, then an ad banner (currently for the Seat Leon), then a PPI banner ad and then a banner with some quick links to CAG posts on the left hand side. Each page I visit requires that I scroll down one full screen-full in order to see any posts. WHY? I know that the site costs noting for me to join and that it needs paying for somehow but this seems both overly excessive and annoying to my way of thinking. Is there any way to get rid of them? Cheers, Art [/endrant]
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