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  1. I don’t recall ever receiving anything from MH in the past. Nothing on the enquiry to indicate what it is regarding either.
  2. MacKenzie Hall have invaded my Equifax file with a DCA search. Does anyone know if this is still allowed? I have no debts that are not Statute Barred by at least 8 years, and have built up an 'Excellent' credit score. No contact has been made from MH at this time, but expect something sinister to drop through the letterbox any day. Any advice would be welcome.
  3. Certainly I will, have only seen pictures so far, but will get hold of them tomorrow and post them, thank you.
  4. Thank you for your responses, I have searched Trust Online and there is a CCJ covering this, she knows nothing about it. The joint owner on the property is her former partner. The sister is not named on the charging order, but is named as the first defendant. She lives in a rented property. The company chasing the debt is TFS Loans via Lightfoots Solicitors. I googled TFS and they appear to offer guarantor loans, so it is possible the older sister has used her as a guarantor without her knowledge. Getting messy now.
  5. Hi all, my daughter has received an Interim Charging Order for a £2700 debt incurred by her sister, jointly named on the paperwork. She has no knowledge of this, and also, Lightfoots appear to have obtained this order by using Land Registry search and she has received absolutely no other communication. She has no CCJ's showing on her credit report, but we have found other defaulted loans she knows nothing about. However, TFS isn't one of them. She is paying her mortage on a house with negative equity, having been left in the lurch by her former partner, so the
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