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Found 6 results

  1. am a newbie to this wonder if someone can help me ive been fighting a PCN with harrow council since last year, had my informal appeal rejected and then was sent a NTO ages ago where I restated the appeal and didn't hear back, until a few days ago when I received a rejection letter dated in june which meant I was already out of time to appeal in 28 days. the reason for the lateness seems to be that they thought my company name was my surname and spelt it wrong, so the address was a generic campus/site address and therefore must have gone into a pool before it was redirected to my specific pigeon hole (please note the address is correct with the dvla - its just the council that have made the error). so in a massive panic, I lodged an appeal online with the reference number given and stated that the reason I was appealing late is that I didn't receive the rejection paperwork until now due to this error in address. However, ive looked up the pcn online and it looks like it may have already progressed to charge certificate (just because of the price) but I ahvent received this either -maybe this will also come late if they have made the same mistake with the address as with the NoR. the question is was it the right think to do to lodge an appeal late (the website says you can appeal late if u state a valid reason and I thought not receiving the NoR was a valid reason but I may be wrong) but now im thinking maybe I shouldn't have done that and should have just waited for the next stage to file a witness statement from what I read on here? however the problem I have now is not that I never received the NoR but I received it too late because of the councils mistake in my name/address. So if this does progress what box can I tick and also ho long will the tribunal take to get a result - am worried that the council will continue to progress the charge while im waiting for the appeal result. help please!!!!!
  2. Dear All, I filled out the online form for Barclaycard to reclaim my PPI, which I never realised that I had. I get a reply this week enclosing a copy of a letter dated November 2014 that apparently they sent me when I applied for return of PPI the last time??? I have zero memory of doing this and I am not convinced they are telling me the truth. In any case they are telling me that nothing was miss sold and I am not getting any money back. It seems like a generic letter and they have used internal and external evidence to reach this decision. They have also included the "linked cards" that where on my account? I have no idea what the linked cards are. Does anyone have any ideas? I am about to send a new letter to Barclays advising them that I never received the letter dated November 2014, can they please provide copies of all credit contracts between barclay card and myself and also copies of all the evidence internal and external that supports their case so that I can take this case to the next stage. I would also like supporting evidence that shows me that the PPI was not missold. I have advised that i will take the case to the BO. Has anyone else had a similar situation? Does anyone have any experience as what has happened once they get a letter asking for the supporting evidence? Finally what linked cards? Many Thanks
  3. hi been trying to claim back ppi on a credit card with midland bank/hsbc now since 2013 . i have no statements left but can produce some paperwork for 12 months they denied i had a cc but re searched by hundreds of phone calls and eventually they agreed i did have one but no ppi was on it . the cc was from 1986-2003 and did have ppi and went to metropolitan collections in the 90s the debt was fully paid up. hsbc said prove it or go away, i tried the insurance root for the policy number with axa who tell me the credit card number is the policy number and insurance is inhouse with hsbc. hsbc said not with them . so did a sar which was waste of time 7yrs of transactions of banking. eventually enquired with dataoffice and dc sent out by mistake copy of card details, start and end dates customer/card account numbers. i have asked for the past two years for them to confirm that ppi was on card from day one but they will not answer this question, i went down fos route which was fast tracked due to health but they wont or cant get hsbc to answer it either. i am at a total loss as what to do now should i just give up as the stress of this has not helped my illness. this is the short version of this sorry tale the first time i have ever e mailed anywhere so opologies if a bit rubbish.
  4. If I enter some keywords and then click "Search CAG" it loads a custom Google search page and then hangs. Any clues? Running Firefox. Cookies enabled for consumeractiongroup.co.uk but not for google . Sorry if this has already been asked but I cannot search this forum for info as just stated.
  5. My son bought a dilapidated terraced property about four years ago and spent two years completely renovating it and has been living there for about 18 months. Unknown to me he has never received a council tax bill and consequently has not paid anything to the Council. He has now received a letter from the council demanding to know details of the solicitor who handled the sale on his behalf. No doubt they wish to know purchase date etc so that they can issue a bill I am sure he will now be sent a hefty sum for arrears but just two points: i) Where does he stand on the two years the property was being renovated and uninhabited – does he still have to pay the full amount ii) Would he have to pay the arrears in one lump sum or could he agree a payment deal with the council? thank you
  6. Three parts to a saga where bailiffs are trying to remove a car that does not belong to the debtor. Amazingly the pcn was also cancelled by the la in the first place.
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