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  1. Thanks ericsbrother. Once my mum needs residential care, I presume the council will try to make her sell her house and the penalty is about 20k! They are responsible for maintaining them but getting them covered seems like a fight I don't have in me while I'm taking care of mum.
  2. Bit of a complicated situation but I wonder if anything can be done. In 2011 Ecovision signed my parents up to a 25 year Solar Lease whereby they would benefit from up to 50% reduction in electricity costs. At this time, I too was looking into the solar market and I chose to buy mine and apart from a few hitches, I continue to receive regular payments for the generated electricity, so when my father was looking into these units, I advised him that the lease option was not in his best interest and was frustrated when he embarked on the lease anyway. When I as
  3. Sorry. Not sure what you mean. Shall we agree to mediation at which time we can state we have no evidence of the debt?
  4. defense dated 29th July. Notice of Proposed Allocation for Small Claims dated 11/08 Need to complete N180 by 28/08
  5. It came together so I presume our original defense got there under the other email maybe?
  6. Hi We have been trying to get though to the court for 2 days but we're on constant hold! Will try again tomorrow but today we received a letter from the Court to say that the claim has been defended. I presume that they have received our defence and we will continue to try to establish the claimform issue date and why we are unable to view online! They are asking if we wish to enter mediation and your direction would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  7. I dont remember. Shall I forward it there as well?!!! I will post too. It's a nightmare because it's not online. I've had the same issue on another case I have brought against someone under my name and the court have sent me a technical error form which is ongoing.
  8. I sent Acknowledgment of Service stating I would defend all on 22nd July 2019 and also advised them that it is still not showing online. They have not yet confirmed
  9. Thank you Brassnecked. If I was an expert, I wouldn't be here!! I am trying! Thanks again Fay
  10. I received a letter from Moriarty yesterday which is pushing me to obtain information from Sky when I have already told them that I cannot access any information from an account I know nothing of! They are pushing for mediation now but I fail to see how they can pursue me for a debt they cannot prove! Can you help please Please note the letter from CARS I have never received before. JT docs1.pdf
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