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  1. So Mr XX will take the whole liability? I have attached the form so you can see. I's so confused! small claims pdf.pdf
  2. The covering letter (Notice of Proposed...) states "Mr Blah Blah and 1 other". The DQ is blank for completion
  3. Sorry I don't know what to do then because up until now, she has always had her own paperwork and now it is all just coming to us. This implies they will lump the whole sum onto us as she is not now having to defend! Can I add her as the "other" Defendant?
  4. Should it not have both names though? It just says my partner's name "and 1 other" so I am presuming at the very least I add her name in on the DQ as a Defendant and witness? Seems unfair to assume my partner will hold all the liability independently. ..and do we now correspond directly with Southern Water in response to their direct letter as per #66 please or keep it through the intended mediation? I'm sorry if I am a pain but I don't want to get this wrong because it could cause us total hardship JT
  5. AND!!!! The other Defendant has not been sent a DQ even though it states on our paperwork that there is a Co Defendant?! What now?!
  6. Can I please ask a further question... In view of the fact we are now having to submit a further DQ ; are we to still ignore the direct correspondence (attached) we received from Southern Water? water 1 cag.pdf water2 cag.pdf
  7. I have been through the paperwork and I've found the DQ! We have until 11th April to respond. Does this mean they have started again and your advice on how we now proceed would be gratefully received please Thank you JT
  8. What DQ? We have received nothing we have not offered you! Not sure what it is! We have offered you everything we have received
  9. MCOL shows this as the history: Your defence was submitted on 24/02/2019 at 23:33:04 Your defence was received on 25/02/2019 at 08:01:47 DQ sent to you on 25/03/2019
  10. yes, it's an N180 and the original was issued by Shulmans (if that makes a difference?)
  11. Good afternoon DX We have received a copy of Southern Water's Small Claims Track as attached. Please could I ask for your help in how we proceed. Many thanks Jerry water 5 april pdf.pdf water 5 april2 pdf.pdf
  12. OK I will keep quiet and if they call , we will request all communication in writing!
  13. Not sure I've uploaded correctly. sorry! water shulmans 1.pdf water shulmans 2.pdf
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