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  1. Well I've probably cocked it up then because I looked at other threads and I posted here it as advised but after half an hour or so I panicked because it was so late. We're already struggling so what will be, will be. Sorry we wasted your time but thank you all the same. JT
  2. is this any good? I found it from a Bank Fodder post t is denied that the defendant is indebted to the claimant as alleged or at all. The defendant has received no notice or communication from the claimant in respect of the alleged debt and the claimant has not attempted to engage with the defendant under the pre-action protocolicon of October 2017. Furthermore, the claimant has given no details as to the breakdown of their claim so the defendant is unable to defend specifically. Therefore the claim should be struck out. In any event, during at least part of the period for which the claimant is claiming, the defendant was not an occupant at the address. Furthermore a substantial portion of the claim is subject to the Limitation Act and is statute barred. We have sent this off online and apologised for the lateness. Trusting we will be ok. Thank you
  3. No! I presumed that the Acknowledgement was the same! Can we contact them tomorrow?! What is our defence?!
  4. I don't appear to have that. I have just gone online and the Acknowledgement of Service was received on 14/01/19. Other than that, there are options to Start Defence or Start Part Admissions but I have received nothing since the Acknowledgement was sent. Not sure if that is customary. Worried we're leaving things out of time now!
  5. Good afternoon! We have now received a letter from Shulmans stating that 1. they do not need to provide any details as it has been filed online and that the Agreement comes under a different Act as the charges are not raised by contract. 2.They state that Southern Water have not sold the debt 3. No Default Notice has been issued 4. They are requesting an offer We have not heard back from the Court yet. How do we proceed please?
  6. He's gonna cave sadly. You just can't help some people. Sorry to waste your time Thank you JT
  7. Just spoken to him. He has documented everything that was asked of him and has evidence of everything he did!
  8. I will find out but since writing, the manager has agreed to pay half! interesting!!
  9. Good evening all! A self employed, hard working friend who is a decent man, employing locally and is just a generally good bloke has made a schoolboy error in trusting without the legalities. He is a commercial painter and decorator who has to take on huge contracts and suffer the cash flow problems associated therein! In December, a 'manager' told him to proceed with extra work but it was not backed up in writing and there were no witnesses. The company are now refusing to pay him for the extras which could force him and his family into insolvency. Is there anything (apart from learning a massive lesson), that we can do to help this guy please? Thank you JT
  10. I don't remember who signed with Sky and if I now contact Sky, will that be admitting some element of liability? I have been away from there since October 2015 and my ex left there August 2016 so I don't know what, where or when this accrued or if I ever even entered into it! It tended to be my ex that arranged this sort of stuff so I'm left holding the baby!
  11. The letter we have is the final demand before proceedings and the debt was carried over from after my partner and I split up. She apparently stopped paying everything! At the moment it's for £227 plus costs but this is the first I've heard of it. Still just sit tight?
  12. Thank you! Moriarty Re: JC International Acquisition LLC Original lender Sky Plc
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