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  1. You really should! You’re really good! I couldn’t find anything!! Sounds like a totally rogue company!
  2. Just trace firm for old debt? I don’t have anything to worry about really (I do have old debt but hey who doesn’t *) but they’re website all about surveillance freaked me out a lot I’ve never received anything like that in the post before!
  3. Yeh I saw their website but couldn’t find anything else - trust pilot reviews etc So worried that they may be a bit more scary than the average ‘debt collector’ So are they just another debt collection agency
  4. There’s normally at least trustpilot reviews for debt collection agencies that have that level of authority. However with this company there is nothing
  5. I have done the same but it is pretty vague. Not sure if it is a “fake” company or something to be worried about
  6. Received a letter today telling me they have been appointed to trace someone. Can’t find much about them online has anyone had any dealing with them
  7. Did you ever hear any further from search squad? I have received a letter from them too and can’t find anything about them online?
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