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  1. I realise that it's the job of the Executors responibility to provide details of the death, it there is an executor and thus a will, but surely death certificates are a public record and a debt collector could obtain one if they needed to satisfy themselves that the person is indeed deceseased. A next of kin, maybe when they're possibly greaving would, in my opinion, have discharged their duty by informing a debt collector of the death and maybe gone the extra mile by providing a copy of their certificate. I was asked or an original or certified copy of death certificate of my father, that
  2. Am I right in thinking that debt collectors can't force the next of kin to supply a death certificate, but they should be advised to apply, and pay for, a copy themselves?
  3. No, I have no assets in the UK, though I do receive a UK pension which is paid offshore.
  4. As a matter of interest could a SD be served in SE Asia? Am I correct in thinking that in any case a SD couldn’t/shouldn’t be served on a debt that’s SB?
  5. No, but it’s only been a couple of weeks. I googled their website.
  6. Thanks for the views, on balance I think I'll not bother responding. I did check Trustonline a while after everything became SB'd, nothing was listed at all, all my creditors have corresponded with me here in SE Asia. As for matrimonial surveillance, sadly I have nothing to worry about there Thanks again for the responses
  7. The ICO Number reverts to "search squad" Search Squad.pdf
  8. I've sought advice regarding my situation of the years, and have more than appreciated the guidance given. I left the UK eleven years ago, I had some debts when I left and did manage to service them for a while, after a while the contstant harrasment and lack of empathy from various creditors just got too much for me and I made the decision, rightly or wrongly, to stop paying, whilst I wasn't proud of my actions the relief was wonderful, and I was able to rebuild my life. Whilst I gave the creditors my overseas address, to prevent a backdoor CCJ in the UK, the letters stopped arrivin
  9. I can confirm that your details will not be flagged on the Border Force systems, the warnings index would only alert the Border Force Officer if there was an arrest warrant for a criminal offence, because you had skipped bail, or because you were on a terrorist watch list.
  10. Another letter arrived today, it took six weeks as they, Robinson Way, used an incomplete old address, all credit to the local postal service that it actually found me, name, name of road and country. This time they offered me a payment plan. I've found an old letter where they offered to settle for a third of the amount claimed, that letter was dated August 2008, I wonder why they are sending letters again after all the years, maybe they think I will suddenly roll over.
  11. Thanks Uncle I've actually carried out a Trust Online search on my old address which shows nothing on the CCJ front, I might still do an Experian one in due course, though you seem to be correct that it cannot be done online from overseas.
  12. Thanks for the advice guys, thanks also for combining the threads, I'd forgotten I'd asked the same question five years ago - it's an age thing. I missed the bit about getting a credit report, I'll do it now, will DCA's be alerted to the fact that I've requested a report? Thanks again.
  13. A bit of background I had an old LloydsTSB credit card, which I struggled to pay some years ago, and then to be honest I just gave up, I must have stopped paying in about 2006, maybe even earlier, though I don't recall ever getting a notice of default. The last communication from me was in August 2008 notifying them of my change of address, it was a generic letter not really admitting liability, but I suspect that as was eight years ago any conceived admission would have been meaningless by now. I had a letter from TSB in September 2008 offering a 60% discount on the debt this offer
  14. How would I do that, I haven't had a UK address for well over six years, over eight in fact. The statement I referred to was sent to an old SE Asia address, the DCO in question, also MKPD, have written to me at my current address.
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