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  1. Hi again, I’m sorry if I’ve caused offence, I can assure you I take the forums and advice you all take time to give extremely seriously. Personally I find previous posts difficult to locate, i don’t know if I go about it the wrong way - and as I’ve said many times before I’m not the best with technology. So I apologise if asking for advice on something that maybe obvious to you, causes annoyance - it’s genuinely not a case of wanting to moan on the internet. Believe me, it took me almost an hour to type the original post as I struggle to type due to my health. I am always extremely grate
  2. I totally get it, I think I just took them in good faith - and feel very stupid now! The thing is you’d end up recording every call you make if you treat everyone the same? For future reference can I ask what method you use for recording calls? Usually I do always communicate in writing... Thank you again. H x
  3. Hi Bankfodder, Firstly thank you for your response, and for not giving up reading that huge post! I honestly didn’t expect to have record a call to RM, so unfortunately I don’t have a recording of that initial call. The offer was made over the telephone, they have detailed notes of this however as the chap who ‘more or less begged’ me to take it further knew all about it, so an SAR should show this? When sending the SAR do I send that to the last address I’ve received communication from? i.e. the escalation team? Thank you H
  4. Hi Apologies in advance for what may be a log post, but its quite a lengthy tale! I ordered some items online for my son (christmas gifts) which were due to be delivered on 13th Dec and i had a text and email at 10.08am from Royal Mail confirming they had been delivered to my home address whilst i was at work, hubby was at home when i spoke to him on my lunch i was surprised and concerned when he said there was no sign of the parcel! As i had an email with the tracking i went online right away and checked the signature - which wasn't my hubbys! No
  5. Thank you dx - I will do that. I didn't realise that claims of that era are generally upheld, hopefully worth a try in that case - we have nothing to lose in any of this do we? Its just so frustrating when they have already had the information once, with regards to the Evans claim they had that a few weeks ago and are now requesting that again as if we have never sent it. Thank you again for your help - its always much appreciated. H
  6. Hi all I have an update albeit somewhat confuzzling... i submitted a claim with Santander on my friends behalf and have been waiting to hear back. I followed dx's advice as per post #18 and sent in the fos questionnaire and a letter covering all the points needed - everything they had wrong! For some very odd reason they have it in their heads that my friend was unemployed at the time of taking out the PPI policy, and that she also had a pre-existing medical condition! None of this was correct - she only gave up work last September (20
  7. Is that the info you need dx100uk? Or do I need to look somewhere else? Apologies if I’ve got the wrong end of the stick...
  8. Phew - thank you -. I was afraid i'd screwed it all up. Sorry i'm just a tad overwhelmed (and not fully recovered by any means - we have a Grattan claim to get in before deadline too so i have to be on the ball) with it all and having seen the confusion of the letter i just couldn't understand why they said they didn't think they should uphold the complaint but then request info they have already had. Thank you for your help - as always its very much appreciated. H x
  9. Hi dx100uk, Due to the lack of time with the deadline approaching and my poor health i had no choice but to use the Santander online form . I just wanted to get the ball rolling - i'm trying to help her out and then get struck down out of the blue, i felt awful. Its only then that they started to reply...
  10. Hi again, I wondered if you may be able to advise on where we are at with Dorothy Perkins/Santander. As you can see from my thread i sent the SAR initially all we received was account numbers - one for Dorothy Perkins and one for Evans (this was only recently confirmed by a letter as i had no clue which company it was for). I have been working on a Barclays PPI claim so hadn't had chance to look at this one until recently, as I had no statements to go by i completed the online PPI complaint form at Santander's website and short
  11. hi again Im so sorry for the delay in replying, i was taken poorly with a really nasty bout of pneumonia and have been out of action for a couple of weeks. She signed up for the initial account in branch, but the Additions etc and then Tech fees were all upgraded without her knowledge. While I've been poorly the Tech Pack fees claim has also been rejected too...
  12. Hi again I have had a good look through and can't see anything obvious, the account information they have provided seems to relate to credit cards and the statement data is for the bank accounts so the two are quite separate. We were able to claim for the PPI on the bank overdraft but there was nothing on the Barclaycard so that info isn't really much help, I have checked through the statements for those dates too and there was a period of 3 months missing which covers the start of the Additions!! Typical. I don't know how useful it w
  13. ok i will have a dig through - there is quite a bundle but we are only looking for a small time frame so shouldnt be too difficult. Fingers crossed... Thank you again - i'll report back
  14. Hi dx100uk. When you say the comms log do you mean the information they provided from the SAR? apologies for being unsure H
  15. So - (Ive done this on behalf of my best friend) She opened the account when she left school and started with a basic account as we all do. Then she was given the basic fee free overdraft, but at some point without her knowledge the account was upgraded to the Additions account. It was only when we were looking at the PPI claim that we realised what she had been charged for all these years, to explain - she knew she was paying a fee but thought this was what you had to pay for the overdraft as thats what she'd been told in branch when she'd been in to query
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