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  1. Apologies for some reason your message didn't show until just now they have sent 20 years worth, but she thinks she has probably been paying the overdraft protecttion/PPI for more than that. I think she'd probably be happy with the 20 years though to be honest and they have confirmed by letter that she has the PPI and how to complain if she wishes to, i would just feel better calculating everything the correct way. I mean do they use the same method? Thanks
  2. Hi again.... Someone also mentioned interest - but i have no idea where to find out how much interest she is being charged? (in order to add to the spreadsheet) Thank you
  3. 'Satans bank' - love that!! I will have a good look this evening and see what info i can find - would be a shame if we can't do anything when there is clear PPI on the paperwork... On another note i finished going through the statements for the PPI on the other accounts last night (around 1am actually lol) so I'm ready to move onto to a spreadsheet once i know which one to use, I have posted about that too but no replies so far. I will add that to my research list too Thank you again for the help
  4. I ‘think’ that’s who Santander are... I’ve searched online and everything comes back to them...
  5. Ah really? Things have changed since I claimed myself then... looks like I’d have my work cut out with that one if we went down that route ... it is annoying because she’s never requested the protection and is still being charged today. Thank you for the info it’s very much appreciated x
  6. Hi there, Yes of course. M&S Sar was sent on 14/01, they replied on 01/02 and asked my friend to contact them confirm the change of address in person which she did. The call was rather odd because the person she initially spoke to took the details and went through personal info then put her on hold after she explained what she was calling for, she was on hold for around 15 mins when another person answered who knew nothing about the first conversation so my friend was concerned about who she’d spoken to especially as she’d gone through security etc. The second person assured her all was ok and that the details were up to date but since then we’ve heard nothing!! Santander - the request was sent on exactly the same day, 14/01 and yes using the sites SAR template but we’ve heard nothing at all from this one. I’m fairly certain she doesn’t have an account with Santander (that’s the one for Dorothy Perkins/Ge Capital that was) and I don’t think she does M&S either. Shes got old statements showing PPI from Dorothy Perkins but if they don’t respond how do we pursue it? Thank you x
  7. Hi there I sent a bunch of SAR's off on behalf of my friend and two haven't responded. M&S - wrote to ask her to call them to confirm her new address (they wanted to speak to her via telephone even though they had a copy of council tax bill and all addresses for the past 20 years) and have heard nothing since. Santander - for GE Capital re Dorothy Perkins Storecard - no reply whatsoever.... What is the best course of action now? I know both companies have the online complaint form for PPI - is it worth giving that a go? Thank you in advance
  8. Thank you both so much - Bankfodder the link to the data disclosure is indeed very helpful and i have just about gotten to grips with it all now. It took both of us all afternoon/evening on Saturday to do it though and i now have a good filing system going with highlighters a-plenty! I will start a new thread on the failed SAR's as suggested - thank you both again.
  9. Hi all I am helping a friend out with a Barclays Overdraft PPI claim and spotted a large amount of bank charges - between £22-£30 per time. I thought it might be worth trying to reclaim these too while we are doing the PPI and i have the statements anyway, i just need some help with knowing which spreadsheet to use for the figures. Could anyone advise please? Thank you in advance
  10. Hi there, I am in the process of trawling through 20 years worth of what i now understand to be PPI on a friends account. Barclays are still charging her today and she wasn't even aware of this (for one reason or another). After an SAR i sent in January they sent a huge bundle of statements which i am in the process of going through and highlighting all charges ready to add to the spreadsheet, however she knows she has more than likely been paying this for much longer - i expect they have only provided statements for as long as they keep them for?? Do we just accept 20 years worth or push for more? My question is which spreadsheet do i use to enter the figures? Thank you in advance
  11. Thanks for the reply - the statements I refer to are from Barclays and show purely overdraft protection until they changed its name to ppi protection around 2014. I’m still working through highlighting all the entries ready to add to a spreadsheet but just wanted confirmation of which one, I’m just not sure how to check what interest they added (if any) besides the actual charge? I will also need to sort the bank charges separately. Santander re GE Capital for Dorothy Perkins storecard haven’t replied plus Marks & Spencer’s as above. I did send a copy of the council tax bill (as well as a list of previous addresses for the past 20 years) but they also wanted her to call and confirm, it was a real mission of a call but the letter said she needed to ... I just don’t know what to do next in these cases. Thank you again x
  12. Hi again, I spent most of yesterday with my friend going through statements from one of the SAR requests I’d sent on her behalf and it seems we have a good case of 20 years worth of overdraft protection so that’s my next task. Am I right in thinking I use the same spreadsheet as I would for PPI for this one? Whilst going through the paperwork we found that one company haven’t responded to the SAR. How do we proceed with that? One company had written and asked her to call to confirm a change of address which she did, and she’s heard nothing since!!! So I need to chase that too but I’m not sure how to. I’d be grateful of any advise to both questions as always thanks x
  13. Ok thanks for that I will make a start - with the deadline looming i just wondered if there was a quicker route as i didn't want to delay things if there was. For any who haven't responded within the 30 days is there another letter we need to send out? I know you mentioned that the GE maybe a partial completion - the letter didn't mention that anything was to follow, is that usual? Do i need to write to them to confirm/request more info? sorry for all the Q's...
  14. I called round to collect some more paperwork last night, which had arrived as a result of the SAR's I had sent back in January. I sent 5 in total to various companies... The latest two to respond are barclays and grattan and there is so much info - lots of statements to go through dating back to 1999 and both clearly showing PPI. My question is do i now need to trawl through each statement to complete the interest spreadsheets etc to find out how much they have charged or is there a form to complete i.e. a quicker way? for Barclays there must be at least 600 pages!! The Barclays statements have thrown up even more routes to go down... one car loan she forgotten she had for instance. So thats the next course of action. But its knowing whether to do the SAR or complete the online PPI claim form for that company? As always your help is very much appreciated. H x
  15. Hi there, We sent the SAR off on the 10th January and they have replied within the 30 days. You are correct the account was with GE Capital, I have heard of Plevin but not had any experience of it personally - is it quite straight forward to do? I will have a search on the forums later when i'm home from work. I have done my own PPI claims in the past but its a while ago so i was a bit sketchy when i started looking into this for my friend - she's recently beaten breast cancer and I would love to give her a boost, maybe claim enough for a break for the family. Thats my hope anyway. Thank you so much for your advice its much appreciated
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