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  1. I recently had to return a face-lifting gizmo ordered from Littlewoods catalogue. It was purchased 9 months ago but had been unopened in all that time. When taken out the box for the first time it appeared to be dead so was returned. They issued me with a partial refund of £115 (purchased for £280). If this is all above board then thats fine but i thought it would be best to check online in case im entitled to the rest. It was dead on arrival but on the other hand it sat unopened for 9 months. Thanks.
  2. Matter closed then as far as im concerned. Couldn't be happier especially with the unexpected outcome. Their defence paperwork was quite impressive tbh and im at a loss as to why they didn't turn up. My last email was picked up by a colleague of whoever i was talking to initially about settling out of court i can only assume some kind of internal oversight in their offices. A big well deserved thank you to all those that chipped in with guidance and helping me to learn the basics in case i ever find myself in a similar position again. And a special thank you to Andyorch and dx100uk in particular. Ive made a small donation to the forum. Thanks again.
  3. Just to close matters, i still owe them the money? they just cant use a court enforcement to obtain it from me?
  4. Wow superb an unexpected outcome to say the least.
  5. Wow, so that debt has been struck off? i thought they could just re apply for it?
  6. Received a letter this morning and the case was struck out as both parties didn't attend. Can the claimant restart proceedings?
  7. No i didn't attend because of Agraphobia, but i had agreed to an out of court settlement almost with claimants solicitor but they never replied to my last email and that was a few weeks before the court date.
  8. Hello again. I never did get any reply back from the solicitor after i told them i wanted to pay the minimum possible and the court date has been and gone and ive heard nothing from the claimant, their solicitor or the court. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  9. I wont be paying off this amount anytime soon so ideally want to pay the absolute minimum possible, also straight from my benefits if i can. they have asked me how much i want to pay. Should i just be up front with them and tell them this? Thanks. (again)
  10. Ok that sounds the logical choice then. Do i negotiate/haggle with them at any point on total amount or payback details? Also does anyone still want to see the witness statement? if so ill get it scanned and uploaded. Thanks.
  11. I am unsure of the cons and pros of either to be honest. Also i shall get the Witness statement uploaded soon. Thanks.
  12. Yes they have its seven pages. Would you like it posted up or maybe highlights of any interesting bits? Also a day or two ago i received the following email offering out of court settlement... "Dear Mr XXXX I am in receipt of your Witness Statement dated 21st September 2017. I note that you now acknowledge the debt following the removal of the Statute Barred bills. It is further noted that you do not wish to attend court, due to your health issues. I therefore propose that the matter is dealt with by means of a Consent Order. Please advise me by return, your proposals of settlement so that I can draw up the order. Yours sincerely
  13. Received a huge bundle of paperwork from the claimant on Friday. Not had a thorough read yet but had a quick flick through it... They have accounted for and deducted the status barred period from my bill themselves. Lots of bills and t&c's have been included. Details of the handful of emails i sent to the water company when i was trying to discover whether the money they were taking from my benefits was for my current bill or the arrears we were going to court over. It concludes that i am happy with current setup in this area. It all looks in order. Once ive had a proper read trough ill update the thread with any questions. In the meantime if anyone wants a nose of any of the above or a contents page or similar feel free to ask. Thanks.
  14. One last thing should my doctors note goto just the court or both?
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