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Found 18 results

  1. I did a Google search for recent court cases, I typed Swift Advances cases 2017. A link appeared to CAG this forum. It took me to the Swift page here not to a specific post. The search description said, 15th June 2017 views 10076 + post Swift have been ordered to pay..... I can't find this post in Swift forum. Can anyone throw any light on the info provided please.
  2. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/debate-on-the-armed-forces-and-investigation-and-prosecution-of-historical-cases
  3. Over the past 2-3 years I have reported on this forum about the risks that debtors face when taking 'legal advice' from the internet and in being encouraged by the relevant sites to issue proceedings against a bailiff company/and or a local authority. In order to warn debtors of the dangers involved I have provided details of the cases together with copies of the Judgments (when available). I cannot stress the importance of this information given that debtors need to be fully aware that if a claim is instigated against either the company (either by way of an Interpleader, Injunction or
  4. The Pranksters view.... http://parking-prankster.blogspot.co.uk/2015/12/parkingeye-shamelessly-dredge-up.html
  5. Can anyone throw some light on whether or not email correspondences can be used as evidence in court. The emails clearly show the sender and recipient thanks
  6. Apologies if this has been posted before but I couldn't see it, make interesting reading, Parking Eye claim to win nearly all the cases they take to court. http://www.parkingeye.co.uk/motorist-information/parkingeye-win-over-90-of-county-court-hearings/
  7. In April 2007 I was the victim of Internet fraud. The crim was tried, convicted and sentenced during December 2008. Unfortunately I was TIC'd (Taken Into Consideration) on the case and I did not receive any compensation nor did anyone else on the sheet. Recently, I have noticed the crim is trading under his own name (sole trader) and I was hoping to issue a claim against him. Of course now it is more than six years since it has passed. The only thing I wondered was, given a criminal case was brought against him can I take the resolution of that as the time in passing? Otherwise I guess I'
  8. More support for the advice that you should not ignore completely but that you should make it clear that you are up for a fight. Here are some heavily redacted extracts:- Full horrible story here:- http://www.thetimes.co.uk/tto/law/article3698204.ece# Shocking. I had always thought that the United Kingdom Crown Prosecution Service has great integrity
  9. Rate of mortgage fraud rises to 38 cases in every 10,000 applications in 2012, more than double the number recorded in 2007, says Experian The level of fraud on mortgages and insurance policies has more than doubled since the start of the credit crunch, and the ongoing squeeze on household finances is likely to lead to more cases, a credit reference agency has claimed. Figures from Experian show that although the total rate of fraud on financial products has fallen since 2007, in certain areas there have been big increases in the number of false applications. More: http://www.guardia
  10. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/uk-watchdog-sees-leap-insurance-mis-selling-cases-000836875--sector.html
  11. http://www.scotsman.com/the-scotsman/personal-finance/pressure-growing-to-crack-down-on-ppi-firms-1-2795828#.USEFNDqEh0M.twitter but in scotland its a frre for all to fleece for now dx
  12. The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) has predicted it will tackle 245,000 cases related to payment protection insurance (PPI) this year and next – two thirds of its expected workload. In its proposed financial budget for the next financial year, FOS said it expects to look into more disputes involving mis-sold PPI in 2013/14 compared to the previous year. Tony Boorman, deputy chief ombudsman, said: “Two years after the court ruling confirmed the approach that financial businesses should take when handling PPI complaints, it’s disappointing that we’re still seeing significant numbers of unreso
  13. The following are lists of legal cases /Judgements and a description of the relevance of each case. As an example I will be providing copies of the following: Toseland Building Supplies v Bishop Groundworks Ltd: This appeal court case is relevant if claiming that goods or a vehicle are "Tools of the Trade". DSI Foods etc: This vitally important appeal court case regarding Shergroup Ltd confirms that a bailiff CANNOT assume that all goods in the property belong to the debtor and that he must ensure that he reads any documentation given to him. The 2nd most crucial part of the j
  14. Can those more knowledgeable please confirm my understanding of recent cases... I have received a number of letters now for overstaying a free period of parking and the advice I took from reading this and other forums was to ignore which I have done so far. However 1. With the Parking Eye v Somerfield case...is it correct that the judge has said that the initial or lower charge is acceptable and therefore enforceable should a claim be made at a small claims court but that the higher amount is a penalty and therefore uneforceable.. 2. that the VCS tax tribunal case stated that only th
  15. Consumers who have never had a loan from Wonga have had their banks accounts used to make loan repayments. Payday lender Wonga has defended the way it carries out fraud checks after a spate of incidents in which consumers found their bank accounts had been used to repay loans taken out by criminals. The lender, which offers loans of between £400 and £1,000 on a short-term basis at a cost of more than 4,000% APR, makes a virtue of the fact it can turn around applications in just 15 minutes. However, victims say it takes much longer to get a response from the company when things go wro
  16. Well this is news to me,but according to the Marstons bailiff who I spoke to following being called by a relative after they turned up to execute a MCW it is too late to even challenge. On informing them that I did know about the rules given that I was a site team member of the CAG,the Marstons bailiff went on to say that this site is full of bad advice and wrong advice. I had to think as to whether I had told him CAG or else something which sounds like CAG that I had not yet seen. Here I am taking about a warrant that was passed following a fines order for no TV licence. The per
  17. Compliments of Nev - a tireless worker for the rights of motorists in the UK I have an idea that the BPA at some point claimed that there about 36,000 cases per year? Maybe someone can correct me Data (2).xls
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