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  1. Hi https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?491828-Southern-Water-UKsearchLTD-Shulmans-court-claim-urgent-help-needed-(past-33-days) We are in exactly the same situation having just received a Letter Before Action Letter from Shulmans/UK Search/ Southern Water for alleged bills between 2007 and 2015. This letter is addressed to my partner and his ex who split in 2015. They claim £3343 is owed but this is the first we know about it. Having read through this thread, I am a little confused as the info appears contradictory.... Are we sending the CAG pack to Southern Water, Shulmans or UK Search in the first instance please?
  2. Hi Guys Just joined the forum as had been looking for some advice regarding this issue. My partner is being pursued for a debt in Dubai in 2007. Until last week she had no contact with the bank since 2009, this being the year she left Dubai. We have just received a statutory demand from the infamous CWD which on advice we are going to set aside and dispute the debt they are saying is owed (over 180,000 pounds) from a c card debt of 18k. From what ive read many of you are in the same boat and we would just like a bit of advice whilst we share our experience to hopefully help some of you at the same time. Will keep you posted on how things go. My partner left Dubai in 2009 with around 18k of debt and until last friday had no contact with the bank in question. A guy came to the door and served a statutory demand on her and reading it we have 21 days to set it aside. I have read various threads on this forum and others and it seems there are hundreds of other people being chased by the same company (CWD). On doing a little research i have a few questions 1) as there is no reciprocal agreement between the UK and UAE can this be lawfully pursued 2) The timescale, can this still be pursued after 9 years ? 3) Will the setting aside of this demand require a solicitor to action this ? your help and advice will be truly appreciated thanks in advance
  3. My girlfriend and I went along to a trial session at a local fitness centre we had been told about. After the session, we sat down in the café and received a free (freshly ground) coffee as we discussed joining permanently with the trainer. The conversation was brief, 5 mins max. It involved an iPad on which she showed us the booking app they use and details of the different memberships. We opted for the couples membership at £88.20 per month (endorphin levels were sky high so this sounded like a great deal at the time) plus we get some free gear and a club-branded item of clothing of our choice, each. The club was only a few weeks old at the time, and it seemed like the trainer who was signing us up didn't know exactly how to navigate the sign-up procedure, but we got there in the end. We handed over personal details and my girlfriend gave her bank details for the direct debit to be taken out each month. We immediately had to pay a pro-rata fee of £67.62 for the first month (September), oh and a joining fee of £50 (!?). A few weeks later and reality hit, we were never going to get our moneys worth from this club and had only been a handful of times in the first couple of months (lets just blame it on our 'busy' lifestyle) We paid again at the beginning October but then my girlfriend finally rang up to cancel. This is when she gets told that actually she can't cancel the membership as (duh) we signed up to a 6-month contract. Instead, they suggested that 'we had joined for a reason why don't we just pop down and give it another go'. My girlfriend expressed her surprise at the fact that we were committed to anything, to which they told her all of the details were in her contract. She went on to ask for a copy of this contract, that she had never seen before. They did email her a copy of a black and white contract, which was filled in with her details and with all of the terms and conditions. It included our joining date and commitment period end date. At the bottom, there is an Application Declaration section, with signature boxes which were (obviously) blank, because this was the first time either of us had seen this contract. Page 2, there was a physical activity readiness questionnaire (blank with empty signature box) Page 3 was a copy of her direct debit (blank with empty signature boxes) She informed the club that she was cancelling her direct debit as these contracts they had sent were quite clearly unsigned by herself, and that she was never informed and/or agreed to the long-term contract. They never acknowledged this email. Fast forward a couple of months and she receives an email from a debt collection agency after a payment of £610.26. She rang this agency and told them the whole story. They agreed to put everything on hold and contact the club. The next day, she receives an email from the agency stating that they had contacted the club and they had been advised by their client, that we set up our membership via a tablet they handed to us, that we had agreed to tick and had agreed the terms and conditions in order to proceed. And that they had no written confirmation of us wishing to cancel our membership (bull****) Therefore they look forward to our payment (of which late fees had been added) Their t&c's actually say they may charge a fee of no more than £15 for failed direct debit payments and any unpaid fees referred to a debt collection agency will be subject to a charge of no more than £30? But that's besides the point. We/my gf were never told about the commitment period, and never signed anything. They sent us a copy of a completely blank contract. We're only 24/25 and have no experience of anything like this, do we just ride it out? Could we be caught out somewhere along the line, even with them having no signature? We've watched hours of Can't pay we'll take it away, should we expect to see ourselves on Channel 5 next year? Thanks in advance for any help. P.S. We never received our t-shirts.
  4. Hi Guys, I have received a few letters from Clarity which started with the usual we are trying to contact someone, which I ignored (why help them?) then came the "you owe us loads of money" letter, which I also ignored because I see why I should ring them or do anything initially. Then came the "we will send round the FieldCall people to discuss the fact that you owe us loads of money" letter. I was not too purturbed because a) I had been chased almost a year ago for almost the exact same amount by Lowell, who finally admitted they were wrong and appologised for writing to me (I had written a very polite "prove it" letter), and b) I recently came across these forums which are a revelation. I wrote a letter back basically saying, very nicely (I think) - prove it, and I don't want you sending anyone round to talk to me about it. Today I received the attached letter (suitably redacted), to which I want to reply in this way: Dear Clarity, If you don't know who I am, then stop accusing me of owing you money. Yours faithfully, etc. What do people think? I don't wish to fire flaming letters at them, because I feel that that sort of thing can later predudice things, if, for some reason it all turns sour. I am not worrying particularly, but would like to ensure that my response is measured and reasonable. Any advice?
  5. Hi all, Apologies if this post is in the wrong forum, had a look and wasn't sure where to put it. Back in 2015 I obtained a referral to a specialist consultant for a health issue via my health insurer Pru/Vitality. I was issued with a claim number, claim was allowed, saw the consultant and that was that. I had previously seen him under the same process. In 2016 I started to get letters from the consultant's office demanding payment for my 2015 visit. I explained that I had a valid claim via my insurer and told them to take it up with them. A few months later, same thing. In Jan 2017 I had enough, so I called the consultant's office and explained that it is between them and Pru - not me. They claimed that Pru had no record of the claim. In the interim Pru changed to a new claim system, so my claim was under the old system. I explained this to the consultant's office person and they came back saying that Pru won't pay their invoice, as they only receive via email within a certain period of time after vist etc. In other words, it sounds like they filed their invoice too late and Pru aren't paying out. I also called Pru to complain of this hassle, and they basically said the same thing, however the consultant's office won't stop hassling me for payment. How on earth can I get them to stop and leave me alone? This is clearly an issue between them and the consultant, not me!
  6. Hello all, First of all a slight intro, I have never been to Dubai in my entire life but my brother did live over there for a year a few years ago. I was at work in the UK earlier and received a call on my company (landline) phone, I was advised that it was a debt collection agency called Tahseel calling about my brother's apparent credit card debt. Initially I was baffled at how they managed to get hold of my company phone number but i'm sure my details are readily available online somewhere and they have obviously linked me to my brother in some way. They were asking for his contact information, phone, email and all sorts of stuff. I don't speak to my brother often and when we do it's over facebook messenger or something, usually around xmas time! As far as I know he isn't working at the moment and I told the agent this. I said that I don't have any contact details for him which is true. I have two numbers in my phone for him that are years old, neither of them work. I asked how much he owed and surprisingly they actually told me. They only said it was a credit card debt. he gave me his email address etc and asked me to pass it on to my brother when I see him which I suspect won't be for a while. My questions I hope someone can help with are: 1) Now I have somehow been linked to my brother's debt, if I were to ever visit Dubai would this cause me any problems? I don't want to find myself arrested at the airport in a country I've never visited before due to my brother's debt... 2) What will happen is this debt is not settled? Will I continue to be harassed until the end of time. I spoke to my mother who also confirmed that she regularly receives phone calls from this same company and tells them that she does not have contact with my brother, which is genuinely true. 3) Does anyone have any solid advice I can pass on to my brother when I eventually do speak to him? I could be wrong but I doubt he has any means of repaying this debt. Any help would be great guys.
  7. Hi there CAG Community! So relieved there is hope out there - CAG!! In a nutshell, I have lived in Abu Dhabi, UAE, for many, many years.. I had a credit card and a loan, of those in the know, is a must if you are in need of renting any property as x2 payments up-front are needed..Anyways, long story short, I have always paid my loans/CC's on time, every time. In Dec 2017, I was unfairly dismissed, (part of the emiritization restructuring) and was given 3-hours notice to leave. Contravened Labor Law, thus was unlawful (which didn't make a difference) desperately tried to fight for my End of Service benefits, notice monies etc... which all went down the 'inshallah' road. Time and money ran out, I have had to leave Abu Dhabi as could no longer stay live there with my wife/kids as had no income.. Had to return to the UK in Feb 2018. Thus defaulting on monthly payments. Total debt; in the region of AED123k, approx £22k excluding the ungoverned interest rates Right, to the point; I have received an email from a collections agency couple days ago. The email is as follows: Dear xxxxx, First Abu Dhabi Bank (PJSC), Unique Identification Number xxxxxx We have been instructed by First Abu Dhabi Bank (PJSC) (the merger of First Gulf Bank and National Bank of Abu Dhabi) in the Middle East to deal with a number of liabilities owed by individuals resident here in the UK. All of our work in this respect is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (under FCA licence number 737367). A liability in your name features on a portfolio which we have been instructed to manage. We have been provided with this email address for you, so our intention is for all communications to be directed to this address. That said, we know and are sensitive to the fact that debt is a serious and very worrying issue for many people - so we do not want to increase that burden by communicating with you through inconvenient channels. Accordingly, if you do not want to be contacted via this email address, please let us have an alternative means of communication, within the next 7 days; either a telephone number, another email address or a residential postal address. If you do not take up this opportunity to direct us down a particular communication path (or paths) then we will assume that the continued use of this email address for communication is acceptable to you going forward. Please telephone us on 01494 911099 within the next 7 days. Our operators are here to help you Monday to Friday between 9am and 5.30pm. Please quote the above Unique Identification Number when you call. Please note that there is free debt advice available for anybody in the UK who needs it. This resource is available from the following organisations, amongst others: citizensadvise and moneyadviceservice
  8. Hi all, Have I made a mistake? I had an unenforceable credit card debt from 2010 has been passed through the following companies: Alliance & Leicester/ MBNA/AIC/Aegis/Wescot - Bank of America /Arrow Global/ Wescot/ Scotcall/ Vanquis Bank. In 2011 Letter from Arrow Global said Scotcall is no longer managing your account. It will now be managed by Vanquis Bank on behalf of Arrow, who will be in touch to let you know contact details and offer you the "Avant Programme". Never heard any more and 6 years later was offered a small credit card which I thought would help me rebuild some credit. The account is in order and I have managed pay it off each month. But... The card is from Vanquis Bank! and I have started getting letters and calls about the other account from AIC again. It feels a bit uncomfortable. Should I worry? Cheers,
  9. Hi All... First off apologies if I am asking something that has been answered elsewhere... Truth is I'm in a massive hole and trying to find anyway out (not just with welcome lol) Long story short... Took at a 3rd charge loan with welcome about 12 years ago...it was a struggle from the off... About 3 years in welcome offered us the chance to resign to extend the length of the loan and reduce the payments which we did... Split up with the wife who remained in the home about 6 years ago. For the past 5 years no payment have been made to welcome. Current balance is about £29k. My initial question is that they have never really chased for the monthly payments....the only contact we have from them is a yearly statement and that's it. The debt doesn't appear on my credit file however there is a charge at land registry...does anyone know why this might be the case that they are not chasing us for such a long period of time? House in massive neg eq so am desperate for any ways out Thanks all
  10. Hi guys, sorry, the first half of this post has disappeared. My second question is basically, is it worth sending Vanquis an SAR because they are likely to have made punitive charges and penalties when my card went into default. This is with a view to claiming them back. Thanks, Mikey_L
  11. Hello everyone, I am new to this group. I received a letter from Opos (a DCA) back in November 2016, saying I owe money to an energy company for an unpaid energy bill. I replied saying that I did not know their client and the debt was not mine. I asked them to send me copies of the unpaid bill(s). I received a new letter from Opos last month, containing a settlement offer. Again, I replied stating that I did not know their client, nor had I ever received any services from them, and the debt was not mine. I used a template similar to the one shown under "You know nothing of the Debt / Prove It" in the CAG Library in the Debt Collection folder. I have now received a "Final demand" letter from Opos. Again, there is no acknowledgement of my two replies to their previous letters. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
  12. Hello I am looking for some advice but couldn't work out how to create a new post? I joined a gymtec gym in May 2013 on a 12 month contract but became unwell late 2013, early 2014 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I wrote to my gym cancelling my membership due to developing a disability and being unable to use the gym due to severe muscle pain, limited mobility and fatigue. I included a copy of my consultants letter confirming diagnosis and also informed the gym I was struggling financially due to divorce proceedings and now supporting myself and my step daughter on only my income. I heard nothing but cancelled my direct debit the following month in April 2014. I the recieved a letter in Jan from CRS on behalf of Harlands to say I owed £186 for unpaid membership fees and associated charges. I wrote to the gym stating I wanted to deal with them and explain I cancelled and why I did and included a copy of my original letter and the consultants letter. I've heard nothing and had another CRS letter threatening CCJ. I've emailed the gym again and stated clearly I had a material change in circumstances that prevented me from using the gym. What should I do next? Have CRS ever obtained a successful CCJ for gym membership? I can prove I am disabled and this condition developed and was diagnosed during the contract corresponding with my cancellation I can also prove I was struggling finacially at that point too due to the divorce. I was hoping to get some advice from Slick as he seems to be the guru on all things Harlands/gym related The threat of legal action feels very intimidating but can they really do anything? Thanks
  13. Hi, I have just been issued with a claimform from Robinson Way Ltd, I am considering fighting the debt for two reasons I would like any advise on whether I have a leg to stand on with any of my reasons and if anyone would recommend or recommend against doing so. 1. The debt of £1573.05 is originally from an approximate £50.00 unauthorised overdraft from Lloyds bank, the first reason I have for fighting the debt is that it is mostly made up of overdraft charges that since receiving them where found to be illegal (If you remember back in 2011 ish everyone was claiming their overdraft charges back). 2. The second reason is that this debt is over 6 years old, I cannot remember the actual date, but the problem is somebody (I think my sister) accidentally transferred money into that account on 13/05/2011 and they are taking that as a payment and therefore saying that is the last time the account was defaulted. I am thinking that because this money didn't come from me and that I didn't know about it until afterwards that it shouldn't be counted as a payment the that the default date should be the original which is over 6 years ago. If you think that these are valid reasons to fight the account please let me know, and the the same if you think I am wrong and that I should pay the amount before the CCJ goes into affect 14 days from today.
  14. I had 2 unpaid old loans with the speedcredit "group" of loan companies which of course went under a few years ago, I didn't hear anything until a few months ago from a company called "United Kash" who said they owned both the loans but have now passed one of the loans onto another company called "Capital Resolve." I have heard very little from Capital Resolve but United Kash have been sending letters / emails & texts (probably phone calls too but I don''t answer unknown numbers.) I have been ignoring all of these forms of harassment, now last week they sent me a text ONLY saying they were going to send a "debt recovery officer" to my house within 10 days unless I get in contact with them which I also chose to ignore, however they have now sent me another text saying that the "debt recovery officer" is going to visit my house this week which has got me a little worried?? The thing is that I still live with my parents and they do know about the previous debts etc but I don't want anyone randomly turning up to the house, so I need advice on what to do. the debt were both £400 which of course with the way the previous owners worked they soon ballooned up into the 1000's, they have sent several payment demands stating that they want £800(not sure where they got that figure from) but they are happy to accept £600. I believe the debts are around half way to statue barred too. So, I need advice on what to do.
  15. Hi, Can anyone help me out.. a month ago 1st Credit sent me a CCA (finally) for a debt which is now statue barred about two years ago. Now they are starting to chase me again for the debt. Any advice on how I should proceed? Many thanks in advance, M
  16. Hi, We have a credit card debt with MBNA taken out in 2008 which defaulted in 2013. It is showing on CRA as 'satisfied' with MBNA, but then appeared as Aktiv Captial, who chased through 2013 - 2015. The debt is now with PRS Group and we have had a letter asking for payment or Court Action will ensue. If the debt is showing 'satisfied' can PRS still push for payment, or is this 'satisfied' because the debt has been bought? We wrote to Aktive in 2013 asking for CCA, they sent us photocopied version, scribbled numbers over and no sig. Do we just ignore PRS? We have had one succesfully thrown out case with another card company who folded at Court, can we do the same again? Thanks skywalker
  17. I returned from Dubai in early March having left behind 30 000 AED debt on an FB credit card. 12/07/16 I received a letter from CWD advising me:- "We have been instructed by our client to engage with you and to make arrangements for the repayment of your credit card debt to our client." The debt is apparently now 47 000 AED. I have to respond before 2nd August otherwise "a fixed legal charge of £1500 will be added to your account" Also "Once proceedings are commenced legal costs are charged on a time spent basis. I left Dubai penniless and have overdrafts and credit cards in the UK, and have no ready cash whatsoever. I am however a homeowner, which has a degree of equity. Are CWD able to force me to sell my home to satisfy this debt? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi - following our split, my ex stopped paying the mortgage and eventually handed the keys back to the bank. It was subsequently sold at a loss it seems (I can see on Zoopla that it sold for around £35k less than the mortgage value, in Oct '10). A letter from a debt collector found it's way to me a while back (via an old address) and it seems Welcome Finance are chasing c.£30k from me for a secured loan we took out with Freedom finance years ago. We paid the debt off in full - I remember feeling elated when we'd paid our final instalment! So how can they be chasing me for the debt? I assume it's because they still had some sort of hold on the deeds, but surely that shouldn't count anymore if we'd paid it in full? Needless to say I haven't been in touch with them but I'm obviously worried that this could really bite me...
  19. . I have a debt of €15k from a credit card from a French bank. I retired and came home to the UK intending to service the debt. Unfortunately, there was a marital break up and I can't pay more than about €50 per month. I have been contacted by email by a Hussier to contact ASAP. Should I reply and try to negotiate a low payment or ignore the mail - they don't have my address as yet.
  20. Hello, It is the first time I use this forum, and I really need your advice. I am going to try to make it short, but it is not going to be easy... My husband and I are French and lived in England for six years (July 1996 to August 2002). We left UK at the beginning of August 2002 to move back to France because of unplanned family reasons, but with outstanding unsecured debts in the UK. Before moving, we wrote to our creditors in the UK to let them know we were moving to France, our moving date and our temporary address in France where they could contact us. Unfortunately, in 2006, we had to file for bankruptcy in France (because of financial difficulties in France) and we included our UK debts (all unsecured). Our file went back and forth between the french Administrative Board and/or the Court for several reasons: - our family situation changed several times (we broke up, then we went back together), - then we challenged the measures decided by the french Administrative Board regarding our ressources, our expenses, the amount they wanted us to pay every month. The UK creditors were all contacted by the French Administrative Board to declare their claims during the whole bankruptcy filing procedure, but none of them replied. However, we received the usual threatening letters from FRANCE CREANCES (from January 2004, a DCA in France) who acted in the name of LINK FINANCIAL LTD (a DCA in the UK) who bought an old BARCLAYCARD debt back in 2002. As we acted in good faith, we contacted them in 2006 to inform them of our financial situation, and that we had filed for bankruptcy in France. Eventually, we started paying our debts from January 2012 up to February 2013 (including FRANCE CREANCES'), but had to file for bankruptcy again in March 2013 as we had contracted more french debts (one is around 20000 Euros. My sweet husband, always willing to help others, had the good idea to sign a deed of personal surety for somebody who was looking for a flat to rent. This deed is requested by a vast majority of landlords in France to secure the renting of their property. The person didn't pay her rent for months. As a result, because of the signed deed, we will have to pay the outstanding rent arrears in place of the person who didn't pay the rent. In France, this kind of deed allows the creditor to contact directly the deed signer without even contacting the person who is faulty... It goes without saying that this additional debt has increased our financial difficulties...) Our file has been back and forth again between the french Administrative Board and/or Court for 3 years because we have been challenging the measures decided by the french Administrative Board and/or the Court decisions, so as to make the payment plan viable for us. What is thepoint in signing a plan which we know we won't be able to respect. We want to be able to pay our debts and live (or should I say survive...). In June 2014, we challenged the detailed statement of our debts, including the UK ones. We went to Court on July 1st, 2014. Regarding FRANCE CREANCES/LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED, we asked the Court to contact them to provide us with the proof that they bought our debt from LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED, and that LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED bought the debt from BARCLAYCARD. We cited as well sections 77 and 78 from the Consumer Credit Act 1974 so as we could be provided with a copy of the executed agreements signed by my husband and I (as we both had a Barclaycard), and of any other documents referred to in it. So far, the requested documents still haven't be provided. As far as the other creditors were concerned, we cited section 9 of Limitation Act 1980 regarding the 6 years' limitation to recover their debts that had been clearly missed. As a result, from the evidence we provided ourselves, the french Court, on the 1st of August 2014, ruled out our UK debts of the payment plan since, during the whole procedure (and after the Court hearing of July 1st, 2014), all of our UK creditors had been contacted by the french Administrative Board and/or the Court to declare their claims, but none had replied. In November 2014, we challenged AGAIN the measures decided by the french Administrative Board regarding our ressources, our expenses, the amount they wanted us to pay every month. They contacted again all our creditors, including the ones in the UK, for declaration of the claims. None of them replied apart from FRANCE CREANCES mentioned above, who tranmitted the french Administrative Board and/or the Court the amount of the outstanding debt (for which we started paying in January 2012, but stopped paying in February 2013). We have an Appeal court hearing in June 2016 for which we hired a solicitor. According to her, UK law prevails over France law in our case. As far as I am concerned, I have some questions regarding FRANCE CREANCE/LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED and the other creditors: - according to you, due to the fact that we took on debts in the UK while we were UK residents, that we are French citizens and now live in France, which law should be taken into account for the Appeal procedure: English our French law? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: prior to moving back to France, we contacted our creditors in good faith (see above). Is it considered as a relevant ackowledgement of debt according to the UK law and section 9 of Limitation Act 1980? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: in 2006, when we filed for bancruptcy in France (including our UK debts), is it considered as a relevant acknowledgement of debt according to the UK law and section 9 of Limitation Act 1980? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: does the UK Law take into account the filing of bankruptcy abroad and the inclusion of UK debts? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: is the fact that no UK creditors replied/declared claims when contacted by the french Administrative Board and/or Court during the whole bankruptcy filing procedure (starting from 2006 up until now, apart from FRANCE CREANCES/LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED) relevant to sections 77 and 78 from the Consumer Credit Act 1974 for the transmission of a copy of the executed agreements signed by my husband and I, and of any other documents referred to in it, and to section 9 of Limitation Act 1980 regarding the 6 years' limitation to recover their debts, as no relevant claim has ever been declared? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: as far as FRANCE CREANCES/LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED, does the fact that we started paying them in 2012 (10 years after leaving the UK, 6 years after including them in our Bankruptcy file in France) play against us regarding section 9 of Limitation Act 1980 and the 6 years' limitation to recover their debts? By the way, I have asked them to provide me with a copy of their declaration of claim to the french Administrative Board. From their email I have just received, they can't find the declaration, or don't want to provide me with it. I have asked the french Administrative Board as well. In case of the prevailing of UK law, if no declaration of claim from FRANCE CREANCES/LINK FINANCIAL LIMITED can be provided to either the french Administrative Board and/or the Court, can either sections 77 and 78 from the Consumer Credit Act 1974 or section 9 of Limitation Act 1980 regarding the 6 years' limitation to recover debts be cited in the forthcoming Appeal procedure? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: does it matter if the french Administrative Board and/or Court contacted in our names the creditors for a declaration of claims or a copy of the executed agreements signed by my husband and I and of any other documents referred to in it? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: is Section 9 of the Limitation Act 1980 the only section dealing with time limit regarding the recovery of sums by statute? - in case of the prevailing of UK law: are there other acts dealing with time limit regarding the recovery of sums? I know there are many questions, it is a long read, and I am sorry. I hope I am clear enough. If you need more info, I will be pleased to try to answer your questions. I really need some answers because all this stresses me too much. The end of the Bankruptcy procedure is near, and I really need to have some answers, some advice before starting to pay again, because the procedure won't go any further... Thank you ever so much in anticipation for your help !!!
  21. I wanted to ask if anyone could give me some advise on unpaid Spanish Community charge debts. We handed in our keys back to the bank in Spain 2007 and we understand the bank did not repossess the property until 2009. We purchased the property in 2005 and paid some of the community fees but the amount they are saying is well over what they are saying. The Uk debt collector contacted me last year and I disputed the amount but I have received another letter today saying we are still liable as the property was not repossessed until 2009 we are still liable for the unpaid community charges from 2005-2007. We have not received yet any official Spanish court information for the unpaid community charge or any letters from a UK court. Does any one know if they can take UK proceedings against us as we have not got this amount of money to pay this amount and are also disputing the amount as well. If any one has any advice please could you reply
  22. I've had a letter over the weekend from CDI- we left ireland during the financial crisis due to no work, . ..I had a small unsecured loan with boi -haven't paid anything off the loan since June 2011, it's about €2500 - they've sent me a letter via an international DCA, who are based in Kent... Any advice??
  23. The following is an extract of an article that appeared on SCOOP yesterday: Full story here: http://www.hulldailymail.co.uk/Hull-mother-chased-bailiffs-carving-knife-walks/story-28348975-detail/story.html#ixzz3uVapzLee
  24. Just had a very worrying phone call started with me querying the fact that they where still under the impression I was self employed (a job I did for 18 months) got put through to tax credits department who said that we still owed £12000 and this sum was now in the hands of a debt collection agency. And that their last letter to us was March this year which is an absolute lie. they refuse to send copies of any correspondence. Not had any correspondence on this issue for years. This debt goes back to when tax credit's first came out and was based on estimates from my local tax office. When I found out that they could do this I stopped claiming tax credits and never claimed again. I have never ever claimed a penny since and my kids are now 19 and as far as I am concerned must have saved HMRC well over this amount. I was under the impression early overpayments due to their incompatence (not mine) had been written off. I am at an all time low, could never pay it off and face paying this off out of my pension. I work part time earning just enough to keep my head above water and now I feel totally gutted and depressed. Any advise would be helpful, especially as I don't even know where to find or if I still have my paperwork. HMRC will not issue old correspondence they say they have sent to me, which I know I have not had. So how can I fight this?
  25. Hi - am in more than a slight panic!! (I have posted this problem elsewhere then remembered how helpful this forum was in the past.) A week ago I received 5 years worth of Business Rates demands - 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 & 2006/7. There was no letter just the outstanding amounts. I had had during that time, a running battle with the Council about these rates due to my feeling the amount was unfair due to part of the property being unused, I didn't pay the landlord rent for it and I didn't receive any income for it (it was also pretty derelict and not fit for use). As a result the Valuation Office sent a nice woman out who agreed it should be split and the empty part be the responsibility of the landlord. His wife then hit the roof when the Council sent them a bill and it was rejoined (due to her bullying tactics no doubt!). The debate then went back and forth to the Council and was never settled properly (each time I got sent a new bill, I contacted them, challenged it and it stalled - I did make payments however). I left the property in late 2007. Eventually I packed up my business to care for my elderly disabled parent (which I am still doing). In 2009 (I think!) I was sent similar - just the bills, no letter. I had met a guy who said not a problem he would sort it out as it was his line of work. He duly got involved and I heard no more. Until a week ago when the same 5 bills appeared And then this morning I received a threatening letter stating a Liability Order had been issued on 19th May 2003 for £2927. And if I do not pay by this Wednesday, they will send in the bailiffs! I would NEVER ignore any court summons etc. and I was still at the property at the time. When I looked closer at the bills, the 2002/3 bill to which this LO presumably was for, the amount owed was £1131.40. The date of this bill was 1/4/2003. There was a small charge of £50 costs but it does not say what for and anyway it predates the LO anyway . No further costs on any of the subsequent bills. There are no names of contactable people on any of the correspondence. So what do I do????
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