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  1. Ok thanks for all you advise and help, I will get on with writing up my witness statement and will post when its complete for you to check over, would you advise not to send it to the claimant until I have received theirs?
  2. Ok thanks for that, should I also include their acknowledgement letter in it?
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply, I am sorry to ask what seems such a ridiculous question but what do you mean by thats a disclosure in response to the letter they have sent me?
  4. I did send a cpr 31:14 I had an acknowledgement that they received it and that they granted an 14 day extension to find the documents but that is the only response I have received. As far as a witness statement can you help me on what this should include etc?
  5. Yes it is a Notice of Allocation to the small claims track. All it says in regards to prepare and submit is - "Parties shall file with the Court and serve on the other party copies of all documents upon which they intend rely no later than 14 days before the hearing. Included in the copy documents shall be: i) Copies of any documents evidencing the original contract, its assignment and notice of assignment. ii) Written statements of the witnesses (including the statements of the third parties themselves)" As I have none of the above and have requested the documents from
  6. Hi all, I just wanted to post an update and to ask for more advise. My mediation call didn't happen due to the claimant not providing me with any of the documentation that I had requested, so the person I spoke to said it would probably be referred to the courts. I have now received a letter with a court date of 21/03/2017 pending the payment of £170.00 to the courts by the claimant before the 21/02/2017. I am just looking for any advise on what to do and how to prepare for this going to court? Thanks in advance Ashley
  7. Sorry, no insult meant. Just feeling a bit out of my depth.
  8. Thank you, I just want to check - is it advisable to be getting the help of a lawyer at this point, or is it still safe enough to continue on my own with just the help of this forum. It seems to me that I am getting in above my head.
  9. Id assumed that when I hadn't heard anything in response to my defence that it was pretty much over and done with. I take it that this means they replied to the defence within the 28 day period? Do you have anything that I can read that will tell me what the process is and what I should be doing because as you can tell I am absolutely clueless with all of this.
  10. I have been sent a notice of proposed allocation to the small claims track, I don't really have a clue what this is, it seems to consist of a questionnaire and that's about it really.
  11. Ok, so how will I know what has happened? Do you know what will happen r.e my credit score? Currently this is on there as a default, is there anyway to get it removed if I win the case.
  12. Brilliant. Fingers crossed then. It is now 28 days since I submitted my defence so any day now it should be stayed. Will I get a court letter telling me when this has happened?
  13. The last time I posted I had submitted my defence, this was accepted and the claimant was even 28 days to respond, I then received a letter from the claimant stating that they would comply with the CPR 31:14 request, do I need to do anything else now or is it just a waiting game to see if they proceed with the case?
  14. Ok brill, I will keep my eyes on my emails. Thanks for all your help with this, sorry about being so clueless with it all.
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