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  1. Thanks for your reply - I eventually had to contact the council. The Magistrates Court who issued the LOs (there was a 2nd) had closed down and although I rang the one which had taken over records etc., they said they didn't have any going back that far. On ringing the council, I was short and to the point, making them note I had called and asking them to put it on hold (which she did for precisely 48 hours!) . I have spoken to a solicitor friend and also National Debtline (hugely helpful, sympathetic and hopefully useful!) and emailed the council with a
  2. Hi - am in more than a slight panic!! (I have posted this problem elsewhere then remembered how helpful this forum was in the past.) A week ago I received 5 years worth of Business Rates demands - 2002/3, 2003/4, 2004/5, 2005/6 & 2006/7. There was no letter just the outstanding amounts. I had had during that time, a running battle with the Council about these rates due to my feeling the amount was unfair due to part of the property being unused, I didn't pay the landlord rent for it and I didn't receive any income for it (it was also pretty der
  3. The council cleared all the drainage ditches a couple of days later and seem to be doing them all suddenly round here which is unusual.
  4. To be fair the road looks level on a normal day - you just wouldn't have expected it to have got as deep as that. It just looked like a shallow puddle that was low enough for the car to clear - And the Post lady agrees with me! I'm not someone that takes those sort of chances in a car - I cna't afford to!
  5. No, no signs warning of flooding at all, despite the people living in the neighbouring farmhouse complaining previously. Mine is the 3rd car (that I know of) to have been caught out. And the drainage ditch was most definitely blocked - with 3 boulders!! And the farmer who helped me out of the flood would vouch for it and they cleared them all the way up the lane a few days later. The councils are supposed to keep these drains un-blocked but their work is very infrequent. As landowners we are supposed to clean up any hedgetrimmings when the hedges get cut annually which we do, so why can't
  6. Interested to read this thread. I racked up huge charges on my business account with Lloyds and they contributed to me packing up in 2007. Basically I set up the business in 2000 as a sole trader but then my Dad wanted to naively "safeguard" me from a partner so insisted on having 1%. Initially I was based down in Devon and had a good rapor with my BM. I needed to move premises and took out a loan of £5k (plus PPI which I am sure I should not have been made to take out?) with a £2k overdraft facility. No long after this, my BM asked if I could start reducing the overdraft by £50/month
  7. A few weeks ago driving down a lane I use most days, I drove into what turned out to be a 2 foot flood. Now when you drive along there on a normal day it looks pretty flat with a very small dip and on this occasion, we had a large amount of rain. I stopped the car immediately and realised I was in trouble. The water poured in via the footwells and I was forced to get out of the car as I feared I was in danger of the car getting swept over the bank. I waded through the water which was over my knees and went to the neighbouring farmhouse whose owners I knew. I rang another famer who came
  8. They're back! I got a fetching pink letter today. The balance has gone back down - erm? where have all those solicitor & court costs gone? But they have given me a priority telephone line I can contact them on! So now I have until 13th Feb to pay or else!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm looking forward to their debt collector tunring up!
  9. They haven't called this week or sent me a letter - first time since November - I think I'm starting to miss them - not!!! But then its only Wednesday!
  10. Further update as I am still getting those letters/calls and I need some reassurance. The 2 most recent ones quote: "we have been instructed by our client BT to collect £393.67 on their behalf. We're aware that you may not have heard from BT in some time, however it is believed that the outstanding balance is still liable for collection............... ...etc etc" now I am taking that this is a load of baloney and the very fact that the words they use are to cover them from a legal point of view. Should I ignore this too? Second letter sets out a nice little table with outstand
  11. Thank you again - I guess I just panic every time!! And because they were initially nice - I thought they were in the right for a change! Usually they are agressive from the start. The last one I did owe the money but managed to bypass the DCA, went straight to the creditor and got it sorted out.
  12. Thank you for that but how are they able to send me genuine phone bills from a previous address? They have done this twice now. (and then admittedly putting on a huge whack of their own for "admin costs!") How on earth do they get the bills from BT in the first place? I have done battle with other DCAs in the past and have won out in the end never paying them a penny but these have been the worst by a long way.
  13. Hi I am just another in the long list of those being pursued by Advantis. I received a letter similar to everyone else asking if I was XX of XX Street, Xtown and if I ignored letter they assumed it was me and would go to war... They gave no details of whom the debt was for and the address was one I had moved from over 4 years ago. Sadly I did not know of the existence of this site and I foolishly rang them (without withholding my landline form them - BIG mistake!). I confirmed only the details on the letter (they did not have my first name) and refused to give DOB.
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