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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, Apologies if this post is in the wrong forum, had a look and wasn't sure where to put it. Back in 2015 I obtained a referral to a specialist consultant for a health issue via my health insurer Pru/Vitality. I was issued with a claim number, claim was allowed, saw the consultant and that was that. I had previously seen him under the same process. In 2016 I started to get letters from the consultant's office demanding payment for my 2015 visit. I explained that I had a valid claim via my insurer and told them to take it up with them. A few months later, same thing.
  2. I have had bad right flank pain for 10 weeks, moderate right flank on and off for 10 months Monday I had my cholecystectomy apologies for longish text, just need to get full detail down I met with two consultants on private medical recently. The 2nd doctor (Dr A.) took swift action and with issue of HIDA scan, established I had diseased gallbladder with 12% ejection fraction Now, the first consultant I met with (who I had seen previously on two occasions this year for liver check ups), took the attitude and I quote 'I am a thorn in his side', his exact words to me when exam
  3. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments o
  4. I recently bumped into some random guy at 2300hrs , I didn't know who he was, he asked me to move my car , i said no and he threatened to slash my tyres I quickly went into my friends car, there was no ticket on my car when I came back , 3 weeks later I'm getting letters saying I owe £160 , this firm is a joke , does any body have a template letter where I can get them off my back
  5. I got a message for LCS today regarding my account with Scottish power. I than contacted Scottish power to ask if everything is ok with my account they said everything is fine and they have not set LCS for my account the representative lined me to the LCS to check why they send me this msg and there the lady took all my information details like where name, address, birth date I asked why u want them she said just want to verify with what they got from Scottish power. She said I have around £120 outstanding amount to pay and that she will send me a mail w
  6. My wife as psoriatic arthritis and is on numerous medications including methotrexate which I inject her with every week. About six months ago her consultant left taking with him his clinical nurse specialist and a number of other staff by the sound of it. The only reason we found out about this was when my wife rang and asked why she had not been sent an appointment. Whos my new consultant?" We cannot give you one because everyone is full and not taking on anymore patients. What about my blood tests? " The nurse will keep an eye on them". What about my pain? "see your GP". My wife went to
  7. A friend of mine was prescribed with an overdose of a drug by a Private consultant in a Harley Street clinic. It has led to complications as one might imagine. Can anyone tell me if she would be able to get copies of ALL her medical notes and whatever they hold in the clinic by issuing a Subject Access Request or any other method as she's not getting straight answers from the clinic? She may have been having the consultation via her medical Insurance (not sure)although I know they pay the fee, but she does have Insurance I do know. She was not referred by her GP though. Thanks
  8. It seems a hays recruitment consultant has a personal agenda/vendetta against me...he promised me a job when my last job ended a few months ago working for Hayes. I worked to the best of my ability did my job, never missed a day and the team leader told me she was happy with the work and a big thank you for my help when I left. Background info I was called to see the consultant and told "today is your last day the work has dried up there is not enough work for you anymore....but you can apply for other positions in the new year...." At no point did the consultant mention my work
  9. Ok, trying to keep things clear here is the problem I am facing. Got referred to local MHT , spent some time with the OT there and at end I said didn't deal with the problems I was experiencing and had a referral back to the MHT. This was later declined, not a word to me. After around 6 months I asked to be re referred back to MHT as problems were still happening. Around 6 weeks later I got a letter from my GP saying MHT said they couldn't help. Id had problems with this consultant before , they like to work of written records and not what is presenting to them in front of their ey
  10. Hi All I am looking for a little advice. To cut a very long story short,,, My fiancee has been suffering with daily migraines for the past 3 or 4 years, (along with the severe depression and anxiety possibly brought on by this),,,Has just received yet another admission at a hospital!! YAY you may say!!! BUT,, This original appointment with this particular specialist was carried out, back in NOV 2012! Below is a basic sequence of events... 12/11/12 saw Consultant 'B' when he advised of DHE treatment due to intensity (rebound headaches) 10/01/13
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