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Found 11 results

  1. Can anyone advise on whether the following is a valid Pilon clause and therefore imediatly dissmiss under the contract? The company policy is to pay the the statutoury maximunm redundancy payment. Whether or not the notice period will be worked will be at the company discretion. Regards
  2. Hi, I am new here and hope to find somebody who can help me. I had an EU driving licence which expired last month. when I applied for the UK driving licence I had to declare a medical condition which I had six year ago but that it is no longer something I suffer from, infact I have been off medication for a couple of years and I am not under the supervision of any doctors. the NHS consultant I saw for driving licence wrote a letter summarising the history of the problem and attesting that I met all the criteria for fitness to drive, and discharged me with no further appointments o
  3. Ok the story so far: Sold car October 2012 Sent off V5 - Kept photocopy for records in case went missing. Went missing - Letter from DVLA with fine etc January 2012 Sent letter to DVLA with copy confirming sent back in accordance with instruction. Letter received back in March 2012, saying if no proof prior to February 2012 will fine take to court. Sent response, confirming already sent enclosing copies of previous letter. No response until yesterday, when received court summons for non sending of V5 back to DVLA. Unfortunately I move house during this period
  4. Having read this Default Re: Royal Mail Customs handling Fee Response all what follows is pretty well useless Oh dear Looks like I have missed the boat. Hi all, Having had some time to think about my situation with FedEx a few ideas have surfaced. But before I start I will apologise in advance to anybody who may feel that I have misrepresented or distorted the facts to justify my hypothesise about the subject. These are just the type of thoughts and ideas that wander through one’s head in the early hours of the morning. So here I go. FedEx et all will never take any
  5. c I have a long running complaint with MBNA, which is stuck in the MBNA interpretative calculations thread. I’m looking on a second opinion on these circumstances. My own complaint is not based on a miss sale but MBNA applying PPI when the original application which I have a copy of stated no to PPI. The communications log I have with MBNA starts in June 2000; PPI was applied from Jan 1999 the start point of the card. I have no recollection of discussing PPI with MBNA other than requests for it to be stopped which they refused unless I paid the card off in ful
  6. I will keep this as brief as possible. A letting agent was initially approached to a tenancy and the applicant was asked to provide a 'guarantor' to the rent. My 'client' was willing to stand in that capacity and he completed and signed an application to become the said guarantor. That application was then processed and due to him not having a high enough income his application was refused. The letting agent and LL agreed the tenancy to the son without a guarantor. The son later ran into arrears with the rent and eventually he left the property. The landlord then took to recover
  7. http://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-department-for-work-and-pensions-dwp-don-t-cut-off-people-s-benefits-while-the-government-gives-a-second-opinion-on-who-is-fit-for-work
  8. Dear All I would greatly appreciate your opinion in my insurance dispute. We notified our insurer of believed subsidence post exchange of contract. The purchaser did not complete the sale of our home but we completed on the sale of the new home we were moving to. Our insurer investigated & repudiated our claim stating “During my own visit I could not detect any recent subsidence damage even accompanied by yourself using a dumpy level” Long storey short after 5 years & 10 months from commencement of the subsidence our insurer has accepted 196mm of subsidence acr
  9. I have owned my Ford Escort Mk 6 for 14 years (since 7k miles, now 118k). I have always used the same local independent garage for MOTs and any repairs, (very few, minor ones - cats, exhausts, brakes, wheel bearings, etc). The previous MOT tester was absolutely straight. I have done 3k miles per year for the past 6 years. At MOT in 2011, my car needed a small amount of welding, with advisory brake adjustment. Last year the MOT failed on a spring, with no advisory. This year the garage changed hands, and the new owner has just been trained for MOTs. Yesterday, my car f
  10. Hi all, been reading these forums for a while and found it much help! I work for a high-street retailer and have recently "stepped" down from a mangerial position to my original position as a customer service advisor. Basically my contracted hours are 20 and have been since I was a CSA, (since Jan 2010) but to"step down" back into my original position I would have to take a 10 hour cut in my contract, I declined and asked management for them to justify this and was told the hours "are not there". I feel this is unfair because: - Another manager who recently stepped back down to a CSA
  11. I am looking for some comments / critisism / feedback on a product. It is a heat sensitive mug which reveals text when it gets hot. Do you think this is a good concept? If not, why? - Thanks in advance - P.S. I am currently completing a project and am interested in the opinions of people such as yourselves who are discussing consumer products, so ANY comments are much appreciated.
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