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Found 23 results

  1. The last few months I have been receiving numerous letters from a company called LCS demanding £24.65 + £5 admin charge on behalf of their client E-on for an alleged bill in June 2016 when I switched to a different supplier. I have contacted them by email many times for them to prove who they are & how the debt was incurred. LCS have now sent me E-on bill printouts & are now demanding £99.65 for an 'estimated bill'. As far as I'm concerned I do not owe any money. E-on have been very unhelpful. Any assistance please?
  2. discod2014

    LCS Harassment

    myself along with my partner have both had letters from LCS saying we owe them money for HMRC over payments. I wrote to LCS and asked them what year this was from and they ignored me. I wrote again and included a SAR request form which again was ignored. The last letter came yesterday with the usual good will be seized,county court etc (maybe) They keep ringing my house and my partner answered and gave them all of his information although i had told him not to. They gave him number for a company who helps deal with these debts and how you can pay. He rang them got a re
  3. In 2013 I had to give up work due to chronic ill health, I notified HMRC of my changed circumstances and my tax credits claim ended. Around six months later, I received a letter from HMRC stating I had been over paid by £3,500. I called them and after explaining my circumstances they agreed to suspend repayment, they didn't say for how long, just to expect further contact in future. I have since heard nothing from them. About a month ago, out of the blue I received a letter from a debt collector agency called LCS demanding repayment, I contacted HMRC and on
  4. Hiya Ive opened my mail this morning to find a letter from LCS Debt Recovery for Tax Credits Debt of £2655.00 which has just floored me . Ive rang the Tax Credit enquiries line to find out where this has arisen and been informed its from the years 2008/2009. Ive been divorced since 2010 and continued claiming Tax Credits ever since as I was lucky enough to have my children live with me. Apparently the amount claimed ny the recovery team is only half of the amount, Ive informed Tax Credits that I wasnt aware of the overpayment and had never seen the paperwork that they have
  5. I got a message for LCS today regarding my account with Scottish power. I than contacted Scottish power to ask if everything is ok with my account they said everything is fine and they have not set LCS for my account the representative lined me to the LCS to check why they send me this msg and there the lady took all my information details like where name, address, birth date I asked why u want them she said just want to verify with what they got from Scottish power. She said I have around £120 outstanding amount to pay and that she will send me a mail w
  6. Hi folks, my wife has just had a debt collectors letter via LCS . They are chasing an overpayment made by HMRC or tax credits o a little over £350. What is my best way forward? We are willing to set up a payment plan. and already have prepared an income statement. Trying to contact them by phone is a non starter, as they charge 7p a minute. Any advice as to how I handle this would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance:smile:
  7. I feel the sorting office at the tax credit office is in adequate for the job required, now over the last couple of months I have sent mail, which was requested by the tax credit office Oct 2013, they would reconsider my claim, but I had to send them prove, which I did, didn't hear anything back, so tried to contact them a further 3 time over 3 months, still no reply When I make threat to go back to the tribunal service, they reply, but they make out, Im at fault for not sending the items as requested, which I know is untrue, as they were sent recorded delivery At this
  8. Can someone please help with this. I and my husband have received letters from pcs saying we owe £1007 in overpayment. We haven't had wtc for a few years and don't believe we owe anything. What do u suggest? Friends have said to ignore it because if we respond we are admitting we owe it. I'm at a loss as to what to do I hope you can help me please. I am on disability pip payments at moment and this is causing me to have panic attacks
  9. Well then when i moved i still had a small amount outstanding to British Gas I have now been contacted by a company called LCS on behalf of British Gas saying they have been instructed by there client to collect said amount Who are LCS, are they British Gas and do they put on any collection fees uses
  10. I keep getting phone calls from a company calling thenselves LCS stating that i owe EDF energy £45 from 2011/2012 Im 100% certain i have paid EDF l but cant provide proof as i dont keep receipts for that amount of time so they keep on phoning me demanding payment. I keep telling them im not paying the bill twice, there response is EDF can recall this debt at any time so we will keep phoning you until the debt is paid. The last time they phoned i told them i would only deal with them in writing so they sent me a letter that arived on friday offering a settlement - without prejudi
  11. I have spent the day on the phone talking to brick walls I have been paying BT by D/D since 2012, no gaps. I decided to leave last May after speaking to a price comparison site. As usual its a mess:- The day started with a nice letter from LCS stating that I owed BT £110.00. Apparently money had been added in order for BT to transfer the bill to LCS. Problem.. .not had a phone with BT since 8 May 2014. Firstly told that I have never paid by D/D....what? Then spent hours being told that I needed to understand my bill. ...particularly th
  12. moved into a flat last year which had a prepayment meter for electric and gas and the supplier was British Gas. I didn't know this at the time as the letting agents didn't tell me they were prepayment meters until I was switching suppliers. I assumed it was a credit meter like I'd always used. I still decided to switch from British Gas (aka BG) to Scottish Power (aka SP) which had been my supplier for my previous flats. I arranged for SP to take over the supply of Electric and Gas. After about a month they'd switched over and SP sent a new electric
  13. Hi just some advice please. Owe hmrc 3600 this been going on 2 years I sent letter asking why I owe it etc. . .I was overpaid they sent another reminder I wrote asking to pay instalments never heard anything for ages got another letter saying I owe I wrote again and then another letter sent to me saying I owe 3600. Been debating whether to deal with them or stepchange its been 7 days now another letter fron lcs saying ive ignored them and they MAY take action and could result in a recommendation to hmrc t
  14. Hi Guys, Need your help again. Received letter 'Final Demand' from LCS about a southern electric debt of some £8000.!!! this is apparently for gas used between 2/6/2010-30/12/2010 about 6 months. I own my home and have equity. I cant afford this amount at all. I dont even believe the amount £8k. Some help please.
  15. hi around a month ago i received a letter from LCS claiming i owed Scottish power £250 for a unpaid gas bill from my previous address. they said the debt was from 20 dec 2013 to jan 2014, but i terminated my tenancy on the 9th of december oh and one other crucial point... . i NEVER had gas installed at my previous address it got installed after i moved out( council property) i contacted LCS who instructed me to contact my local council who i rented from and ask them to send proof of ending my tenancy, i have now done this twice but today i have r
  16. Received a bill for an old address today which states I owe an outstanding balance of £654.38 for plus an admin charge of £174.94 I am disputing the charges but seriously is it legal to charge admin of £174.94 ? This seems to be a massive charge and is it enforceable ? Thanks for info.
  17. Hello, guys, I really need you help. I received a letter from LCS saying that I’m responsible for a bill payment at my previous address. The bill comes from EDF Energy and the period of the bill starts from 2007 to 2011 .However, I only stayed in that address for 2 months with other six people, and I never have an account with EDF Energy. Then I sent the copy of my tenancy agreement to LCS to prove my stay as they required. After that I received an e-mail saying they have sent my agreement over to EDF in order for the account to be amended to the dates I were residi
  18. Hi all. Had a debt letter from Wescot today claiming £931.00 On behalf of Anglian Water. The bill had both my name and ex wifes name on it. I have no idea why they are contacting me so I called them. Apparently the bill is for an address that my ex lives at and dates back to 2005. He also mentioned something about closure in 2008? My ex still lives at this address so why the hell are they contacting me! I was with my ex in 2005 and I can only asume that it is from a previous property but she dealt with all the bills. What can i do about this?
  19. Hi! I had a letter from LCS on Wednesday 8th May (it was dated 2nd May), demanding I pay a debt for the sum of £133.51p. I was unsure what to do and found this site. After reading the advice, I sent LCS a CCA request, including a £1 postal order. That was sent on Friday 10th May (proof of postage taken as per advice). Today (Monday 13th May) I had another letter from LCS (dated 9th May) telling me that they would take further action as I had ignored their earlier letter. Now, as I only had their letter less than a week ago (which stated that I had 7 days to reply), I am confused as
  20. Just after some advice. We have an outstanding bill to YW on a former address. We were initially contacted by Rockford who wanted £50 paying monthly but we told them we can only afford £5. They agreed to this but kept sending letters to us claiming that a repayment plan had not been set up. We have paid this for a few months now. Last month we were contacted by LCS and I replied telling them how we have been paying an agreed sum of £5 to Rockford and that we will continue with this and to provide their banking details for a standing order. In response to this I have received
  21. Hi, this is my first time posting so I hope I've put this in the right place. Today I've received a letter from LCS utility investigations addressed to the occupier/landlord. It states that they are 'investigating the utility supply of my home' and proceed to ask a list of questions - Your Name, date of occupancy, name of previous occupant, forwarding address of the previous occupant, Landlords name, address and phone number and anything else relevant. I've done some research on this outfit and what I've read points to the company working for British Gas, and not actually having any
  22. Hi Guys Hoping someone can help as panicking a bit! Just received a letter from LCS demanding an eon invoice balance of £1600, plus £250 admin charge:faint:for the period April 2011 to July 2012. I am the landlord of the property the balance relates to. I bought the property in April 2011, and let it out early May, 2011. I had called EON upon purchase with meter readings, so I am sure they have my home address somewhere, but as this was a telephone conversation i cannot prove this.. Anyhow tenants left in March 2012, took meter readings and new tenant was in place at the st
  23. Hello, We have a house, which we moved out of on 16th July 2011. Our current tenants moved in on the 29th August and have been there ever since. A few days ago, I received a letter to my parents address from "LCS" where I used to live a long time ago saying that I owe £125 to British Gas for a period of 17th July to 28th August. I certainly don't remember having anything outstanding and I have received no letters saying from BG demanding payment. I wouldn't have missed any letters since I forward them to my new address. The letter is addressed to me but they misspelt Somerset w
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