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  1. Obviously, I do not fully understand this issue! I had hoped for some real help, not just a conceited overbearing reply. I consider that if you are typical of the users on here, I will simply,seek help from some better, well mannered groups!
  2. Hi all, does anyone have an email address for LCS? Many thanks in advance Cheers Trev
  3. hi, we are currently trying to establish what time period this refers to, i will let you know as soon as we know! another issue for your consideration, I used to own a house with my ex wife, where we had an unsecured loan of c £6k I am being chased by Fredrickson for the debt, and am currently paying £1.00 per month. I have noticed from the debt collection letters, that the only redfuction in the outstanding balance is my payments. My ex wife is obviously not making any repayments to this debt, although it was a joint application. in a nutshell, I was the lead
  4. Hi folks, my wife has just had a debt collectors letter via LCS . They are chasing an overpayment made by HMRC or tax credits o a little over £350. What is my best way forward? We are willing to set up a payment plan. and already have prepared an income statement. Trying to contact them by phone is a non starter, as they charge 7p a minute. Any advice as to how I handle this would be gratefully appreciated. Many thanks in advance:smile:
  5. Many thanks for that, had to use my pc to do it as my iPad does not display those options for some strange reason. Once again, many thanks, much appreciated
  6. Help, can't find out how to access my account to change the password Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks to both of you for your suggestions, the PDF was particularly useful. I will post further when I have more news. I will be writing to the Abbey debt management agency to infom them of the legal state of the account, ie is is subject to County Court Action. Best regards Trev
  8. Hiya, We had an account with the Abbey, which we have been trying to close for 6 months. We have a court date to take them for bank charges, unfortunately due entirely to these charges our account (which we have not used for 6 months) is overdrawn. Their debt management department have been in touch, who state that they will now "sell this debt" to a debt collection agency. As this account is subject to a greater claim on them than the ammount the account is is debit, what will the debt management agency be able to do? Presumably they will have to apply for a court order before the bai
  9. Mjanet, what a wonderful idea, I had toyed with sending them into my local, Kings Lynn Branch and getting the press there, but my 16year old step daughter thought it "embarassing". I'll speak to the bailiffs tomorrow and drop a line to the various news desks, do you have any suggestions on which publications to use
  10. To clarify, only I turned up at all the hearings, they offered 100% but paid it into my closed account (They had previously written to me asking for my cards, cheque books back etc). I explained to the judge that this was the case, and produced the necessary letters to me from Abbey confirming the closed account. He made the order based upon the DLA letter offering full settlement. It is of note, that on all the court papers they still quote the DLA DX number, to where, presumably, the court papers are being served. DLA are obviously causing a blockage in the system. The bailiffs (base
  11. Thought you may be encouraged by the following: Inital letter 25th April 06, usual reply from DL Piper. Offered 50% settlement in June 06, this was declined. Usual LBA etc, resulted in a preliminary hearing on 4th October, I attended, they didn't. Abbey wrote to me on 23/08/06 asking for their cheques, cards etc to be returned, this request was fully compied with. Further threatening letter on 07/09/06 threatening to impose a credit default notice, and refer my case to a DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY, AS THE ACCOUNT WAS £112.35 OVERDRAWN, all of this was of course charges. Letter from DL
  12. Tom, No, the bank have passed this onto the solicitors, so I will deal directly with them. They will probably have pre determined parameters from the bank within which to deal. We'll see what happens next.
  13. No, I simply re-stated my case, in that their charges were wholly disproportionate to the cost incurred to them. I intend being represented by an IT expert, who will state that this is an automated system, requiring no manual intervention. I will be further represented by my brother, a retired Bank Manager and holder of the AIB qualification (associate of the institute of bankers) who will state that the true cost of this should be no more than the cost of paper, printing and franking of the letter. I will have my solicitor present also, as I will not take any risks other than t
  14. Hiya, I sent it straight to the solicitors, and it is of note that the signature on the defence form looked as though it was that of a young teenager, probably doing work experience. I'll keep you posted:)
  15. Hiya, I have just had the same letter from Piper Rudnick Gray Cary who represent Abbey, I wrote back stating that I was still going to pursue my claim, and this morning got another mail offering me 50% of my claim. Now I have written back claiming the full ammount, and am just waiting to see what happens. I assume that they don't really want to go to court so will make an improved offer. So don't worry or get stressed, stand your ground Cheers Trev
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